University of California-Santa Barbara Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is able to stay self-motivated, keep up on schoolwork and still make time for fun. Making friends can be hard at first, but finding a group of friends is easy since there are so many people here. This school may be pegged as a party school, but everyone here is very academically focused and is able to pull good grades in a competitive environment. So be prepared.


Potential UCSB students should be open minded yet strong willed. As a college student at UCSB there are so many opportunities to engage in diversity and promote awareness. Students here learn to care for people and the future of global interconnectedness. Many alumni I know are leading lives that serve society, medicine, education, and more. People who are interested in making a difference will find a great home in UCSB.


Students who attend this school must have a love for the beach and the social scene. As a person who was native to a large metropolitan city, I found Santa Barbara to be quite small. However, if one is to build a decent network of friends through local organizations, then there should not be a problem. Surfers would love the waters here and a beach day is only a small walk away. Those who do not love commuting will love living in Isla Vista, the local college town adjacent to UCSB.


Any type of person can attend this school. While infamous for its parties, UCSB is home to many serious students who hardly ever, or not at all party. If you are the partying type, then you can find your fair share of great parties, but you must also make sure you can balance partying and studies. UCSB is a serious university with challenging classes, it expects the best from each student and is harder than most people think it is. If you love nature, temperate weather, and are serious with your studies, this is the perfect school for you.


Any person can attend, it is what that person makes out of the opportunity.


I think that a well -balanced student who knows how to work hard and play hard should attend this school.


There's really no single "kind" of person that should attend the University of California - Santa Barbara. College is a place were people of all different cultures, beliefs, social classes and races get together and create a community. Not everyone is going to get along but that is life, it's not all "rainbows and ponnies". We have to learn to adapt and get along in order to succeed with our education. So my answer is any person who wants to benefit from the level of education a top research instituion has to offer, like Santa Barbara, should attend.


I think that my campus is a diverse place, there will always be people who do not share your views, but there will be others who do. The atmosphere is friendly and there is an overall sense of community. I grew so much and became a stronger student and more involved in the community and campus thanks to all of the opportunities availble for a variety of interests.


People who are open-minded, hard working, can work at a fast paced, and are able to balance their lives should go to this school. You should be open to new theories and have an eagerness of what's going on in the present.


It's honestly hard to say what type of person should attend this school. Everyone is different and everyone has their own personal preferences. However, to answer the question, I believe a well-rounded person should come to this school. By well-rounded I mean being able to manage time efficiently, without getting distracted. UCSB is a very fun school with countless of things to do, but along with that it can also be very distracting. Nonetheless, if one can manage his or her time, and have fun, UCSB is the perfect chioce.


Someone who knows how to play hard and work harder.


In my perspective, the people that should attend UCSB should be anyone who want a great education but don't want to feel trap. UCSB is one of the top universities in the nation. It offers many departments, from science to economics, which can satisfy the desire of any undergraduate. The location will do wonders for anyone. The ocean air, vast ecosystems, and friendly residents will make anyone feel at home. And new experiences are everywhere. Opportunities to get help, have fun, learn something new, or help out the community is offer almost every day. UCSB is a new world.


Most people would find this to be a wonderful place to learn. Their is plenty to do all around with mountains not too far, wonderful beaches, hiking trails and forests. If you like the outdoors and good weather this is the kind of place to go.


Someone with a strong sense of time management. Being responsible and staying on top of your work here allows you to enjoy all the other activities and social events held. Also, someone who is outgoing and loves to meet new people and can mesh with all types. If your field of study is the sciences, then this is an amazing research university for you.


People who attend UCSB should definitely be open-minded. There is so much around the area and people should be willing and ready to experience new things. If he/she love the outdoors this would be the perfect school. the campus is surround by the ocean on one side and mountains on the other. Not only should people be open-minded but he/she should also be responsible. Attending school in paradise can be very distracting so a person with their priorities straight would do fine in such a place and take advantage of its beauty at the right times.


Anyone who wants to study should be able to have access to an education and free information.


An open-minded person succeeds at UCSB.


I self motivated person who takes initiative and works hard at their studies and likes outdoor activities.


The University of California Santa Barbara has a place for many different and talented people. Students who aspire to get an education that is more hands on should attend UCSB. The professors will assist students and can be involved in research.


Someone who has the ability to concentrate on their school work. There are so many parties ALL the time, if you are not focused, you may fall behind; quickly!


Someone who likes to be in a very diverse environment. Anyone with an open mind when it comes to politics, liberal studies, and research would enjoy this school.


Open-minded, fun, social people


Those wishing to pursue careers in Engineering, Computer Science, and sciences in general would definitely want to come to UCSB because it has stellar records in all of these areas. People who want to live in a diverse, artistic, and multi-ethnic environment would like UCSB. Graduate students looking for research opportunities would find them available in many different departments at this campus. Undergraduates looking for opportunities to study abroad, do outreach, and prepare for graduate school would also be excellent candidates for this school. Finally, anyone who enjoys the beach and sunny weather would like it there.


People who are focused should attend this school. There is a strong sense of community at this school and people who attend love to have fun.


An outgoing, strong-willed person should attend this school. UCSB kids work extremely hard and play hard. The atmosphere is very laid back and social, and there aren't too many shy people around campus. Also , they have to be strong-willed because if they fall under peer pressure too much, they may be sucked into the party scene and flunk out.


I think anyone that wants to live in a beautiful place and have a good time while getting a great education should come to UCSB. The person should be laid back since SB is a beach community and helpful. UCSB isn't really an uptight, intensely competitive school, but helps everyone and loves everyone.


Almost any type of person could feel at home at UCSB. No matter your personality, you will likely find a friend, but one trait that all UCSB students have in common is a fun-loving attitude. UCSB students are smart and hard working, but they also know that it is important to build relationships, be social, and take a break from the books once in a while. This does not necessarily mean partying to the extreme, but it means going to the beach on Saturday with your friends or having a movie night in the dorms.


I feel any student that is willing and able to educate themselves for a better career should be allowed to attend.


I believe it is important to keep our free-spirited community flowing. As conservative as I am, I still enjoy seeing students stand up for what they believe in. With that said, the most important quality for a prospective Gaucho would to be goal oriented. Know what they want and willing to fight for what they believe in. We have all types of students at UCSB, and I know that not one of these students have trouble discussing their own beliefs with others.


UCSB is perfect for a laid back type of student-- someone who wants to put in time studying, but also take time to have fun. Prospective students should understand that there is a party culture, but there are ways to have fun without getting drunk. It's all about finding your niche in this beautiful environment. If you appreciate nature and especially the ocean, then UCSB just might be the place for you.


There is no limit to the kind of person that should attend UCSB. Whether someone is reserved, outgoing, a super genius, or maybe someone of average intelligence this school has something for everyone. I am a shy person yet coming here participating in different activities such as, dorm floor meets, watching a free movie, and even just eating in the dining hall I have opened up more. I believe that even people that do not think school is their forte there are lots of services that help students achieve good grades.


It would behoove a person who is ready and willing to immerse themselves in a symphony of culture, academia, and beauty. Where as the school is beach front and close to mountain ranges, a person who appreciates nature should enjoy the wide selection of different terrain. A person interested in furthering their understanding of society should attend as well.


I think people who are willing to work hard and show progress should not only attend this school but any Univeristy. I also think responsilbity and time management plays a big part in attneding any school. This school is located by the beach , so if a person is used to a more fast paced, crowed, busy environment, this school is not for you. It has a very laid back ,easy feel to it.


All types of people attend UCSB!


Anyone who wants to advance their education, but more importantly people who have a desire to learn more about themselves. College is an experience. Self-discovery, making new friends, coping with new challenges, and managing time are all huge parts of the college experience and help shape students into well-rounded and dynamic individuals. My school is ideal for people who wish to learn not only academics, but about themselves and the world.


Anyone with passionate interest in researching in their field AND willing to work for it and be involved.


I think anyone should come here. It's a really nice, calm, quiet enviroment. If you like to read a lot i would definitely recommend that person to come here. Also UCSB is full of young people so if your looking for a place where there are students that are around your same age this is the right place to come. It is also very diverse and the main sport here is soccer. If the person likes throwing tortillas when there's a soccer game UCSB is the right place.


Friendly people who are willing and eager to meet people who are completely different than they are. Especially in the dorms, it is so common to see people from different states, foreign exchange students, etc. It's nice to actually get out of your comfort zone (home) and be with people who are different, and have the opportunity to learn what they're like. Also someone who likes to socialize, but at the same time want to study.


The University of California, Santa Barbara is a college with a very social environment. Someone who likes to be engaged in social activities such as sports or school programs will be highly satisfied in attending this school. In addition, anyone with an academic interest would appreciate a research university with credible proffessors that provide outstanding lectures which includes an insight in their progressive fields.


someone who wants to go to a challeging and difficult school, but still wants to have a good college experience. ucsb really is the whole package.


A hardcore partier. I am currently trying to transfer out of UCSB because of the extreme partying attitude that the majority of the students seem to have. Skipping class is no big deal, and parties occur every night of the week. Students that don't like individual attention should go here, as many class sizes are huge, causing you to feel like a nobody. I would prefer a more specified education with more personal attention.


Social, motivated, outgoing, positive, responsible, liberal


a party person. although i don't drink, people who do would love my school. also, it is easy to party without drinking. there are also a lot of political and cultural events at my school, so people interested in those things should look into UCSB.


Someone looking to have fun while keeping their academics at an above-average level. People that like the beach, like to drink to some extent and that are willing to socialize. Students are determined, focused and very serious about grades but when the weekend rolls around are able to let loose and have a good time. Politically active and environmentally conscious.


Anyone who is open, friendly, and nice. Someone who loves beautiful weather and beautiful people.


If you love the beach, a social party life, and engaging professors


UCSB has been the subject of many stereotypes however that does not mean that the university has a typical student. The courses of study as well as the social atmosphere are richly diverse and nearly anyone with an appetite for education or fun could do well at Santa Barbara. That being said, people with particular interest in the outdoors, the beach, social sciences, arts, engineering, biology and of course making new friends will find it much easier to make UCSB a home away from home.


A fun, outgoing person would love this school. Someone who is looking to get a great education and still have fun in the process would do great at my school.


Someone with an adventurous and open personality. They should be very focused on their future and have good work ethic. They should be easy going and sociable. If a person likes nature, the ocean and beautiful scenery they will enjoy UC Santa Barbara. The person should be innovative and have the ability to think outside the box in order to contribute to the school. The person should be comfortable around others the same age because of the close proximity. They should be open and not discriminate against others who are different and ethnically diverse.


Somebody who is willing to work hard, a person who is able to balance work and play. Santa Barbara is a very social place, and the UC is a very studious place, so make sure you always put your studies before your leisure. Have an open mind for all types of reasons. Befriend people because you enjoy their company, not because they look or think like you do. Most of all, be an optomistic person, because this place can only make you love life more!