University of California-San Diego Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


UCSD is best known for having a wonderful sciences field. Its medical field is not only excpetional, but it's very active on-campus as well as off-campus (there is a hospital in San Diego managed by UCSD, for example, which houses a practice of midwifery). Although I have not been so exposed to this side, since I am a theatre major, I think that UCSD does a great job to educating it's scientists into not only effective professionals of their field, but as cultured individuals who are aware of the world they live in.


This school is best known for its vast research, notably in oceanography with the Scripps Institute of Oceanography. This close proximity to the ocean gives students a quick access to San Diego's beaches and its city's numerous activities.


Beaches, sun, warm weather. When I think of UCSD those words come to my mind. UCSD has is well known for being one of the top universities and with a great reputaion in the science field. Plus, UCSD is located just across the ocean.


UCSD has an amazing science program. There are endless opportunities for research, volunteering, and internships. Pre-med students are right at home here. We're also famous for our campus. There are art pieces everywhere, we're a minute from the beach, and walking through campus is like a nature hike.


UCSD is a top ranking school for science. Our biology department is superb, but more than that, our diversity truly makes us unique.


My school is best known for the Medical field. UCSD has six or more hospitals on campus.


Theodore Geisel Library. 2nd Best Bioengineering Program next to MIT. Near the Beach and Mexico


This school is best known for their excellence in biological sciences, most notably the medical and pharmacies at the school and being home to a chemistry nobel prize winner. The many nearby hospitals and research facilities (both associated with the school and private) allow for students to work in labs.


My favorite campus tradition is the Revelle Watermelon Drop. Each year we have a watermelon festival at UCSD in Revelle college as part of one of the oldest traditions on campus. A physics professor had his students drop a watermelon off the side of a building due to a controversy over a question on his exam. From then on Revelle has picked a watermelon queen (usually a guy) and celebrated with a fulll day of watermelon fun in the sun.


There are so many campus traditions but I think my favorite would have to be Rock N' Roosevelt but many swear Sun God is the best bet. Rock N' Roosevelt is a student-run concert by Eleanor Roosevelt College. There they feature local bands and sometimes a well-known headliner. People come and dance, take pictures and just have fun. Sun God is the ultimate concert on campus. They feature really great bands and artists, last year the headliners were Wiz Khalifa, Jimmy Eat World and Crystal Castles. I love the music thrown in this concert but the only problem I have with it is people being drunk all over campus.