University of California-Santa Barbara Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Honestly, funds. I understand we attend a University, but damn y'all be snatchin' all our money. I have to leave the school because being a first year student and having to pay for own education is LITERALLY impossible here. I got through 2 quarters and I am V proud of myself. Not only does the funding effect students personally, we also experience it on an everyday basis. The school just is not smart with their spendings. Instead of just focusing on the architect and unique ass structures of our buildings, we should be spending funds on fixing the roads, bike baths, skateboarding lanes, study environments, programs, and especially towards maintenance. Let me tell you, we have two elevators in our dorm of eight stories. One elevator has been out the entire year and sometimes both aren't working at the same time. They tell us it is because it takes time to order the pieces, but when yo girl got a broken ankle that ain't an option.We as students pay and invest in our school for beneficial reasons (education, UCSB label), but should also be receiving help and benefits towards our daily activities and usage of roads, technology, etc.


"UCSB? Isn't that a party school?" "I bet you turn up so hard all the time, right?" as well the generally disapproving looks from some parents, who are clearing imagining UCSB as a hive of raucous and drunken beachgoers.


I consider the worst thing about our school would be the culture of alcohol and drug use it has. I understand that every school has these problems, but UCSB has it in particular because social stigma has branded our school as the center of alcohol and drug use, and that would then have the students trying to live up to that reputation, exacerbating the situation altogether. Every year, the parties get crazier and crazier, and out of towners would see us as an opportunity as a fun weekend. They would come, trash the town, and then leave.


The food at the dining commons is rather dreadful. Everything tastes the same, even if they claim to be different dishes.


Job placement is not the strongest at this school, but ultimately, it is up to the individual to get a job. There are job placement centers at this school, but you have to be the one to go to all the career events and drive yourself. Don't let the school get you a job. That is your individual responsibility, not the school's.


The off-campus living conditions provide many distractions. This makes it a difficult environment for those who might have expected to spend all their time studying.


Those that are not extremely extroverted may find themselves drowned out among all of the socializing that occurs. It's not a huge problem, and more mild mannered students will still find great friends but it can be difficult for some to stand out amongst the large population.

Jesus Briseyda

The worst thing about UCSB would probably be the fact that since I have very sensitive skin i will probably get burned easily because of the sun rays,and the expenses that i will probably have to cover out of pocket.


The thing I consider to be the worst about the University of California-Santa Barbara are the limited availability of professor office hours. The office hours held by professors are usually limited to once a week, for less than a period of two hours. A majority of the time, I have work or class during there office hours; thus making their use to me go un-utilized when I want it outside of the classroom.


The worst thing about my school would probably have to be the raccoons and skunks. You wouldn't think such cute little critters could be so vicious. Walking around the campus lagoon at night can be terrifying with violent raccoons eating each other's faces off in the dark bushes. They also manage to find all the trashcans on campus and ravage them silently. And as you're walking at night, they turn their heads and their eyes shine in the moon light and scare you.


It's a hard choice to pick what I like least about UCSB-- the people are friendly and decent for the most part, the campus is very clean and well structured. I suppose the worst thing would be the professors for some of the classes I've taken. They were be nearly incomprehensible and I felt like I wasn't learning anything from the lectures. Always research your professors before taking a class! It might make or break what grade you get and how much you like the subject.


The worst thing of this campus is diversity. In my experience, it felt strange walking into a university with mostly white students. However, their tolerance for the low diversity was outstanding that now I don't even notice the difference.


Wherever you live, it is always very loud! It is almost impossible to study in your dorm; I spent a lot of time in the library.


UCSB has a reputation of being a "party school." Party school is the first thing that people say when I tell them I attend to UCSB. UCSB is so much more than the pre-conceived notion that proceeds its reputation.


It seems to me that the worst thing about my school, is the amount of social pressure being put on the students to conform to ideas of "cool". I see so many young men and women looking exactly the same, acting the same, and in general being hemongenous. It is sad to see so many young people think of college as an extention of high school instead of a new oppurtunity.


I think there is too much focus on beer drinking and partying.


That's a hard one. I guess the worst thing about the school would have to be the lagoon on campus. It smells terrible at certain times of the year. Besides that it's not bad.


There is a lot of partying around campus, which is fine if you go in for that sort of thing, but I don't. It sort of detracted from the learning experience for me because every one else is focused on partying.


The Financial aid people arent very friendly. Our student health center is not very good


What I consider to be the worst thing about my school is the fact that it's known mainly for being the party school. My school is more than just that. Though, sometimes there are many who party and there are tons of parties that go around, my school also has great education, programs, and events. I hope that people will see past the party school mask and see what UCSB is really about.


The worst thing about my school is the reputation it has as a party school. Yes it is true that there are plenty of parties however, students here do not revolve their lives around partying. UC Santa Barbara is a serious research university and students do come here to learn. I feel as though the reputation stears people away and demeans the education we recieve here. This is unjust because the students here work hard and enroll in challenging courses.


The worst thing I consider at my school as in any of other UC campuses is the frustration we have to go through to get into a class. It is really hard to get all the classes that we want because they get full so fast and sometimes we have to crash other classes that we do not need or want. The budget crisis has definetly affected many students not only in California but also the entire country. This what I consider the worst thing about my school.


The worst thing about my school is that people seem to be guarded, and I believe that's because they also feel out of place and a little lost. However, I think that is a ubiquitous problem in most colleges, and not just mine. That guarded nature tends to prevent a lot of interaction, whether it be in the classroom or on a personal level.


It would probably have to be the lack of classes available to students in need. Because of the debt California is in, the University seems like it is suffering in terms of quality of classes (increase in the size of classes) as well as variety.


While many students balance the academics and social aspect of Santa Barbara well, some students chose to spend their college education partaking in substance abusing activities. While drinking and smoking are found on almost every college campus, some students choose to go overboard by partying every night. I personally choose not to involve these unhealthy activities and substances in my life. Maintaing a healthy social life is important, but my education is my number goal while attending UC Santa Barbara.


The school is too researched based


The very worst thing about this school is the intense party reputation. Many students continue partying even when it may be detrimental to their education. The focused students may not get the full college experience at a school where the partying is so predominant. There are many who focus very hard, but the number of partiers, and intensity of the parties create a distracting environment.


The worst thing about my school are the skunks and the raccoons. Though they are usually, harmless, the fact that they're there and are lurking behind bushes at night just give me the fright.


The worst thing about the school is probably the parties. There is a few wild parties on campus especially during the weekends. It can get crazy depending where you are at.


The focus is slowly being shifted from the students and teaching to research. UC's are seen as great research institutions which is wonderful and research is important, but students pursuing undergraduate degrees are seen as so much less when compared with the potential for research. I believe that teaching and research are great characteristics of this institution that I'm blessed enough to attend. But I hope the importance of the individuals education does not fall much farther from it's current position when compared with research.


The worst aspect of my school has to be the partying. It is distracting and can often lead to unintended visitors that prohibit studying . This occurs often enough to become a problem not just with my roommates and myself but with the entire campus.


The worst thing about UCSB is the same as one of its best things--it takes a ton of dedication to be able to walk along the beach on a beautiful day and resist the temptation to blow off class and school work and enjoy the day instead! You really can't complain about much here...beautiful place, great education, fun environment. It is unfortunate how classes can be HUGE--I'm in one that is 750 students! It is rare to form a personal relationship with a professor unless you take the time to go to office hours.


The worst thing about UCSB is all the cuts. Lately there have been so many budget cuts, which snowball effect into a lot more cuts. We are losing many of our T.A.s, which mean bigger class sizes, or less classes available. We are also going to lose a ton of our C.L.A.S. tutoring workshops offered. It's just very sad to see so many opportunities being taken away from the students here.


Sometimes the drinking and partying can be overwhelming and hard to say no.


Too much partying sometimes.


The worst thing about my school, UCSB, is that it is just so much fun. You have to literally tear yourself away from the extra-curricular activities to complete your studies. Since, this is my senior year, I have quite a bit of experience on knowing how to set my priorities. Just say no to alcohol and drugs, and you can enjoy all of the better things in university life, and still be able to get all your studying and assignments done...without frying your brain.


The reputation it has for being a "party school". I feel that this turns a lot of students away. But after being there for a year, you learn that UCSB is only a party school for those who make it one. If your intention is only to study without going out on the weekends to drink, there are plenty of other students who are on the same boat with you. If you ever think you're alone, be aware that there is always someone there who feels the same way you do.


The University of California, Santa Barbara is isolated from civilization. There aren't enough establishments around the area which makes it difficult to apply for jobs within walking distance from the residential area.


Registering for classes is difficult due to the registration system. Popular classes fill up fast, but determination and crashing can get you a long way. Also, undergraduate advisors are really helpful at getting students the classes they need for their majors.


It's too hard to go to class when the weather is really good. It Hurts your grades a little bit.


Excessive emphasis of the student body on drugs and alcohol. Also, intertial attitudes towards what is happening on campus. The focus as to what people want to do with their lives could definitely be stronger.


If you are not a member of the honors program, it can be difficult to get all of the classes you need for the coming quarter. There are simply too many people who want to get in to the lower division major or pre-major requirements. However, I hear that as you progress to upper division, class size and difficulty of obtaining classes becomes less of an issue.


There is to much drinking outside the school from the greek life groups. It doesn't really appeal to me much! The financial aid office is at times helpful but not that much!


The worst thing about my school is the close proximity to the beach. There is always temptation to go tanning, surfing, or playing volleyball at the beach instead of actually doing homework. It takes a lot of self motivation to be a good student at this school.


The price of housing. It's really expensive to live in the dorms and live in Isla Vista after your freshman year.


Reputation as a party school makes people look down upon it, even though it is really accademic


The worst ting about my school is the budget cuts that are happening right now. Also the chancellor did not let students and grad students know about voting for financial aid and the budget cuts.


Big social life, less serious dating


The worst thing about my school is that it is more research based and doesn't offer a lot of practical majors, such as business.


The partying around here can be a bit much, though students seem to find a balance and get their work done and get good grades. Partying can be an annoyance because most students live in a small community adjacent to campus (Isla Vista).