University of California-Santa Barbara Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I wouldn't recommend my school for someone who's shy. It's a large campus with a lot of people, and in order to make connections you need to put yourself out there. I also wouldn't suggest my school to anyone looking for a place that rallies around its sports teams. We have great teams, but when it comes to sports our school spirit is lacking. Other colleges have big game nights and tailgating that everyone shows up to, but we don't have a football team.


Everyone should have the opportunity to attend a four year university on the condition that they are driven to learn. People who do not care about education or bettering themselves and the community would not fit well into a college like this one that is dedicated to making students the future leaders of tomorrow. Those who attend this school must be willing to work hard to get a degree and achieve their personal best.


Someone who doesn't like big campuses and prefers no distracting extra circular activities.


A person who hates the beach and also hates the beautiful weather. A person who is set on keeping close minded beliefs towards different ideas and situations probably should not attend this school. Someone who is not highly motivated and dedicated to their studies also would not make a good fit. The last criteria remains in the acceptability of all different kinds of people. If the person is not socially acceptable of a variety of cultures, they probably should not attend this beautiful school.


If you intend on reserving yourself and not expanding your social as well as mental boundaries, this school is not for you. Santa Barbara is full of friendy people and intellectual challenges that will breach your mental horizons. The math and art department is not the highest standard, from experience, so be wary of that.


I think this is a great school. You will have to live away from campus and outside of Isla Vista if peace and quiet is important to you.


UC Santa Barbara is not the place for close minded people. UCSB promotes a diverse atmosphere in everything from the wide varieties of food available in the dining commons, to the countless number of campus organizations who accept anyone interested in joining.


The type of person that shouldn't attend this school is the typical introvert. Someone who focuses entirely on academics would not really belong at UC Santa Barbara because our students enjoy having a strong social life in addition to academics. Also, an extreme conservative shouldn't attend the school.


Someone who has no interest in learning and interacting with their fellow classmates should probably not attend this school. However this school is fairly suitable for almost any type of person. Those who are not that interested in research would also do well to consider other options.


Someone who wants live in a quiet place. Someone who wants to go to a small arts school. Someone who would feel uncomfortable in a city populated predominately by white people.


Everyone is welcome to attend this school. There is no descrimination


No one. Everyone would fit in one way or another. Unless maybe someone that hates the beach, they may not like it here.


Any type of person can adjust to UCSB since it is a great campus and the academics are spectacular as well. There are so many clubs and activities for any student. But there are a lot of parties on the weekends so if you can't balance a party life with your academic life then this isn't the school for you.


This school is great for all types of people, but only individuals who are serious and focused on their studies will get the full effects and advantages from attending this university.


People with strong religious views, strict ideals, the inability to accept other points of view, and a low tolerance for cultural difference should not attend this university. Also, UCSB does not offer professionally oriented graduate degrees such as an MBA, so those desiring one should go elsewhere. The cost of living is very high so those on a budget should think about other options. Finally, who wish to participate in a highly active Greek environment (i.e. fraternities and sororities) might want to go elsewhere as the Greek population makes up less than 30% of the student population.


If you are a person who is not ready to work, not ready to have fun, or enjoy the beautiful weather then you do not belong at UC Santa Barbara.


If you are extremely religious and are not open to "liberalism". Gotta be committed to school though.


Someone who isn't willing to try new things should not be attending this school; there are constantly new activities and such going on that encourage students to branch out. Also, someone who hates noise should beware because it is a very loud school. Finally, if you want to major in business or architecture/visual arts, this isn't really the best school for those majors.


There aren't many characters that wouldn't enjoy the UCSB campus. It's secluded from the neighboring cities and captures the beaches' relaxing vibes - it's definitely a place for students who are looking for a stress free environment.


People who are serious about their acedemic life, but aren't afraid to have a little fun, too. Any one who is commited to getting a solid education should look into this university.


UCSB may be a trying transition for anyone who finds they already posess difficulties balancing socializing and school work. With Isla Vista so close in proximity, it gives the location a wonderful "college-town" feel. However, many may find it problematic to focus with a slew of social gatherings right around the corner. It takes a determined individual, but it's not without fun!


Those who don't take it easy.


UCSB is an awesome school. It has the reputation of a party school, but if all you want to do is party this isn't the place. You will soon find out that it has a rigorous academic curriculum. It is a beautiful school by the ocean where one can go and relax and enjoy. If you don't enjoy the beach, this isn't the school for you. The classrooms are big and well-designed and comfortable. The professors are great and helpful. If you want a small school with limited opportunities, this isn't the school for you.


In my opinion any person who wants to attend this school and is willing to put some effort has the capacity to come here. However, since I have to answer the question, I would say that the unhappy should not attend UC Santa Barbara. UCSB has one of the best environments and people right here are just fenomenal. In my opinion if you do not have the happy and joyfull personality it will become harder to fit in and have fun.


This is perhaps one of the most diverse campuses part of the University of California system so it's hard for people not to fit in or feel comfortable. But if you're not ready to try new things and deal with different people, this is definitely not the school for you.


Almost every person would love this school, but if you are the kind of person that prefers to go to school with 100% concentration in their education without wanting to enjoy the college experience, than UCSB is not for them.


There are very few cons about this university. Attending this university is extremely expensive, and requires a great deal of effort to maintain an adequate GPA. You will not succeed financially or academically if you are lazy and incompetent. I think that every person that values their education and future; University Of California Santa Barbara is an ideal choice.


Someone who is focused on theri school work and will be able to avoid any distractions should attend this school. The city is very beautiful and has many possible distractions that seem attractive to young people. Any one planning to attend here should be able to avoid giving in to temptaion and focus on their studies which should be their priority.


People who are not self-motivated or able to keep themselves on top of their school work should not attend UCSB (or any UC). The quarter system is extremely fast paced. If a student wants to succeed, he needs to be able to balance the fun this school is known for with the work required to succeed. UCSB is definitely a ton of fun but it is also a very good school, full of incredibly intelligent and driven students. If you can't keep yourself accountable for completing work on your own, you will fall behind and probably do poorly.


UC Santa Barbara is a fairly outdoor orientated school. The weather is very mild so going to the beach and biking around campus are year round activities. People who are looking for a more old fashioned college environment with big classic style buildings and seasonal weather probably wouldn't feel comfortable at UCSB. Also, UCSB does not have a football team so students interested in participating in university level football, playing or watching, would not enjoy UCSB.


From personal experience, I've seen students who do not have strong will power and work ethic fail miserably here at Santa Barbara. From the beautiful location to all the extra curriculars on campus, and to the down town upscale networking scene, it's very easy to be a distracted student. That's why its necessary for students that choose this school to have a great sense of themselves and a great focus on the work they do.


There is definitely a sort of party atmosphere, being so close to the beach, and I think people who aren't into that subculture probably wouldn't be happy here at Santa Barbara.


Anyone who loves the beach and who can work in a fast pace enviroment.


The type that cannot balance a healthy social life, academics, and being exposed to a dionesian culture.


Someone who shouldn't attend this school is someone who doesn't want to go out and meet new people and have a good time. Someone who is to focused on books probably won't have much of a social life here.


A person who does not enjoy the beach and sunny weather should not attend this school. other than the sunny weather this school is abundunt with opportunities.


A person shouldn't attend this school if they are not serious about school. If someone is just attending college to party, then they should not attend this school. The academics are too hard to spend your whole time partying. Otherwise, this school is good for anyone.


Antisocial, homesick, clingy people.


Someone who is outgoing, likes to have fun and party, and knows when they need to buckle down and study.


This school is for very outgoing, social, but hard-working people. You should not attend this school if you do not know how to balance your school work with your social life. It is a beautiful location with numerous fun things to do, so it is easy to become distracted if you do not maintain a strong work ethic. Also, I feel that people who are judgemental or close-minded should also not attend this school. California is a liberal hot bed and this campus in particular opens your eyes to many new things, most often for the better.


A person who doesnt want to learn, because if you dont learn you will find yourself flunking in a heartbeat. with the amount of partying and your valuable social life it is easy to lose track of school work and that is when you find yourself on academic probation realizing that you made a dumb move. But even then the faculty will help you out no matter what.


Someone that is not social.


Someone who isn't very ambitious or goal-oriented.


people that are anti-social and intolerant of liberal behavhior


someone who is racist or ignorant to culture...someone who doens't like the beach, beautiful weather, social atmosphere and a research based university


Someone who likes high pressure classes and cut throat competition.


Those who are looking for hands on learning should not come here, especially if in the Film majors, production is limited.


Most people who attend UCSB live in the dorms as freshman then spread out to IsIV or surrounding areas later. The dorms and IV are both noisy and crowded. If you want to live somewhere else, such as downtown, it is expensive but worth it to get out of trashy IV. However, this requires that you have a car or are willing to take buses. Also, if you don't want to attend giant lectures, then this school is not for you because general ed. and prerequisites for science classes, for example, are huge with up to 900 people.


Someone preferably who is Caucasian, interested in biological research or is really artsy. A lot of students here come from wealthy families so it helps if you drive the latest BMW or Audi.


I think that the majority of folks can find their place here. Being a non-drinker may be challenging at first, but with time, they too will find a good network of people.