University of California-San Diego Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The professors I had were very knowledgable. The campus is in a beautiful location. It is near beaches and central to surrounding areas. Students at this school were very studious and determined.


I love how there are six colleges within UCSD because it gives everyone a chance to come home to a smaller group of people. Coming from a background where friends are important, I felt that it was unique to belong to a certain college. It lets everyone there bond and become close whereas in other large public schools, the only ones you see are the people in your classes.


The best thing about UC San Diego is the great community and is an intellectually engaging environment. These are the best things about UC San Diego because it allows you to discover your potential and fosters your passion in your field of study.


Great faculty in the biological sciencest/bioengineerint field.


My sense of humor. I find that I can always break the ice in the most uncomfortable situations and that makes me a very likable person.


We have very strong research programs that our school is famous for.


This school challenges me to do better. It's a competitive environment, and it's hard to handle at first, but developes one both as a student and as a human being.


The campus is very large so there are a lot of places to hang out. Whether you want to hang out and eat with friends, or want to just relax or study by yourself quietly, there is sure to be a place to do so to your liking.


The best thing about UCSD is the 6 college system. By splitting up this huge campus, more intricate relationships may form, as well as healthy competition and motivation inside the institution. There is a place for everybody.


The best thing about my school is the diversity of students; environment, classrooms, and student’s show there school spirits. UCSD students show allot of school spirit such as Triton Jam they come and support the students who are performing and the school; this is very important because it shows that UCSD students care about the school and the students. Diversity is very important because the school has many different ethnicity and people work together to get things done.