University of California-Santa Barbara Top Questions

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Though we are known as one of the top party schools, students are also very academically focused.


We are walking-distance away from the beach and enjoy cool temperatures all year round. Awesome sunsets and lots of mountain trails to climb and observe all of Santa Barbara from. Plenty of cultural activities, plays, performances, to enjoy downtwon.


UCSB is a thriving hub of social acitivity paired with the community of Isla Vista. Tragedies and triumphs the past year have united the community in a radically unique way.


My school has an amazingly friendly atmosphere. People never fight and come together when the times gets rough.


Besides the fact that the school is directly located next to the beach, we are also a research based institution that has some of the brightest minds across the nation. UCSB is able to provide an above quality education at a fairly affordable price compared to other private schools. We are also one of the top science based research schools in the country. And last but not least, we have our very own college town right next to campus that provides a sense of support and community in our sunny city.


The diversity of people in Santa Barbara is in abundant and it is rather comforting. My roomates and I are a mix of egyptian, salvadorian, guatemalan, chinese, filipino, and variations of european. The social scene at Santa Barbara can really open up a shy person and make them realize that they are not so different, and if they are.. it really is okay.


UCSB's mascot is a Gaucho and all Gauchos are friedly. I have not met a single person at UCSB that was not accepting of other people, or wasn't willing to get to know someone new. The atmosphere at UCSB is unique because we are accepting and welcoming.


It is right on the beach and it is very diverse. I love being able to walk to school and have access to so many activities and opportunities. The people/students that attend are very friendly and outgoing. The teachers are amazingly helpful.


It is very research oriented which can cause a lot of stress and anxiety but it is also surrounded by a beautiful beach area that is stress decreasing.


The atmosphere, we are all driven, students who want to do well and also know how to have a good time. We are situated by a beach and so the weather is also great.