University of California-San Diego Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend University of California-San Diego?


Someone who isn't comfortable around a lot of Asians.


You shouldn't attend this university if you aren't serious about your future or willing to help others. At UCSD, students are focused on academics and being prepared for the real world. That being said, the school is very challenging and time demanding. If you want to succeed, it helps to form study groups and discuss content. We all perceive information differently, so if you're not accepting of different ideas from your own, you may miss the chance to learn something valuable. Procrastination will also hold you back at UCSD.


UCSD is a serious school which requires people who takes their studying seriously. UCSD also runs on the quater system which creates 10 week quaters which move extremely fast, and where professors can give midterms from week 2 and on. Those who want a more traditional structured schoo year or have trouble learning at a fast pace, UCSD is not for you. People also looking for a traditional college atmosphere should steer away, becuase UCSD's high acemedic standards and no D1 sports teams, creates a quite atmosphere, where more people are studying on friday and saterday nights than partying.


If you think this is a party school. You have come to the wrong place.


People who cannot easily adapt to new situations and environments, or people who are narrow minded and cannot accept the differences in the views of others.


Someone lazy, irresponsible, unmotivated, and more focused on partying than academics will get eaten alive here. UCSD is competitive and serious. There's no room for slackers.


a person that does not like a huge campus with more people than you will ever know


Probably people who really expect a wild, partying, college life style.


Anyone not seriously focused on what goals they want to reproduce in life are not ready for this school.


A person who is not motivated or willing to do rigourous work should not attend. This school has a strong science department so there are many Pre-Med students. Our school is also fairly big so a student wanting a small class might have a hard time with the class sizes of a couple hundred. The party types would have to go off campus because our campus is usually quiet and all the parties are outside.