University of California-San Diego Top Questions

Describe the students at University of California-San Diego.


My classmates are extremely goofy, funny, intellegent, outgoing, nerdy, and extremely serious about their studies.


My classmates are not only intelligent educationally, but cultutrally diverse and able to contribute to the growing community at UC San Diego.


Most students at UCSD are serious about academics and the classes are rigorous. Do not fall behind in your classes. Attend office hours, sit in the front of large lecture halls, and get to know your professors. This was the key to my success at the university. Never be afraid to ask questions. Don't wait until the night before your final to learn the material.


No too much bias or exclusive experience at UCSD.


Students who pursue degrees that their parents want, not necessarily what they want.




Most of the students in my school are very friendly and "warm". Even though the school is frustrating at times with the great amount of work that requires from students, every now and then students socialize, help and motivate one another to keep up with the good effort.


Students are here to get the best possible education. They do not want to worry about Greek life, sports, or partying. They know how to have a good time, but also understand the importance of social responsibility and hard work. Students who would feel out of place at this school would be those who are not prepared to work hard or are expecting college to be a party. If you think that college is supposed to be about weekly parties and advancing your social life, then UCSD is not the school for you.


In my experience, there are a wide range of students here. Almost everyone studies, but still have fun. There are students who put everything off and those who spread it out. There is such a wide range of personalities and stories. The students are a great base for promoting learning in fun and motivational ways.


The students at UCSD are from many different backgrounds. Although the racial distribution is not entirely representative, it is not completely biased. There are plenty of religious groups, activist groups, fraternities, clubs, and organizations, and most are entirely student-run. In addition, for undergraduates and freshmen especially, UCSD does an excellent job matching compatible room and suite-mates, so most people will get very close to the other 7 or 8 people they live with, as well as other people from other suites on the same floor, in the same building, etc.