University of California-San Diego Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at University of California-San Diego?


I guess there are really two stereotypes about people at UCSD. If you ask the general population its probably that there's no social life (hence UC socially dead) but I think there's also another stereotype that comes from UCSD itself, that this is the ultimate safety school. That the majority of people come here when they don't get into Berkeley or UCLA or Stanford or basically any elite school you can think of.


all they do is study


That UCSD students are nerds, don't have type of social life, only go to the library and don't know how to have fun


nerdy, boring, no social life to balance out classwork


UCSD is considered an "academic school." Sports are extremely low key; I ran Track and field and couldn't ever get more than two or three friends to visit my meets! Sciences, Engineering, Economics, and Political science are top notch, but most other majors get the shaft. UCSD students are antisocial, awkward, asian, boring, nerdy science majors. Each subcollege has its own stereotypes: Revelle has awkward asian science majors, Muir is full of lazy potheads, Eleanor Roosevelt has superficial social science flakes, Warren has engineers.


The most common one is that we are nerds with no social lives and that the campus is socially dead.


We study all the time, there's nothing to do on campus.


Nerdy, antisocial, fixated on getting As, asian, boring


They are antisocial. It is a cold university. Some say it's a party school but I would have to disagree...


hmm.. i guess some stereotypes are like everyone's asian; no one ever parties and constantly studies. that's all i can think of for now. :/