University of California-Santa Barbara Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The only frustrating thing is that you need a certain GPA requirement in order to make it in yor desired major.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that everything is expensive.


Nothing is frustrating about this campus. This campus has a care-free environment and the general population of the campus is happy.


Quite frankly, I am most frustrated with the maitenence of the off-campus area known as Isle Vista. Many of the apartments and property managment companies try to get one over on you any chance they get. As for the school itself, the most frustrating thing is the sheer amount of people in your class your first year or two. My first lecture hall had 800+ people, but the upside is that upper division classes are much more managaeble, around 40-130.


The most frusterating thing about my school is the meal plans because they are strict and hard to swipe people in.


If I didn't drink, I don't know what I would do on the weekends.


The most frustrating thing about my graduate program at Sacramento State is the lack of scholastic resources available to us considering the amount of money we pay in tuition and campus fees.


the negotive stereotype UCSB gets being a "party school" instead of the great academic research school that it is. Every school can be considered a "party school" UCSB is just a more open friendly environment.


The most interesting thig about my school is the social life that is offered. There are many clubs and organizations that encourage students to participate in enviromental, academic, political and physical activies. This creates a sense of unity among those who are involved creating friendships that are brought together by similar passions.


The rising tutition cost is the most frusturating thing about UCSB, and the UC system in general. With services decreasing and class sizes increasing, the only thing that you can count on is having to pay more for school next year. This along with the general high cost of living in Santa Barbara is a problem. The school billed my account for housing before they told me what room I would be living in, and they billed my account for tutition before I had even registered for classes.


The cost of living and school were the most frustrating during my Undergradute degree.


The most frustrating thing about the University of California is the rising tuition. Due to California's and federal debt...public universities are not the cheapest option anymore. Our tuition costs have risen considerably since I entered school, and classes and minors have also been cut. So essentially I am paying more for less. This causes large class sizes and sometimes it is difficult to enroll in the classes I want. I find this frustrating also because many UC regents have actually gotten raises while students like me are forced to pay more simply to achieve a BA.


I really think that there is nothing frustrating at this school becuase there is a friendly environment among faculty, professors and students, so this is a very positive atmosphere.


A little too much partying, but I tend to stay away from it


UCSB was a great school. Wonderful location, wonderful facility with great proffessors. I find that if you apply yourself, if you utilitze the resources available to you, any issue you find frustrating will decreasae.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it always seems that no one is ever studying. There are always people at the beach, or playing frisbee on the lawn. On the surface it doesn't look like people put out a great deal of effort so it is easy to get sucked into that routine yourself, get behind on your reading, and end up with some not so stellar grades at the end of the quarter.


There is a lot of drinking around the campus. It makes it difficult to stay on track with school work at times because there is a party everyday.


There is a constant party scene which can actually be very hard to balance with school work. Stidents should make sure all work is completed before going out because trying to complete work last minute always fails. Because there is constant partying here, skipping out on one night isn't the end of the world. Incoming students should definitely learn how to maintain a balance between work and fun.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the amount of competition. I excel in classes, but other excel much more.


There is not a single thing that frustrates me at my school. The school has a beautiful setting and great academics! Aside from the toughness of the coursework, extra money would help out a lot. Thank-you!


How Expensive eveything is, and that the nearby places know we have no choice but to pay the outrageous prices.


It is very hard to acquire the classes one needs. The student to porfessor ratio is very high as well


That would have to be picking classes for each quarter, the freshman are just given all this information and we are expected to disect and figure it all out with minimal help, so for me the most frustrating thing would be picking classes at the start of every new quarter.


On the rare occasion that it decides to rain, the bike paths and pedestrian walkways can be flooded and make going to class or home more difficult.


The most frustrating thing is the fact that it is on a quarter system which means there are only 10 weeks of class and then we have finals. It can be challenging and overwhelming at times because it goes by very fast.


The most frustrating thing has to be the people who smoke on campus.


Almost every student has a problem with their campus in one way or another. During my stay on my campus I have found that trying to gain advice from councelors and advisors is a huge problem. There are many advisors that tell you to go somewhere else for answers and that turns into a very large circle of confusion. The people are very courteous but have little information, even in their own departments.


I do not really see anything to be fustrated about in my school. They have many helpful resources that you can go to. The people here are really nice, and helpful. We have many places were we can study, and do our homework.


For myself, probably that everyone expects everyone else to drink and smoke, while I do none of that.


large classrooms with many students. courses taught rapidly due to the quarter system.


If it is the weekend and you want to get any studying accomplished, you have to go to the librar or some other desognated study area. if you live in Isla Vista you will go out and party if you stay at home, its not like you'll be sleeping or studying with hundreds of people trapsing around outside.


How expensive it is and the lack of diversity there.


There are a lot of snobby students, or people who did not take education seriously.




There are a lot of students! It can be hard to get popular prerequisite classes if you don't get priority registration for being in the honors program.




The most frustrating thing about UCSB is the finals schedule. Finals are commonly on the same day.


Very body image focused. Everybody is very pretty.


The parking situation at UCSB is very frustrating.


The most frustrating thing about UC Santa Barbara is taking personal responsibility for your academic success. With the beach surrounding one side of campus and the mountains on the other, it is very easy to get distracted by outside activities and not focus on classes. It is each student's responsibilit to fight the "party school" reputation that SB has attracted in the past by showing the great academic success that can be achieved.


It's hard for the ladies to find datable guys.


The fast pace of the quarter have to stay on top of your work and be a good test taker!


Housing can be difficult and expensive. The partying can be loud and make studying difficult off campus.


The random classes I had to take and professors spouting off their political views


The most frustrating thing is the lack of social options outside of partying, as well as the spartan study space available at the library during the high-traffic times around midterms and finals weeks of the quarter.


It is culturally un-diverse and a lot of snooty people go there.


It is right next to a community college, and they usually cause the problems in our town.


While many students at this school are focused and motivated, there is a great number who are unmotivated, distracted, and lazy. Many are ungrateful for everything given to them their parents and view their college years as a social event instead of a wato build their future. While a healthy social life is very important, a balance needs to be made which many students fail to realize.