University of California-Santa Barbara Top Questions

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Alpha Chi Omega


Alpha Delta Pi!


alpha delta pi




I love UCSB!


Alpha Delta Pi


Alpha Phi!!!!


I'm in Delta Delta Delta!


I am a member of Alpha Delta Pi (ADPi), a sorority here on campus.


RUSH ALPHA DELTA PI! the ucsb greek system is amazing and so much fun, everyone should do it. its the funniest people of UCSB all together!


Alpha Delta Pi Sorority






alpha delta pi


I LOVE UCSB!!!! However, I do not like the petty high school drama some people seem unable to leave behind. Some people need to still grow up I feel. I love recycling too.




I am in ADPi.


Alpha Delta Pi


I love UCSB, it is the greatest school in the nation if you are looking to live life to the fullest while receiving a good education


I applied to every UC, and State Honors program in California, and seriously didn't open my letters, I have NO idea where I was accepted. I knew that I wanted to be a gaucho, and didn't want an academic reputation to affect my decision. I love it here, and think its an amazing school for people that are serious about academics, but can also balance school with a thriving and exciting social life.






the ladies up here are hot!


I love this school!!


i really do love uscb and the people are great once you get to know them. living by the beach is a definite plus!!


Visit the schools you're appliying to. Once you come here you'll never want to leave. Trust me.


UCSB is the best school there is basically. There is anything and everything here and it is absolutely gorgeous and the only school with a beach right on campus...its incredible, I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.




Overall, UCSB is a very satisfying school. The social life is fun. There is always something to do. And the academics are very good.


we have an amazing beach life- we basically live in paradise in between the mountains and the most beautiful ocean. and we love partying we love life and we do everything hard- drink hard, smoke hard, study hard- we love sharing the happiness with everyone!


this was my first choice for college. i'm really happy i came here. it's been so much fun, and really comfortable. i wish i could spend more than four years here.


love our school. i dont like the jesus people with their mean signs, though


UCSB has much potential. Unfortunately, this politically correct atmosphere that makes a great show of "diversity" and "tolerance" is far from either when it comes to having an opinion that diverges from that of the majority of the faculty. To really understand what this means, see the movie, "Expelled," which will be in theaters across the nation beginning April 18, 2008.


UCSB rocks!


If you send your child here, they will consume a vast quantity of alcohol, do many recreational drugs, have premarital sex with strangers and come out with one of the best educations in America. Think about this before sending any home-schooled children here.


I am proud to say that UCSB does not have a football team. We have a soccer team. In fact, we're pretty adamant about all our sports. One of my favorite cheers is when we count down the clock to 4:20. Also, we throw tortillas when we score soccer goals and win games. Last year, for soccer, we were #1 in the nation. When we won the championship game, hundreds of Gauchos stormed the Rec Cen field, took one of the goal posts, marched it across campus to a park on DP, and threw it off the cliff. (Don't worry, nobody got hurt.) It was mad-crazy-wicked-awesome. I don't think anyone has ever been more stoked on a championship soccer game. Ever. Also, something that's unique to UCSB is the fact that everyone bikes. Everyone. In fact, bikes have the right of way on campus and in IV. It is confusing and terrifying at first, but you adjust after a week or two. Don't let it be a deal-breaker!


This place sucks, when you really think about it if you're a minority, but at the same time it wears on you so that I really love it but I hate the experience of dealing with so many racist white people. It's really there, people are still really prejudiced, but it's quieter, not gone.


um, sorry guys, I really have to do this paper that I've been putting off for a while. I started this survey because I was procrastinating and wanting to find something more "worthy" to do. I skipped a lot of questions but the bottom line is: UCSB IS AWESOME. YOU HAVE TO COME HERE TO VISIT and YOU"LL BE IN LOVE BEFORE YOU KNOW IT.


UCSB is a beautiful campus. And even though people party a lot--it is a life changing place. I would tell anyone to come here. and I would love to show anyone around who does not like partying, and who wants something to do outside of drinking. and I would love people to try out real life, or intervarsity, or any of the Christian ministries because Jesus changes lives.


university of casual sex and beer! haha


GO TO UCSB!!!! I would recommend this school to ANYONE. UCSB is what you dream about when you dream about going to college. I could not have asked for a better college experience. Deciding to go to UCSB is the best decision I have ever made in my life and if I could, I would got back and do it all over again.....and again.....and again.


I would love my sister Amber Willits to go here. My best friend. She is the most hard working, incredible and close to perfect person I have ever met in my entire life.


UCSB wasn’t my first choice but I couldn’t have asked for a better college experience.


I am proud of my school. And most students at UCSB are. UCSB is a quality school because it is balanced. Balanced students, balanced curriculum, balanced activities. Nothing is really too overwhelming. The party scene will get to you if you let it get to you. But everyone has the opportunity to get engaged in other things. Overall, I'd say UCSB lacks an atmosphere where people can discuss things beyond this material world (i.e. dreams, life struggles, spiritual issues). However, the students here are really good about taking advantage of the natural beauty all around them as well as being an active part of the world around them.


I really like where our campus is located. We--UCSB and Isla Vista--are a bit separated from the rest of Santa Barbara but I actually think it works out really nicely. I feel like I have a small college town in Isla Vista--you can pretty much find anything you need there as far food, clothing etc. At the same time you have the resources of a big town though because downtown Santa Barbara is a mere 10 minute drive down the 101 (the bus will take you there for free!) and it has everything you could ask for.