University of California-Santa Barbara Top Questions

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it is right on the beach and absolutely beautiful!!!




Santa Barbara is a unique and beautiful place. The town of Isla Vista surrounding the school is packed with 25,000 students ages ranging from 17-26. The school is located on the cliffs with the Pacific ocean below. The students are studious and intelligent, but know how to have fun on the weekends. People say that UC Santa Barbara students know how to work hard and play hard. There is a major emphasis placed on research which allows students to be exposed to leading researchers and new concepts. Students experience an exciting and engaging environment every day.


In regards to my major I knew I could attain both a liberal arts education as well as puruse a career in dance.


There is a very relaxed yet serious attitude.


The school's African American/Black community is very close nitt and provides great oppurtunities for meeting people who have succeded in the career field.


UCSB is unique in that it is a hybrid between the benefits and career privilleges of a prestigous world reknowned university and the connections and good memories of an infamous party school. Here at UCSB, you can expect to graduate and transition easily to more serious academic and career endeavors as you spend four years and countless nights of getting wasted and using this as an excuse for ridiculously slutty behavior. Ah, college.


The location is unbeatable and the campus is liberal-minded and fun. The professors are great teachers and you can get a top-notch education here, while still having a good time.


UCSB is great. You could make a new friend just standing in line at the store, that's how friendly everyone is. And I have finally been able to pursue the things I am passionate about, like fighting sexual violence and equal rights, through the extracurricular groups they have here. There is something for everyone here too. If you like to drink, there are parties going on Thursday through Sunday night. We are also a big sports school when it comes to soccer and basketball. And of course, the beach is always right next door.


Very lighthearted, friendly atmosphere. All students live in a small clase community, great social life and school pride. Campus is located right on the ocean and is very beautiful.


the atmosphere, people here know how to balance their lives and want to get involved


I like that it was in my hometown, that is the main reason I chose it.


Not every school has a beach in its back yard but UC Santa Barbara boasts a spectacular one along an entire side of campus. The dorms are situated along the bluffs and in the nearby area, allowing for immediate access to the beach should a student want to go for a run in the sand, study in the sun, or just relax and tan for a bit. Its unique location makes UCSB an ideal location for stressed college students who need only step outside and breath in the ocean air to feel more at ease. and sure of their success.


People need to be more respectful towards woman and our desire to play dress up. Who fucking cares if I'm in a jungle costume walking down the street. Don't make cat calls to me. I'm trying to have a fun time and look HOT in the process. It doesn't make me a slut and it doesn't mean you can touch!


Try to map out your classes early so that you don't waste time taking credits that you won't end up needing.


I represent Pi Beta Phi


i heart ucsb


I love Pi Phi!




this survey goes towards pi beta phi


pi beta phi


Pi Beta Phi




Pi Beta phi!


This school is amazing, I am from Arizona and while the tuition is a little high for out of states students I get to live on the beach, and be in the beautiful southern California weather everyday. I am not going to school, and I am living in paradise. My parents tell that to me every opportunity they get.


I love UCSB.




I'm a member of Pi Beta Phi.




I am a member of Pi Beta Phi


Pi Beta Phi!


I love ucsb it's amazing!


Pi Beta Phi


Pi Beta Phi


perfect place to get the total package!! ADPi


pi beta phi


jucy campus is a joke and should be removed from the internet. I have not been on in a good three months and i dont plan on looking at it ever again. I think it is rediculous that people anonymously can talk shit on each other and other sorority/fraternity houses. we are a greek community and should treat eachother as such.




If you're worried about having time to study while also being able to participate in the night life in Isla Vista, think about what type of person you are. Are you independent? Can you do your homework on time or do you procrastinate? Do you drink a lot? Do you smoke? Do you surf? Do you play guitar? Do you swim or play soccer? Whatever the answer may be, there's room for you at UCSB. It might take time to adjust to this out of body experience, but UCSB students are very driven. If I were to put a moto to UCSB, it woudl be "Work hard, play hard" because that's what we do.


member of alpha phi...don't join dg


I love UCSB and there is not a single thing I would change about my school experience.




I love ucsb!


Just wanted to mention that I am with pi beta phi sorority.


i love it here. it is 80 degrees and blue skies and i have yet to meet someone who would not help me with directions or my bike chain falling off. i could not have asked for a better school experience and i honestly never want t leave. i feel it is a honor and a privilege to come to this school and i hope following classes feel the same way i do.


I am on the UCSB club volleyball team and it has changed my college experience. sports were so important to me in high school and i was devastated when senior year was over. club volleyball has filled the void completely. i have an amazing team of 15 girls who i love to death. we have so much fun together, especially when traveling to tournaments. although it is a big commitment, it is great because it does not take as much time as D1 sports do. we practice 3 times a week and have about a 5 month season. we just got back from dallas for nationals and we placed 17th which is great considering it is only our 2nd year! i am also in pi beta phi and it has also really enriched my college experience. i have had the chance to play every sport in other house's philanthropies, do all different types of community service, participate in campus wide events, make lifelong friends, hold leadership positions, and of course dress up for tons of parties! i would definitely recommend rushing as a freshman to see if the greek system is something that you may enjoy.. for a lot of people it really is! i am living in my sorority house for the 2nd year now and it has been such a great experience...something that i could never have anywhere else! oh, another thing, GO ABROAD! you will have the best time of your life!!


Coming to UCSB has been the greatest decision i've ever made. It's easy to feel comfortable here and you get to go to college at the beach. It's a super social school so if you're a bit of a homebody that can be difficult.


Did I say beer?


A lot of people skip class. I don't suppose that's specific to UCSB, but I really like weeks 3-8 of the quarter because it's never hard to find a seat in class.