University of California-San Diego Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about University of California-San Diego?


The most frustrating thing about my school is only the distance away from home. This is a similar issue for other people, because it is at the bottom corner of the country as opposed to being in the middle of a variety of cities. However, that also means that the campus is close to a beautiful beach with great weather, so it is understandable why they would put such a beautiful campus in such a beautiful place.


The student body of UCSD is the single most homogenous population I have ever encountered. As a whole, students dismiss the arts in pursuit of STEM interests and are apolitical to the point of ignorance. Whatever small pockets of counterculture have managed to survive on campus are continually challenged by the administration and neglected by students. Although there are, as in most places, many kind and intelligent people here, I am frustrated by the lack of diversity and strong sociopolitical identity at this school.


Depending on your major, class sizes are rather large and grades are based on a curve. With this being said, there's somewhat of a competitive feel to the class, which I didn't like.


Midterms approach really quickly and it can be really esay to fall behind in classes.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it is so competitive that the majority of the students forget to balance their life between work and play. Although it is extremely important for students to be constantly challenged in order to realize their abilities, it gets to a point where it is extremely cut-throat that people compete to get the best scores among their peers instead of appreciating the materials learned in class. In turn, this leads to limited social activities and a lack of social interactions.


Different departments & colleges require different general education classes. Some classes won;t transfer over if you switch majors or add a minor.


All the work that we have to do and then we are only graded on a small portion of it.


Dealing with parking spots & getting to class on time because there is a lot of (uphill/downhill) walking involved from class to class.


There is no football team. I love football and I wish there was a football team. A football team would bring unity to the school and give the students a sense of pride and school pride. People are trying to get a football program started but people are too worried about the financial side. People don't want to pay for a football program but they still want a program. That doesn't make very much sense to me.


It is very large so it takes awhile to get to classes. Also, everyone lives very far from each other so then I don't see my friends as often as I like.