University of California-Riverside Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who dislikes socializing


I feel anyone from any background whether that be social,sexual, religious, and ethnic should come to UC Riverside. It is a very welcoming school and provides a space for anyone regardless of their background to feel comfortable and empowered at this campus.


Don't come to UC Riverside expecting it to be easier than other UC campuses. It's a research powerhouse in many fields, and the university pushes all students to hold themselves to a higher standard. Many students here are the first in their families to go to college, and they're willing to work hard to make their educational dreams happen. If you're not driven to get the most out of your education, maybe UCR isn't the place for you. There are plenty of opportunities for fun, but there are even more for pushing your intellectual limits.


people whos majors isnt offered in this school.


The kind of person that should no attend this school is someone that wants to get an education in or near the city or near the coast. Riverside is a little distant from the large cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, San Fransisco, etc. It is also not near the beaches or the coast. People who do not want classes with 499 other people should also attend UCR. It is a school near a desert type city where its either extremely hot or very cold.


A person who does not like large lecture halls and can not handle alot of independence whether it is academically, socially, or economically.


A person who is not tolerant of other ethnicities and social backgrounds should not be recommended to go to UCR. Also, it is not recommended for a person who isn't willing to work for what they wish to achieve to come here; high school grades matter little here, work ethic does.


A person who keeps to himself because many UCR strudents are very social. A person who prefers to be with mainly people of their race or ethnicity should not go to UCR because the students are so diverse.


The kind of student that should not attend UC Riverside would be the type of persont that does not like to be in a diver campus and around people that have different opinions then they have. A person that is very closed minded should not attend UCR because they would be emmersed around people that are totally different they are and very open minded.


People who think they can party all day and pass all of their classes should not apply.


This is a very diverse school in many aspects. It is a more liberal than conservative school. UCR treats differences in students as a positive aspect. UCR is also a large campus. Most classes include a minimum of 300 students. Only a few classes are of 25 students. Therefore, someone who is not open-minded about other religions, cultures, ethnicities, etc. should not attend UCR. In addition, someone who would rather have closer one-on-one contact with teachers/students should not attend.


Anyone who isnt serious about their education. Everyone seems to be pretty involved in their schoolwork so you wont find anyone fooling around.


A student that shouldnt attend the UCR is someone who is not willing to try something new and worth wild.


People who aren't dedicated in their studies should not attend this school.


Students who are primarily interested in the social aspects of a college experience (i.e. greek life, weekend parties, etc.) may be disappointed. Such structures and activities are present but are distinctly secondary to the academic purposes of the campus. Students who are primarily interested in the cultural environment of a college town may also be disappointed as Riverside is less thriving in this respect than larger urban centers such as Los Angeles. University is very diverse; students should expect to work for their degree.


The kind of people who should NOT atent UC Riverside are lazy people, people who are looking for careers in law, etc.


I feel that the type of person that should not be attending the University of California-Riverside is the more fortunate kind. Fortunate in the sense of growing up middle class. I think location as where one has grown up affects how you view the school as well. Well off students, the ones that attended private schools and such are placed on a pedistool and are ultimately more competitive because of their upbringing and the schools they attended. And, because of this, their expectations are higher. Also, social butterflies should not be attending this school.


A person who is not motivated to work hard to achieve academic as well as personal goals, and who is not willing to stay focused.


Honestly, I wouldn't say that no particular student should not come here. I think UCR has something for everyone, that is why I love it so much here. I believe that many people fit in, in different areas with different people. People here are kind and there are many ways to get involved.


Everybody deserves a chance to attend this school, no one should be deprived of higher education. There are many people out there who would like to attend this school but are pushed back to to persoal, economic or family issues. The only people who should not attend school are those who have no will and will only be there to waste financial aid that can go to others that really want to succeed.


The only kind of person I belive should not atten this school is the kind of person who does not want to receive higher education. Anyone who is indifferent to learning or earning a college degree does not belong in college. College should be reserved for those who truly want to learn.


The kind of person to attend this school shouldn't be too concerned with having a night or social life. If the student is looking for a party atmosphere this really isn't the school for them. The school is very academically oriented and doesn't have much else to do in the surrounding town.


If someone wants a small, very personal environment the University of California in Riverside is not the school to attend. For a UC, UCR has a very diverse group of students, so one must be comfortable learning about other cultures and open to new ideas. The school forces students to interact with one another in order to get used to doing so in a work environment. UCR doesn't place a huge focus on sports, having no football team and an average basketball team. Therefore, if sports is a necessity for a person, UCR is not the school for them.


The University of California Riverside is an excellent instiution for any student that is goal-oriented and has the motivation to drive him or herself to succeed. UCR provides all the knowledge and tools one needs to survive in this competitive world, he or she must be willing to learn the ins and outs of the school. Any student that has the drive to succeed is the most ideal candidate.


UCR is not for students that cannot handle upper level learning. Students that are looking for a party school or students with no money and no desire to advance in their academics will not prosper at UCR.


Someone who is used to being in the suburbs or city.


A person that is not interested in expanding their mind or furthering their education.


people who don't get into the schools they wanted to get into.


This school is known to many as UCR(University of Rejects) but I believe that a school is what you make of it. With this, many people who come here don't even try. If you are willing to try your best to succeed in life and school, this is the place for you. If you are only here for the "University" title and are just here party or get in and get out, I don't believe this is right for you.


I think our campus is open to all people it just depends on how they feel about the campus.


Those who are in search of the ultimate college experience, should not attend this school. The campus is somewhat small, so if a personal relationship with your professor is not what you're looking for this is not the school for you. The campus is indeed diverse, but it is full of 'clicks'. One major issus is do not attend UCR if you want to feel that sense of school pride. The campus is not united. Perhaps, if we had a football team, students would be more involved, and consequently prideful. UCR is a dry campus.


A person who shouldn't attend this school is a person who has a lot of pride in terms of the name of the school he or she attends. Such a student would look down on UCR for reasons foreign to UCR's actual status. It can get "boring," and the area isn't as "fun" as some other colleges, but once you get over these things, it is a great school


If the university does not have the major the student is interested in he/she should not attend this university. A student who enjoys partying, the University of California, Riverside is not the right choice. A student that is not career oriented should not attend. In addition, a student that does not take his/her coursework seriously by not attending class regularly and/or not completing assignments should not attend this school.


Students that have chosen a major that the university does not offer should not attend this school. Students who have not visited the campus or obtained information about the school for example, the layout out of the campus including where it is located and the surrounding areas, the cost of tuition, sports offered, and other information that would be helpful in selecting a university best fit for the student.


Everyone deserves to attend this school as long as they want to learn more adn improve their life.


If they are not social they should not attend this school. To enjoy ones time here they definitly have to be social becuase if not they will probably enter a depression because there is nothing to do here and it isnt even nice to the eye.


Some who would thrive in a creative environment should not attend this school because it is more research-based, and there are not a lot of students in creative majors.


If you are looking for a dull, closed -off college campus with minimal amount of students, activities, and clubs then the University of California, Riverside is not the school for you.


Students who are racist and uninterested in learning.


A person who needs constant advisement should not attend this school. Students who are not independent and tenacious may not find the support that they are looking for.


If you are looking for living in a city life with a lot of shopping, dinning, entertaining around, this school would not be the best choice. If you are looking for attending small classes, have a lot of one to one attention, this school is not a very good choice either.


Conservative people


A person who is shy and who can't take hot weather.


Someone who is very relaxed and freindly. Everone on campus is very chill and enjoys hanging out. The work load is variable depending on your major. Since i am a science major i have a much higher work load than some humanities majors. The work is not unreasonable however and if you stay on top of the material you can do fine. Also it is helpful to be well rounded and just generally out going. Being ready to go out and get things done is helpful, you need to go out and find things for yourself.


The kind that want to have a higher chance of going to a good graduate school after their undergraduate. The kind of people that want to work hard and success and ambitious about their career life.


People who are very social and want to party all the time.


If you are racist or intolerant of other people or other people's life styles, this is not the place for you.


A closed minded person because this school is very diverse and very opininated in the class rooms. So if the student doese not wanty to accept other peoples views on things then they should not be attending this University.


one who is not big on diversity- there are so many different types of personalities, ethnicities here


A prospective student who is very conservative politically may not appreciate the liberal students and professors.