University of California-Riverside Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


People who are looking for diversity and are diverse themselves.


A person simply looking for an education and friends, maybe for partying but do not expect much. However, someone who needs constant advice from professors or tutors should come here as there is a lot of help from others.


People who wants to get the best out of college. The professors here are helpful and everyone are very friendly. Though you might not get the college experience, such as going to parties, but if education is your priorty then its right for you


UCR is best for people who are focused on academics and earning an education rather than partying frequently. The professors are great (more than one is considered the foremost expert in their field) and the students pick up on that and it completely reflects in their work and level of academic seriousness. The majority of UCR's students are very happy here; the only exceptions being those who came to college planning on drinking heavily and partying every weekend. But if you are very academically focused and want a great education UCR is the perfect environment.


Any type of person can attend UCR as long as they come in with an open mindset and embrace the resources and environment around them.


A person that enjoys diverse cultures.


Someone looking for professors and advisors who actually care and work with you to figure out your future. This is a really down to earth school and everyone is so nice and friendly. The professors here show great passion in what they teach and make you want to learn more. There's so much to do here, and the school always has fun activities to do every week. It's an overlooked school and is given a bad rep over rumors. UC Riverside is a great place to get a great education.


The kind of person that should attend this school is a person who is interested in Biology and research.


UCR welcomes individuals who are searching to master their life through wisdom, self-discovery, friendship, and purpose. I feel that my campus is open to every ethnicity and character; it is the third most diverse campus in the nation! For instance, my roommate, a Sudanese refugee from the Dinka Tribe, honestly understands me more than anyone I have yet to met. UCR is for everyone in that students are essentially here for the same reasons. As Highlanders, we all connect, grow, and create true bonds with one another. UCR shines with both lightheartedness and rigorous curriculums; this is my school.


UCR is good for any person. It is full of diversity, we are a "melting pot." You do not have to be open to new things either. You could be a "hater", and still feel very welcomed here, or you could be the "hated" and feel just as welcome. There is no conflict except in a couple of minority clubs on campus.


People that are diverse and are not scared to be in a diverse community at school should attend this school.


I think someone who is very self-motivated and is open to new experiences and change should come to this school. I feel as though if a student does not possess self-motivation, they can find that it can be rather easy to start falling behind in school work while getting caught up in promoting their social life. Someone who can make the best out of every situation and can easily plan adventures in their life would have fun at this school. Optimistic and openmindness would be positive qualities for someone attending this school to have.


The kind of person that should attend this school is any person who wants to be serious about their degree. UC Riverside is a school for the professional student, not the "popular" student. While campus clubs and organizations are present, they are not that visible. UCR is great for commuters and offers and abundance of degree programs.


Someone who is independent and has an interest in a lot of things because there is so much to do around the entire area. You also have to be dedicated to your work to get everything done well, while still enjoying your time in college. I believe almost anyone could enjoy there time here since there are a variety of activities, a ton of diversity, and the weather in California is especially beautiful. Just avoid Riverside during the summer and you're golden!


Anyone who is eager to learn and has ambition to succeed in the future. This school has a large emphasis on students to learn. Thats why professors and faculty are here for students. One on of biggest thing on campus that allows students to succed are tutoring session for almost any subject. These are highly successful and are taught by students who have excelled in these classes. I feel like even if one isnt driven at all in the first part of their college career then by the time they graduate they will have a totally different (good) experience.


The kind of student who should attend this school is one who is focused and goal oriented. The professors and staff love ambitious, hard working students who are persistent. The student should possess the ambition to learn new things and the ability to work hard while doing so. The school is filled with very dilligent students. Each student possesses a different trait which the excel in. The student who would like to attend this school is one who wants to succeed in life and does not play around. There is a lot of work needed to be done to succeed.


People who should attend are very determined people, people with goals, looking for a career in science, engineering, or art.


The type of person who should attend this school is someone who is very dedicated to their education. This is one of the top up-and-coming schools, and it is definitely not a party school. Someone looking for a purely social setting will be disappointed. This school is definitely a no-nonsense school.


I think any type of person would fit in at UCR. We're a pretty dynamic and diverse set of students, going to school for all different kinds of reasons. From Engineering to English, the school offers an excellent variety of courses, but it's small enough not to get lost along the way. The staff is incouraging, and the courses are challenging. Dedicated students should apply.


I think a person who is open minded and has the passion to do well in school. They should be willing to try new things so that they can learn from their decisions good or bad. UCR gives students the opportunties to explore and learn about the path of vocation that they want to take when they finish college.


Any person who grew up around thia area and doesn't want to go far


Anyone can attend! I was a student at community college with a less than steller GPS (2.5), none the less I applied and was accepted. Now I am only five classes away from graduating with a bachelors.


The kind of person who should attend this school, is the person who tries to make the best out of everything. A person who is strong and confronts his or her challenges correctly. Someone who is willing to celebrate diversity and liberal views. This person should not mind the hot weather, but more than anything a person who can manage a somewhat wild social life but also excel academically.


Any kind of person should attend this school because it is a very unique and diverse school. It has a nice campus where students ahve many opportunities to study or join clubs and do fun activities.


Anyone who is set on getting an education and finding themselves should come to UCR. It is the most diverse campus out of all UC's. The people are very friendly and if you are willing to make friends its a great place for that. We are very ambitious about our studies and work ard in each of our feilds so if you are willing to work hard for your education and learn alot of new things UCR is great for you.


Any person open to learning more about themselves and others. This school provides such a diversity to the students. People come from so many different places, one can't help but to learn about someone else's background. UC Riverside provides students with a deeper connection with the students. It is smaller than most UC's and provides that one-on one attention that small colleges do. The classes are wonderful and the students here are actually happy. A person who wants a heartfel, meaningful and fun education should be open to giving this school a chance.


Any kind of person should attend this school. Riverside allows for a lot of growth in students, be it in a social form, educational form, or any other kind of form. They can be quiet and shy, or loud and outgoing and they will equally gain so much experience from this campus.


This school is perfect for those who want a university feel without the big city burdens. It is midsize and the classroom are not overcroweded with four hundred students. It is surrounded by mountains and is on a hill yet if one so chooses they could easily drive to Los Angeles to spend the weekend to gain some culture and fun. It is also perfect for those with artistic strengths because there is so much inspiration at every turn and corner. And if you're looking for diversity, we have every race and culture possible.


Someone who is academically oriented rather than sports oriented would be more likely to attend this school. All of the professors, in their own ways, are dedicated to their work and their students, but students must put in the effort to seek the help of a professor. People who are independent and motivated would also find this school appropriate. Those with access to transportation who also apply to the previous two examples may find this school exciting as well because of its central location, within driving distance of the mountains, the beach, San Diego, and Los Angeles.


Anybody who is willing to work hard and pursue a degree should attend this school.


I believe college should be for those who are serious about learning. I don't think that it should be something forced upon young people as the only option after high school. Students who are not serious about their college carreer can distract those of us who are. As a student returning to school after working for three years, I have the advantage of knowing what I want, and the work ethic to get myself there.


A student should attend this school if they do not go well with pressure, there is little competition at UCR and everyone works at their own pace. I believe if a student is not comfortable with who they are yet, UCR is a good place to discover what you want to be because it is such a diverse and accepting campus; everyone has their own personality here.


The key element of education of the University of California Riverside is a variety of opportunities provided to its students. I am stunned by the amount of opportunities available, from student organizations to volunteering, from researches to work-studies. If a person is willing to work hard and take advantage of these opportunities it is possible to stand out on his or her field of interest. I think this campus perfectly fits students that are committed to their studies and are willing to dedicate some of their time to those extra-curricular activities that will enrich them with unique experiences.


whomever is interested in acquiring a higher education from a University


someone who likes to see a diverse of things, people and activities.


I think a person who is determined, has a passion for learning, an open mind, loves to have fun, has school spirit, is a hard-worker, optimistic, and cares for others is a person who should come to this school. I think anyone fits into my university we are acccepting of everyone, and if you have any of the qualities listed above even better.


The type of person who attends UCR should be motivated to work hard, because our professors know what their students are capable of and hold them to those standards. The type of person should be open-minded to new experiences outside of your culture, as our college is the most diverse campus in the UC system. UCR is perfect for the type of person who wishes to live in a large city that is forty-five minutes from the beach and Disneyland, but still looking to experience the intimate feeling of a college community.


If you want a great place to focus on your studies (like I chose), then UCR is great for you. The student life on campus and in the dorms is awesome. There are plays, movie screenings, live bands, and games happening all the time on campus. If you're into a fast-paced city life (like in San Francisco), then Riverside is not for you. UCR is great for the kind of student who wants to finish on time without as many distractions (which helps with student loan debt, by the way!).


Some one who enjoys smaller schools where fauclty and staff are helpful and friendly. Learn more instead of worrying about being messed with.


Any person can attend this school, but they need to be focused in their studies to do well.


An individual who is focused and doesn't give up easily is highly advised to attend this school. In addition, this school is for everyone; it provides excellent education in all areas of study and hence, can accomodate each student's interests. Furthermore, even if one is unsure of what he/she wants to do, they can still attend this school because the faculty here performs a great job in helping students with their career choices and providing them with critical information that can help make them decision about their education and life.


People who are serious about school and who really want to get an education. You really have to want it and be an independent motivator for yourself to attend this school.


Someone that is looking to discover who they are, what they're capable of and opportunities in different fields.


The kind of person who should attend this school must be a social person, or someone who wants to be social.


research minded


Someone who comes from a smaller town.


Anyone that wants to attend a good school and get a good education. Our school does not discriminate and everybody is treated equally. We also have a very good engineering program for people interested in that field of study.


A type of person who is relaxed and don't know exactly what they want to do with their future. It's good for people who want to take their time in discovering what is being offered and trying new things. It is also for a person who want to be surrounded by all different types of people and are willing to explore about different cultures because the campus is very ethnically diverse.


Someone who is extremely into the fraternity/soroiorty lifestyle. That is the major thing at this school, its almost like its own community. Also someone who is just looking to get by, the workload is not to difficult and the classes are what you make of it. There is a lot of resources, but the people that will truly succeed are the ones that push themselves to excel. The school should be changing a lot in the near future.


Anyone willing to try out a new area and expect to see something different