University of California-Santa Barbara Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I mostly brag about the library and community, considering that the library is the second largest in the world, and since the community is so diverse and open-minded as well. We are a very caring community and always look out for each other, especially during the roughest times of someone's life.


I go to a prestigious school. Yes, we are a party school, but we also have award winning academic programs, countless community service organizations, and a variety of clubs to choose from. Studying is not a drag because I can take ten minutes to find a spot on the beach to study. Who wouldn't want to have that escape? Anywhere you go in Santa Barbara, the people are so very friendly and are appreciative for everything. I live in paradise and I am able to get my degree. What more could I ask for?


The UCSB is the campus! We re one of the only schools that is often mistake for a beach resort. None of my friends can claim that there schools are that beautiful! It also helps that the beach is a two minute walk from most of the dorms.


The gorgeous campus and being right on the ocean.


The one thing I brag about the most and in depth on is the fact that our school is located on the beach. We have a beautiful campus and this allows us to be able to study in a calm and relaxing place outside of our dorms or the library.


The campus and quality of education


UCSB is a beatiful campus on the edge of the ocean and it is a good place to get an education that is worthwhile.


I'm always telling my friends how beautiful my campus is, and how everyone does a part in conserving the enviornment. Living right on the beach makes you want to pretect and conserve the wildlife and oceans.


People are always asking how I like my school, and every time I tell them I love it. The thing I love most about Santa Barbara is the friendliness of the people. Everyone around is always willing to lend a hand or help you out in any and every way. Being in such a beautiful enviornment helps to stimulate a happier and more sociable atmosphere where everyone is welcome and everyone has a good time.


I brag about how it is on the ocean, and I have an ocean view from my dorm. I also brag about how it is a top school of physics and other sciences. We have an amazing marine biology program, I believe best in the state. UCSB is the perfect combination of academics and social life.


beautiful views of the ocean!


Friendly environment, Always something to do, academically sound program, the beach, the mountains,


Our school is so close to the beach, you can visit on your breaks between classes! Everybody rides their bikes around, so people are fit. We like to work hard, so we party hard on the weekends to wind down.


I enjoy bragging about the social atmosphere. Isla Vista is our college community directly off campus; it is very close-knit and filled with all different yet fun loving people. Our school has a party school reputation. I've been to my fair share of parties, and the students do know how to live it up, but when it comes time to studying, Santa Barbara knows how to utilize their time wisely. I like to say that we are one of the "smartest party schools in the country."


There's usually sun most of the time, there's lots of clubs/organizations to join, and the city is pretty.


The beauty of the school, the friendliness of the people and the experience of dorming. Most of my friends back home attend the State or Community college in our town. It was amazing that I was given the opportunity to go off to a University.


i tell my friends that this University is very laid back and easy going. Everyone is very friendly and very helpful. The location is very beautiful. Most importantly, i have had really good professors.


The name of my school and the quality of the professors


the beach, the beautiful weather, the great atmosphere, great kids, community, activities


My school has the best campus, it is located by the beach, nice weather, and lots of cool people. I love the environment! Oh and the classes and professors are amazing overall!


how close i live to the beach, the beautiful weather, the easy-going atmosphere, the quality of my science classes and how the professors are extremely smart.


The partying (just to make them jealous, even though I don't party), and the scenery. Santa Barbara is full of beach people, students and residents alike. There are beautiful trees and parks everywhere, not to mention the weather, though a little cold, is flip-flop season all year long.


I usually brag about the beach and the crazy party scene.


That is it right on the water, there is always something new and interesting to do. You can get around easily without a car. I work on campus so that is a real plus


Mostly, the fact that UCSB is a party school is the first thing to come up. In terms of what so good about it besides the parties, there is of course, the environment. The environment around the school seems to be fresh. There's a hiking trail that leads to a cliff where you can see the ocean. So mostly, the scenery.


Usually, I tell them about crew, and how well we've been doing during the season. I also like to inform them of how amazing the weather always is in the land of eternal summer.


We're right by the beach.


When I talk about my school to my friends, I talk most about how it's better than other universities academically and socially. People say this school is well known for its parties so I go along and say that as well.


The beauty of the campus and the craziness of the social scene.


That in my school we study hard and party hard. We know how to have a good time and still get great grades due to the amount of help from the faculty and just the atmosphere that we are raised around. I show them the picture of my school, and i can see them in awe. It is a wonderful place to learn your major due to all the different possibilities this school gives you.. I will forever and always be a Gaucho.


The beautiful, laid back location and excellent academics.


I have never felt bored at my school. Everyone lives a short walking distance within each other so there's always something to do and there's a really strong feel of community and unity at UCSB. Everyone's proud to attend this school and I haven't found a single person that dislikes going to UCSB.


I brag most about how everyone at UCSB is intellegent yet still knows how to have fun. The students at this school work hard and get good grades without staying home every weekend. The students here know how to balance a social life with an extremely demanding acedemic schedule. You will find students studying together in the library and pushing each other so that they can reward themselves by going out and having fun on the weekends. During finals week however, including Friday and Saturday nights, not a soul is seen out partying. Everyone is packed in the library.


I live a block from the beach and I definitely don't mind going back to school after going home for breaks.


That its right next to the beach and the social life is exceptional.


UCSB is the best school ever!


It had decent surf and was located right by the beach.


It is the full social experience


I live literally on the ocean - my back patio is on a cliff over the beach. It's a 3 minute bike ride to some decent surf spots. The energy and vibe of Isla Vista, the small town adjacent to campus is off the charts, you always are seeing other kids. Social life is amazing, there's a thriving undergroup music and art scene in addition to the big frat-tastic type parties. The people, guys and girls, are generally in good to great physical shape and very down to earth.


That I got in and got to go to the school of my choice.


My school is right on the beach. In between classes, I can lay out on the sand or take a swim.


I brag about the location, because it is a very beautiful place.


i brag about the wonderful weather, the easy going attitude. the beach being so close. the easy access to the neighborhood. That Isla Vista consists of a lot of kids with the same attitude and goals as you and how everyone is so close and willing to make new friends and meet new people.


I brag most about the social aspects. The quality of education is excellent, but what distinguishes UCSB is the social environment. You will learn so much more about social skills that will aid your future at this school than you will compared to any other university of similar academic quality.


I lived two blocks away from the beach in a one square mile community of 10,000 students. We all lived, played, and studied together.


The campus is absolutely beautiful. It is the only university that is situated directly next to the beach. The weather is always nice and the people are always happy.


Partying and about Del playa, street known best for partying and especially halloween.


When asked about UCSB, the most often answer is the scenery. No other school has a nice of a scenary as UCSB. Not only is it located on a cliff overlooking the ocean, but the beach is less than 10 minutes away, if you are just having one of those days, where you need to take your mind off of your studies and just have fun in the sun.


Location, nice people, interesting classes, the parties!


I brag about how good the parties are and how close it is to the beach.