University of California-Santa Barbara Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of University of California-Santa Barbara?

Is University of California-Santa Barbara a good school?

What is University of California-Santa Barbara known for?


The best thing about UCSB is the atmosphere. Everyone is outgoing and friendly. The teachers are well-qualified and helpful. One thing I'd change about UCSB is the rep that it has nation wide.


The best thing about UCSB is the people that I've met. You really find your niche here because the school appeals to everyone. I wouldn't change a thing. It's the perfect size school for me, and I spend most of my time in the heart of campus by the Arbor, or in the UCen. Definitely a college town but I wouldn't trade it for anything, I love the teachers and all my classes and I hardly EVER hear anyone complain about school.


The best thing about UCSB is that it's close to the beach.


The best thing about UCSB is that it's close to the beach.


the people, the ocean, campus, greek life iv is dirty just right size people react by saying "wow party school" my sorority house college community school pride not exceptional live right on water view from my freshman dorm out of this world campus perfect size


The best thing about UCSB is the beachtown and the people here. I wouldn't really change anything because i love it here. I spend most of my time on campus in the Ucen or near the beach, or on dp. When i tell people i go to ucsb, they react, "oh so you like to party?". The biggest recent controversy on campus was the guy that threatened the teacher.


the best thing about ucsb is the weather, beach, sand, men- the town especially. no where on earth compares to isla vista.


UCSB is great!


UCSB has the most amazing atmosphere to live in. It is undoubtedly a college campus and basically a bubble.


I think UCSB is just right for me. It has everything that I like in a college: good academics, location, and friendly people. Alot of people think of "party school" when they hear UCSB, but the campus is much more than partying.