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Though we are known as one of the top party schools, students are also very academically focused.


We are walking-distance away from the beach and enjoy cool temperatures all year round. Awesome sunsets and lots of mountain trails to climb and observe all of Santa Barbara from. Plenty of cultural activities, plays, performances, to enjoy downtwon.


UCSB is a thriving hub of social acitivity paired with the community of Isla Vista. Tragedies and triumphs the past year have united the community in a radically unique way.


My school has an amazingly friendly atmosphere. People never fight and come together when the times gets rough.


Besides the fact that the school is directly located next to the beach, we are also a research based institution that has some of the brightest minds across the nation. UCSB is able to provide an above quality education at a fairly affordable price compared to other private schools. We are also one of the top science based research schools in the country. And last but not least, we have our very own college town right next to campus that provides a sense of support and community in our sunny city.


The diversity of people in Santa Barbara is in abundant and it is rather comforting. My roomates and I are a mix of egyptian, salvadorian, guatemalan, chinese, filipino, and variations of european. The social scene at Santa Barbara can really open up a shy person and make them realize that they are not so different, and if they are.. it really is okay.


UCSB's mascot is a Gaucho and all Gauchos are friedly. I have not met a single person at UCSB that was not accepting of other people, or wasn't willing to get to know someone new. The atmosphere at UCSB is unique because we are accepting and welcoming.


It is right on the beach and it is very diverse. I love being able to walk to school and have access to so many activities and opportunities. The people/students that attend are very friendly and outgoing. The teachers are amazingly helpful.


It is very research oriented which can cause a lot of stress and anxiety but it is also surrounded by a beautiful beach area that is stress decreasing.


The atmosphere, we are all driven, students who want to do well and also know how to have a good time. We are situated by a beach and so the weather is also great.


The campus is absolutley gorgeous. The surrounding enviroment is very lush and inviting and the beach is very close. Thousands of bicycles roam the campus creating an easy and accesible way to get from place to place. Also the graduate program is spectacular. The program allows me to get my masters in education and my credentials to teach in under one year.


I think UC Santa Barbara is a great school and I had a great experience there. If I could change one thing about my experience I would say that I would have liked to explore more organizations and events my freshman year. I was only able to find my niche (in the American Indian Student Association) late my 2nd year, and I wish that I could have gotten involved earlier. UCSB can seem large sometimes so it really helps to have people similar to you that you can use as your inner circle, before you are able to meet other people. Isla Vista is a very welcoming town and it is quick to seem like home. It has food places that stay open very late (which is great for late-night studying), beautiful parks and of course a lovely coastline. There is a lot of Gaucho pride and soccer games are super fun!One thing I will always remember is that I had the opportunity to be part of UCSB's First Annual Symposium on Indigenous Issues. There are so many opportunities to be socially and politically active at UCSB - it's just the right size in my opinion - large enough to offer many people and potential friends and small enough to find your niche.




You can't complain when the campus is on the beach. That makes it unique in the sense that you can walk the beach way back from class or take all your books to the beach. UCSB is also a research university, meaning that many of the professors teaching the classes are actually simultaneously writing books on that subject or doing leading research within that field. Also, Isla Vista is unique in that is is a town seconds from campus absolutly brimming with apartments and college students- creating a very unique college community.


UC Santa Barbara offers a diverse set of courses that other colleges do not. It also has a hagh academic raking in the country. The environment surrounding the cumpus is beautiful which makes it easier to be stress-free.


UCSB is an amazing experience but the stigma of party school could be a hard one to live with once you are out of school.


I feel that my school has a more relaxing atmosphere where studying and fun is combined. Living in Santa Barbara is like living in a college town with many other students like yourself. It definitely makes for the true college experience.


Compared to other schools, our school has beautiful campus. We can go to the beach any time we want. I like the fact that we are surrounded by the beach and the mountains. It feels as if we are living in the dream.


Students know how to balance school and fun


UCSB is unique because the academics are highly ranked and its location is absolutely stunning. It is the perfect college town because everything is so accessible and you feel part of a UCSB community. I feel that whenever I meet anyone who went to UCSB we have a unique secret bond that we understand each other's wonderful college experience. It's almost indescribable, but we know that we learned, had a great time and grew as people all at the same place.


University of California at Santa Barbara is a school designed to get students into fields of research. There are so many research opportunities in labs and out in the field, especially for science and social science related majors. For example it has it's own Marine Research lab that students can become a part of if interested. Unfortunately UCSB doesn't prepare you for a career but it lets you delve deeply into the area you want to puruse so students can get experience in a certain area.


The University of California, Santa Barbara is special because of its uniquely academic, yet easy-going atmosphere which provides students with opportunities to excell both academically and socially.


right next to beach


I noticed that schools like UCLA and UCSD are made up of students that are really competitive. I know that everyone should have some competitiveness in them, however, at the aforementioned schools, it seems like sabotage is the way to go. At UCSB though, everyone helps each other, everyone is chill and nice.


The UC system manages its money horribly. Costs have jumped greatly (personally they've risen 25{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}). Not exactly the public school bargain, unless of course you're poor or a minority in which case everybody else will subsidize at least 75{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} or your costs. Students are partly to blame as they recently approved every single fee put up to a vote, with ~33{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of each fee marked as "return to aid".


Well to start with, it is the only campus that I know of that is located directly on the beach, and beyond that, the entire campus is beautiful. Everyone gets around on bikes, with specific bike paths throughout the campus. The undergraduate classes are pretty big, but the majority of them have small discussion sections once a week to supplement them. Overall, there is just a great environment.


UCSB has Isla Vista, a college town next to a non-college community (Santa Barbara). You have the ability to reside in a community of peers that you get to know and love like extended family, then by the time you're a senior you have the option of moving downtown. Usually by then, seniors feel like getting a little space. It's perfect!


Lifestyle, Atmosphere, Attitudes, Diversity,


UCSB is really close to the beach, so campus groups do stuff like beach cleanups for community service. You can go to the beach to study, to exercise, or just to relax.


I really liked the fact that the school is right on the beach. I also loved that UCSB is a research university which offers many opportunities to join a research group and the chance to start your own.


UC Santa Barbara is unique in many ways, one being the location! The campus and surrounding college town is right on the edge of the ocean. The campus is beautiful and the view of the ocean is serene. There is nothing like a calming swim or surf to calm your nerves when stress from classes seems overwhelming. The school provides many diverse programs to help and assist students. No matter how crazy things may get with your classes or personal life, you will never be left alone, someone is always there to help.


The thing that i find the most unique from UCSB is the use of bicycles. The main source of transportation is bicyling. Most of the students here ride bicycles and including some professors. There are mini roads special for bikes all through out campus. It is amazing.


My school has good programs to help out in any way from tutoring to stress help. The beach makes you feel more relaxed and makes it a wonderful place to live while at school.


Our school is unique because of the location. It is directly located on a beach which not only offers a beautiful scenic place to study, but it offers a diverse and low-key atmosphere to thrive in. The people at our school are laid-back and just very happy to be able to be at a place such as Santa Barbara. The amount of activities, extracurriculers, and services offered to students because of the location and type of people are what makes my school unique.


Santa Barabra is on the beach and is host to a large party community. Very few schools offer such a prime location for its student to study and excel for their chances at hitting it big in the "real world."


The most unique aspect about my school is that it is located on the beach. It not only provides that incredible Mediterranean style weather that southern California is known for, but iit has an overall very relaxed and laid-back pace. The school has a quality about it that makes it an enjoyable experience for everyone. Part of its appeal to some is its party scene, which is famous among Californians especially for its halloween celebrations that in the past have drawn up to 40,000 people, however you don't have to party to have fun.


My campus is located on the beautiful coast of Santa Barbara. I wake up every morning to see, hear, and smell the ocean. No other campus out there can compare to that. With this, I am able to try out new activities like surfing and kayaking that I never would have had access to in my home town. The weather is beautiful all year round with clear, brilliant blue skies. The students here are incredibly friendly, active and outgoing as they open up to each other allowing for new friendships to be made everyday.


UCSB compared to other schools in California is a school of its own category. Usually at top universities students are worried about their academics and are very driven and focused which can lead to a damaged reputation as not being enjoyable place, with the occassional maverick whose natural brilliance gives him a very aloof attitude towards his studies But at UCSB the majority of students are relaxed and carefree but at the same time they don't allow their grades to slip. Students at UCSB enjoy life and the beach while finding themselves and preparing for their future.


My school has a social life; everyone likes to have a good time and party now and then, mostly weekends to relieve the stress from school. It is a party school.


UCSB is right neext to the beach. The climate is really nice. it doesn't get to cold or too hot. At night you can see plenty of stars unlike LA were you rarely see one. Its not as big as it seems. Classes are easy to find. The buildings are not tall. Also instead of car traffic there's bike traffic. MAny people get into bicycle crash especially the first day of classes because everyone is trying to get to class on time.


UC Santa Barbara is located in a coastal, beach city. The weather is warm and crisp, with a splash of drizzle. It is in a close-knit town with an ultra-friendly environment of both, merchants and locals. You never know which famous person you might see at the neighborhood marketplace or bistro. The student population is diverse and multi-cultural. If you're looking for a small, laid-back, urban town with modern up-beat retailers (no Walmart in sight), then, UCSB is the place for you. Oh, and... the educational experience is second-to-none.


That for one of my majors, UCSB is one of the highest ranked. UCSB also has one of the most gorgeous campuses I have ever seen!


It is right by the beach, which is really cool. Also, it has a really relaxed atmosphere.


We are the only school in the country with its own beaches and gaucho pride is second to none. There are some colleges comparable to others, but Sabta Barbara is one of a kind. Going to school in an atmosphere like this makes learning about yourself, new people and what's on your next test that much easier, and that much more worth it.


The life of the of Isla Vista is wonderful. There are cooperatives which make a huge difference in the community. The presence of many organizations working to improve the community really shows. Also, ragers (parties) all over the place. And a beach, that's a good one. And the majority of people are fit and good looking, save for little beer bellies.


The people at UCSB are definitely the friendliest people I have ever met. Many students will go out of their way to smile or say kind words to another student, and making friends is extremely easy. Because of the diverse population on campus it makes it easy to meet many different kinds of people you may not have been exposed to in your hometown.


School is very sociable, big party school but also very accademic, great play to hang out, near the beach and great atmospher


This school is unique because it has its very own beach and can be used by all students whenever.


I think the thing that was really unique about UCSB was the campus is adjacent to the beach, it is a party school that is very serious about their academics as well as academic integrity, and it has a Catholic community that is very active in it's spirituality. I think the thing that made me want to attend UCSB was the fact that I thought I could reach my potential physically, socially, academically, and spiritually. There are plenty of places to run and work out, meet new people and develop relationships, as well as study.


We have our own beach! We have amazing views of the ocean and running tracks. It's a very healty school.