University of California-Santa Barbara Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Santa Barbara is a beatiful place, very diverse, and a great learning place.


UCSB has given me an amazing experience and really changed my outlook on the world. I definately have a new perspective on life.


UCSB is a very social, upbeat place to go to school.


Right behind the UCEN is an awesome view of UCSB’s Lagoon, and behind it the Pacific Ocean. Students come to this area to eat, socialize, drink coffee, study, sunbathe, and just take in the surroundings. Not a bad place to relax in between classes!


Students take some time out to sit in the sun, catch up on reading, eat lunch, or just relax nearby The Arbor Student Store and right in front of Davidson Library.


When walking behind the UCEN on the lawn during springtime, one can find many sunbathing, studying, or sleeping students, as well as an awesome view of our campus Lagoon and the Pacific Ocean behind it.


Walking through a part of the UCEN to get to the balcony outside that overlooks the UCSB Lagoon and Pacific Ocean.


Walking through the path from Davidson Library to The Arbor Student Store is a sight to see.


UCSB students’ favored mode of transportation is quite apparent. Take a look at the many students on their way to and from class on their bikes and beach cruisers.