University of California-Santa Barbara Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for the parties that people have on the weekends and during special events, such as Halloween and Deltopia at the beginning of spring, and academically it is known for its engineering and physics programs.


Party Social Scene, Beautiful people, Great beaches (although colder compared to Southern California), Great trees, Various hiking trails, A nice downtown to explore, Wine tasting galore, Some interesting cities to explore if you decide to take a roadtrip to nearby locales, Engineering, Science, and Economics.


Partying. And the beach. Partying on the beach. Halloween and Deltopia, the days where you'll find the biggest parties of the year. But this school and city has so much more to offer.


It is best known for being a research-based college.


The University of California - Santa Barbara is best know for being a party school. Which is sad that is all many know it for, but what many don't know is that it is one of the top research institution in the world, ranked at 33 out of 400 according to Times Higher Education(THE) World University Ranking. The great weather and extreme diversity of people in the community are also great factors. The school also has a very strong community that stands together even at the hardest of times as we saw this past school year.


UC Santa Barbara is definitely known for its party reputation. Students are always partying, drinking and having a good time. Isla Vista is constantly buzzing and every weekend there are people swarming the streets looking for various parties and things to do.


UCSB is best known for their very fast paced research driven academics and beatiful Santa Barbara weather.


This school has had a bit of a reputation of a party school, but everyone is mostly very good and balancing work and fun. It has great weather all year, and is very bike-accessible.


Our school is known for working hard and playing hard; the students understand the healthy balance of studying hard to achieve their goals while nuturing friendships and an active social life.


UCSB is best known for its beautiful campus, amazing research oppertunities and vibrant community. UCSB is located right on the beach and I am lucky enough to watch the sun rise over the ocean every morning from my window. We were 7th in the world for research, and one of our professors invented BlueRay. The laid bck and friendly atmopshere dominates the campus, and companies come to recruit at UCSB because of the communication and people skills the students possess.


USCB is known for being a "party" school and a research based school.


UC Santa Barabara is best know for the above that I find it most appealing. It is an incredibly beautiful campus and definitely one of a kind being located right on the pacific ocean. It is also full of esteemed professors who do incredible amounts of research in their fields but also make wonderful teachers.


I beleive my school is best known for all the events that they put on through the year. We have the Halloween celebration, our end of the year carnivals, our Pride festival, extravaganza, and many more.


Most people know UCSB to be a party school.


I would say that UCSB is (unfortunately) known most as a party school, but that is a false stereotype; although sb students love to have fun, I think the most important aspect of UCSB is the vibrant extra curricular life--I have been exposed to amazing and fun activities ranging from political activism to adventure club (climbing, kayaking, hiking, backpacking, canoeing, etc.) to Polynesian Dancing!! That last one was an amazing opportunity that I personally never thought I would try, but have loved every minute of it!


Most UCSB students live in Isla Vista which is know for its party atmosphere but I am 47 years so not your typical student. I have talked to several grad students and they have told me that they have a great Mesoamerican anthropology dept. which is my field of interest.


My school is best known for being a research university. The engineering program here is amazing as well as the sciences. Also, the Economics program here is known to be rigorous and a very challenging program. Although the University of Calfornia Santa Barbara is known for the partying lifestyle of the community of Isla Vista, it is important to recognize the great academic program offered here.


UC Santa Barbara is pretty infamous because of Isla Vista, but is also known for having the only beach on campus and for being a research institution.


It's most known as a "party school," with bro-dudes running rampant. This is pretty true. It's also known for its beautiful natural surroundings.


Unfortunately, it has a party school reputation. I won't deny, a lot of partying does go on, but so does school work and studying. Many parents wouldn't want their sons and daughters here, but it's definitely a learning experience. The temptations of partying and ignoring class are what help define who is really cut out to be successful. I feel UCSB should be given a lot more credit than it has. We have brilliant professors and students who are willing to contribute their knowledge to the American society.


It would be impossible for me to say that everyone at UCSB has this super friendly personality, since I do not know everyone at my school. Saying this though my school is known for that friendly atmosphere. Sometimes I am still amazed by how people I have never met before wave at me or start up a conversation. For instance, for one of my midterms much to my dismay I found I had bought the wrong scantron! Seeing the panic in my face a complete stranger handed me the extra scantron she had.


The University of Santa Barbara is best known for being the only university with their own beach, but still maintains and upholds a good reputation for higher education. This dictates that while students still experience the diversity and rigor of a demanding UC education, the laidback environment that surrounds the campus allows students to enjoy life as well. This reason alone sets many unversities apart from Santa Barbara because other universities completely focus on the academics and subsequently stress out students while Santa Barbara shows interest about the overall health and well being of their students.


UC Santa Barbara is best known for physics due to professors who have been awarded nobel prizes in the field of physics. UC Santa Barbara is also well known for its soccer team. This team has won many championships and is one of the best soccer teams.


My school is best known for being researched based. The school focuses on research and devotes a lot of many to fund said research. It is also known for being a party school among the students.


UCSB is best known for the amazing academics and academic progress in students.


Some would say that my school is best known for being a party school. But once you live here you realize thats not all their is. The social aspects of the school are fun but not all revolve around parties. Apart from social aspects the academics are recognized with awarded proffessors.


UCSB is best known for being a group of intelligent students who know how to have fun. One of our slogans is "UCSB: U Can Study Buzzed." We throw the best parties but we also graduate incredibly talented people.


Truth be told - my school is best known for its rad parties. Every weekend there's a party, sometimes not even on the weekend!


I think my school is best known for the beach. For some students, the beach is closer than class. It is a beautiful area and a great place to live and learn. I am so grateful to get the opportunity to spend my college years on such an amazing campus.


My school is best known for being a party school. It's known for its crazy Halloweens and for being on the beach. Academically, it's known for its engineering and science programs.


Drunken halloween, drunken weekends, drunken everything. My ability to socialize with others has been greatly inhibited by my desire to not drink.


I know that UC Santa Barbara has a reputation as a party school, but this is easy to evade. A lot of the drinking takes place in the Isla Vista nightlife, and if you, like myself, prefer not to participate in such activities, there's no pressure to do so. If you come to the school for the right reasons and with the right mindset, you will find a driven and interesting student body, and professors engaged in helping you reach your fullest potential.


Although it is known as a party school, my schools is also ranked amongst the top 20 public universities in the nation. several professors on campus are noble prize recipients in their respective fields.


Our school is known as a party school, but if you want to, you can certainly aviod the party scene. The majority of students don't party. The school is also in a great location and there is a lot to do on and off campus. As for academics, it is also a top-notch institution with professors who really want to help students succeed.


Being a party school near the beach and having delicious Mexican food at a restaurant called "Freebirds".


The only university in the country with its own beach, and its one of the top research insititutions in the nation.


Among the general population, UCSB is probably best known for its parties. However, students should also know that UCSB has the most Nobel Laureates teaching at the same university. UCSB also has one of the most outstanding Mechanical Engineering Schools in the country. Our Geography and Communication Departments are either number one or two in the nation (depending on who you ask) and our English and Literature Departments are also nationally recognized. Last year we outstripped all other UC schools in student voter registration and attract all kinds of speakers from Hilary Clinton to the Dali Lama.




Providing a fun and engaging atmosphere while being a well-rounded university that caters to most people's academic and social needs.


My school is best known for its outstanding academics. The classes are both challenging and interesting. We also have a very friendly campus, teachers and students get along great.


The beach, surfing and partying amidst the beautiful surroundings of UCSB.


UC Santa Barbara is best known for its social life and its beautiful campus. The campus atmosphere is very relaxing. Isla Vista is a community of students, faculty, and residents who live right next to the campus, which makes it a non-commuter school. This helps all of the students maintain a well balanced social and academic life. Students are either busy with school work or enjoying their time living right next to the beach.


UCSB is known for being right on the beach, it's physically and academically active students, it's intense social scene (Isla Vista), and for being a top research institution. A common motto used at UCSB is "we work hard, we play hard!"


Great social life combined with great academics, and a beautiful campus!




Sadly for being a party school but I think the school is a great environment for learning and meeting new people.


UCSB is best known for the adjacent student town of Isla Vista, which is notorious for debauchery.


Beautiful scenery, best parties, and strong academics. Its an all in one school!


Almost everyone rides a bike, skateboards, or walks to class!


My school is known best for its strong interests and advances in the sciences.