University of California-San Diego Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about University of California-San Diego?


One of the main architectural features on campus is the Geisel library, named after Theodore Seuss Geisel aka Dr. Seuss who resided in La Jolla for many years. Located in the center of campus, it is easily the most recognizable building especially since it has eight floors (interestingly there is no third floor). From afar it looks like a spaceship since its windows act as mirrors when lights hit them and the architectural design even inspired the snow fortress in the movie Inception. And the fact that we have 12 dining halls is pretty cool too.


I tend to brag about the difficulty and depth of certain courses because I know that these courses offer a lot more information than similar courses at other schools. This is mostly because the professors are up to date on current research and will often talk about this research when it relates to course material. This is great because it brings in new perspectives to older material. This also helps current students understand where the field is heading in the future and what we will likely be studying and doing research on when we graduate.


I attend one of the top reseach instituitions and the academic courses are challenging, but prepares you for future courses. The professors are great resources and the classes are intellectually engaging. The students are well rounded and are of various backgrounds. Not only are there a myraid of activities/organizations to participate in, but the people are welcoming. Another bonus is that La Jolla Shores is near and is a a great attraction to visit. There are plenty other tourist attractions to visit in La Jolla/San Diego. The location of the instituition inspires you to do well academically.


For my undergraduate school, I always bragged about the location and the amazing beaches. For my graduate schoo,l I brag about the small class sizes and close-knit environment.


the beach, the prestige of my degree.

Bryan Paulo

I tell them it is where I learned to grow out of my shy shell. I tell them it was where I learned many life lessons that high school censored. There were many opportunities since it is a research university but also that people are always willing to help others unlike other schools where everyone only cares for themselves. The environment is perfect because it is near the beach and many hiking places are nearby. You can go down to Price center if you're tired of dorm food and you can always get a free cupcake at Sprinkles.


It is a premier institution and located in a beautiful area.


The environment. When I first walked onto my campus, I could just feel how friendly and inviting the place was. Everyone I met was happy and open and really made me feel welcome at the school. The people as well are amazing. All of the students are highly motivated and love learning; it is truly an inspirational place to study!


The thing I brag about most is how many projects we do as engineers. I am always excited to tell my friends about the last project, such as designing and building an automated crane. Especially in my last two years at school, we did a lot of cool projects that my friends were always astonished and intrigued by. I also brag about the high tech programs that we get to use to design all of the projects we work on.


The best part of UCSD is the quirkiness of the campus, LGBT-friendliness, the beautiful beaches nearby, one of the best surf spots in California (Black's Beach), and the fact that you can wear shorts all year long.