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What is the stereotype of students at University of California-Santa Barbara?


Many people consider UC Santa Barbara to be a school populated mainly by sorority girls and surfer guys. It's true that there are many sororities and fraternities as well as many people who enjoy the beach (It's a major draw for our school!). But there are also so many other "kinds" of people and organizations one can become involved in - the Environmental Affairs board, ethnic-based clubs, etc. You definitely don't have to be a Greek to have a great time at UC Santa Barbara nor do you have to party all the time - though a great party is usually right around the corner.


The stereotype of UCSB students is the very unoriginal "partiers." Every college has parties, and every college students will go to a party here and there. The thing about UCSB is that although students may party a lot, everyone is very on top of their schoolwork and cares a lot about school. In my eyes it's pretty cool that a school with such a party reputation can hold such high ranking for academics because that just proves that we know how to be social AND do well in school :)


this is an easy one. partying all the time and beautiful girl


Party hard, study hard.


Most people think that this is a Beach party School. If it is Southern California then this is the place to be


First year Philosophy major Lucas discusses the stereotype of UCSB students as being predominately blonde and beached-out.


First year Psychology major (and Music minor) Greg talks about the stereotypes of UCSB as an STD-ridden party school that “doesn’t get a lot of work done”, but from his experience he has found that these claims are false- we get our work done and keep it clean.


Third year English major Ethan talks about the stereotypes of UCSB, the most pervasive being that of our party school reputation, and to some degree the stereotype is in fact accurate.


Third year Communication major (and Global Peace and Security minor) Erin talks about the stereotypes of UCSB, how her older sister influenced her to attend this school, and why this campus attracts so many California natives.


Third year Political Science major Darshan defends our campus by proving the stereotypes of UCSB (“being vain and just into partying”) wrong with his involvement in campus and student issues as well as throwing out some impressive statistics and rankings of our school.