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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Sure we've got all the stereotypes, if you only look on the surface. Just dig your toes into the sand and see what you find. You'll be suprised.


Not really, the school does party hard but that's only because Isla Vista, which is right next to UCSB, is a square mile consisting of college students. Any other college would be known as a party school too if the surrounding area next to it was solely made up of college students. The students that attend the school are very smart, not as dumb as many people are led to believe, and many of them were accepted to UCLA and Cal but liked the friendly atmosphere of UCSB better. Sure we party hard, but we study hard also.


Yes, for the most part, but there are definitely exceptions because a lot of people do not drink or do drugs, but are still an important part of the school. And for the most part we have a very involved and intelligent school






For the most part. Not everyone parties, but a lot of people do.


UCSB is a party school but it is also one of the best schools in California. As far as the STDs go, that is not true at all.


I would guess that for about 40% of the students here, these stereotypes would hold true.




some/most of them- depends which world you want to participate in at this school


Our school has the same percentage of STI's as any other college campus yes, we definitely party hardy!


the "party school" stereotype seems accurate, but i feel like that is only because students feel like they should live up to UCSB's stereotypes. but the fact that UCSB students have more STDs than that of other schools or populations is a myth, & the amount of people with STDs here is the same amount of people all over the country


no. partiers, yes, but not in a bad way.




only to the few who like the stereotype


they're all true but only to a certain extent. true you can have all that stuff going on if that's what you're really in to, but if you're not there's a very diverse crowd there and surely you can make friends with them. the party scene is cool, you could be the kind of person who runs around naked and has to be the center of attention, or you could be the one who likes to chill in the background, smoke a doobie, drink beer and make fun of the people who are making asses out of themselves. drugs are everywhere, whatever you want, you can get it. i only chose to put a few different kinds in my bloodstream, but i had a great time. i found myself becoming more and more insightful and philosophical and all around intelligent, but you gotta give it the old college try. sex and stds kind of go hand in hand, but yes you can bone a lot if you like to bone. just don't be a creep about it because nobody likes creeps. if you are a creep and act inappropriately towards women (and men for that matter since i've had a buddy get essentially raped) i hope something really bad happens to you because there's nothing worse than hearing about something that traumatizig happen to a close friend. but if you like being: "In the buff, Being rude, Doing stuff, With the food, Getting lude, With his food, We heard that?s what you are into," then you can do that too.


in general yes, but not for all


Very accurate


No. Ya we party pretty hard in SB but we are also well known UC which has high academic standards, especially for a major like engineering. As for STDs, every college is going to STDs and I doubt UCSB is much worse than any other. Its not like everyone goes around here having unprotected sex all the time.


The majority of UCSB includes attractive people, yes. But I would say almost everyone is extremely nice, laid back, and welcoming to all other students. The party atmosphere definitely helps everyone get along and have a good time.


Oh, what they say about Halloween is true... and a whole lot more. Yet, the beauty of UCSB is that our students still get so much done. I got tired of the party scene in about a month, but I am proud that even those still caught up in it are making so much of their education. Our Nobel prizes don't lie. This is one of the best Universities in the country (and its mostly the city college kids and out-of-towners that cause trouble anyway).


The drunk and partying parts are correct.


Everyone is different no matter the school. Ours is is set up so partying may be an easier task than it is for most.




Yes and no. There is a lot of partying here, but for every person that parties, there's others that don't. If you are a person who's not into the whole party scene (like me) it can be frustrating finding people who have the same interests as you, but if you put a little bit of work into it, you can find a group of people you click with. But regardless, it's college, and there's always gonna be partying, so get used to it.




There is no denying that UCSB knows how to party - just walk down Del Playa on a weekend, and you'll know that it's true - but I think that underestimates the underlying factor. See, at any given college campus, on any given day, you will be able to find a party, so that can't be what sets us apart. UCSB is different because we balance our social lives with our academic lives. If it's Friday night and you're studying, I can guarantee that someone will call you out on it. After all, who needs to study Friday night? Then again, during midterms and finals, people buckle down and do their work. I guess you could say that we care about our schoolwork, but we don't let it overtake us. Life is to be enjoyed. Two side notes on this: 1. I think this is why we aren't so dependent on the Greek system as other campuses. People know how to be social on their own, and it's something that you pick up as a skill throughout your years here. 2. There are a considerable amount of students who don't drink (they are the minority, but they are certainly here) - and this spirit of enjoying life still applies to them.


No, there are many students who do not participate in the party scene at UCSB. There are so many other activities going on.


It's true there's a big party scene, but there's also a really serious academic environment. A friend who graduated from here before I came told me that the person who's the life of the party on Saturday night is contributing to class discussions monday morning, and he was absolutely right. The students here are smart and their schoolwork is important to them. And no, we don't come to class in our bathing suits.


I'd say that the party scene is overrated. UCSB does a good job of offering alternatives to the typical, Isla Vista (UCSB college town) drunk Friday night such as showing movies at a local lecture hall, hosting emcees and musical performers on campus each weekend, or having improv shows performed by student organizations.


Truth be told, yes, the stereotypes are pretty accurate. I come from a very diverse area, and was really shocked because I never visited the campus prior to coming here. It is a really rich school, most of the people here are very privileged. It's also an academic school, mainly a research facility focused on theory rather than practical application. The parties here are insane, too insane at some times, and alcohol is easily obtainable for anyone. It's hard not to be changed here, I'm one of the few that doesn't drink, smoke, or sleep with anything that walks and a lot of people give me the bull response, "oh hey I respect that" when I tell them I don't drink. Get used to it. And activism? They dress up like hippies and parade around yelling about change, but honestly, the people yelling about change aren't UCSB students. UCSB Students are gullible and follow the guy with the megaphone, that's all. If you look at all the people who run these activist events, most aren't even students, but they get a following of naive students to join them and block off roads and stuff like that. That's pretty accurate.


Some are true and some are a little over exagerate or only apply to certain students. We do have fun here at UCSB but almost all of us leave with degrees which means we do go to class and we do pass our finals. I do go out on occasion but I dont conisder myself a big party person. There a lot of people that enjoy the pass time of surfing and I do believe the campus as a whole is very laid back and friendly.


While there are many opportunities to party and the party scenes are quite active here, not everyone parties. There are intelligent people here and if they do party, that makes them appear even smarter since that means they're really good with time management. I've only been to one party so far, and that's during welcome week. You won't feel the "pressure" to party here, trust me. It's a free choice.


Nope. It's not everyone's scene. Besides, every college campus is a party campus--ours' is just the best (we can can party hard and still get good grades). If partying isn't your scene, there's always something else to do on Friday or Saturday nights like the Improvability shows.


Many people did come for the partying and surfing, but that doesn't take away from the great academics here.


yes. Some of them are. but like I said before, people have fun, but also study.


This is true to an extent. Its easier to label UCSB as a party school because parties are so visible. In the small, student-focused town of IV, everyone knows where a party will be. DP. But that is what's great about Isla Vista. Everyone is so close and you never have to be alone. Also, students here may party, but they know how to get work done too. I'm not much for parties but I still have respect for most everyone else who does. We hold our self-proclaimed title of "most intelligent party school in the nation" well.


most are, absolutely. but the stereotype that is always left out is that in addition to all these, the students are actually very intelligent too, and get their shit done while still being cool. so if anything, it should speak even more highly of ucsb, because students are successful AND still able to have fun and rage. the saying "work hard, play harder" couldn't be more true here.




Surfers do not dominate the school, although surfing is obviously available due to the prime spot of the school. I believe our std rate is less than the national statistic and thus entirely exaggerated.the stereotype on the greek major does fit a good portion of the greek population, but there are just as many people with a much denser courseload. People do drink heavily and frequently, and parties are huge during the weekends although much less frequent during the week.the school has always struck me as very balanced.there are great classes and an incredible faculty, but if all you want to do is party, that option is available to you as well. However, there is a lot to do in the city as well as the school if you don't want to live that way! There are many unique opportunities available to ucsb students (like the Raggedy ann program for premed students) that exist nowwhere but sb!


sometimes, yes.




Lots of drinking...but probably as much as any other college campus.


Not at all. I party on some weekends, but ultimately fill my time with using the resources available at UCSB for intellectual pursuit. When I'm not learning, I'm living life to the fullest.


True as much as all colleges are party schools. the stable weather and beautiful location probably make it easier to party, but we get our work done too. Work hard, play hard


yeah we drink alot but I dont think it is too much more than any other school. And it has been proven that only like 5% of UCSB students have Stds.. so thats not that true. I have straight A's and have worked hard for everyone of them, so we aren't stupid either


no, but they describe many students but by no means all, or even the majority.


We party all of the time. Yes, there are ridiculously good-looking sexually-active women. Not all of them have sex. You can find 10 of every type of woman that there is. UCSB's students are not just a bunch of "fuck buddies". We also get our work and academics done! With an incoming Freshman average GPA of 4.05 (thats right; 4.05) the sophistication of the University and its academics is reflected in the student body. UCSB is NOT a cesspool of STD's. Just like through the rest of the country during the early and mid-90's, the fear of STD's caused a hysteria on college communities that led to such stereotypes. d




no stereotypes are accurate-a stereotype is a generalization and can't cover everyone, but there are a lot of beautiful people here, and a lot of drinking happens on the weekends. Not everyone has STDs; you can usually guess the people who do, so they should be easy to avoid.