University of California-Santa Barbara Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


One of the best things about my school is the people. We have such a diverse community, with people from all over the country and the world. Also, to be completely honest, UC Santa Barbara is the epitome of "work hard, play hard." We're known as being a party school, and I will admit that things get pretty wild on the weekends. But the people that you see walking down Del Playa Drive at 2 in the morning are the same people that you'll see going to office hours and spending their whole day studying in the library.


The best thing about the school is the environment. Everyone lives very close to each other, and you get this sense of community that you would not get anywhere else. Nowhere for the rest of your life are you going to live within walking distance of all of your friends. This allows stronger friendship and relationships to be formed than anywhere else.


The best thing about UCSB is is how social the students are! Everyone is very welcoming and there is always somethig that is going on. In the dorms everyone has their door open just waiting for someone to walk in and chat.


The greatest thing about UCSB is the campus' commitment to innovation in student life and campus amenities.


The best thing about this school is both the location (right next to the beach - it's gorgeous) and the College of Creative Studies, where I'm a student. I would definitely check it out. Also, the many friends I've made since coming here.


Though there is always room for improvement, my school has a very strong sense of community. This was further demonstrated when we experienced a very tragic event a few months ago that took the lives of six of our fellow peers. Staff, Faculty, students, residents and community members including alumni from all over the world came together in solidarity.


The University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB) sits right in front of the scenic ocean, and in the beautiful and scerene city of Santa Barbara; this makes for a pleasant location to study. Although Santa Barbara, by many interested soon-to-be freshman undergraduates, may be known as a party school, UCSB provided me the option of knowing many students who were committed about their studies and at the same time jovial in their nature. Living almost 3 hours away from home was difficult initially and albeit this life changing fact, UCSB helped me grow in every aspect.


The university is located in a beautiful location so as long as you can maintain focus on your studies you will never have to worry about getting too stressed. Also, when it comes to the sciences, UCSB is a exceptional school that will serve you well.


By far the best thing about UCSB is the atmopshere. By its very nature, it inspires academic succsess involvement in undergraduate research. The professors and TAs are superb and really care about us students, and there are many academic institutions that exist to make undergraduate life the best it can be. The atmopshere is augumented by the sense of purpose in the students, staff, and teachers.


The people and the location. The people value education but know how to balance it with other activites. I feel like they have a good outlook on life because they do not stress too much over school. The location adds to the students ability to relax and to realize there are other things in life that do not revolve around school and grades.


Excellent campus environment, with a beautiful weather and many assistance services available to the student. The library is open 24/7 and students can always get the help they need with the multitude of services provided to them on campus.


The opportunity to try different things and have new experiences, be it socially, academically, culturally and professionally.


The atmosphere of the college is very laid back, friendly, and inviting. Studies are equally emphasized with the relaxed beach atmosphere.


Interestingly, my favorite part about the school was outside the school itself. It was extremely easy to get away from life troubles, especially if one didn't want to drown them in alcohol, which was unfortunately common. The pristine beach environment was my savior--sometimes a walk along the bluffs or a moonlit stroll in the soft sand was the best way to reboot. It was so easy to be alone and decompress in nature, and I always felt safe, even at night. I actually discovered my spirituality in this way, and now turn to nature to relive my anxiety.


UCSB is able to maintain high academic standards while still having a laid back atmosphere. Being a top research university, UCSB courses are difficult and require lots of studying. Competition is present on campus but remains in the classrooms. The relaxed ambiance is preserved because of the perfect balance between academics and extracurriculars, on and off campus. The location also helps with relieving stress.


The best thing is the location. We are located on a penninsula on the pacific ocean and being able to smell the ocean breeze while riding your bike to class in shorts and a tank top on a beautiful day is incredible. Another wonderful thing about the university is its outstanding reputation because when you are on such a beautiful campus going to class it's hard to beleive you are getting an education from a school that's world renowned for its research and will be very well respected when you hand a future emplyorer your degree.


The best thing about my school has to be the community on campus. Everyone is so optimistic and so vivacious. It gives the campus a good vibe and makes you enjoy each and everyday. It makes it so easy to socialize, and meet new people everyday.


Location. Beach is right there, weather is about 70 degrees and sunny most of the time so going to class isn't hard. People are happy, positive, and upbeat most of the time which keeps your mood upbeat. Most professors are awsome too!


The Physics Department is excellent, especially in the College of Creative Studies


I think the best thing about my school is the campus and around it. It's important to feel comfortable in you're college, it has to have the potential to be your home away from home. UCSB is right next to the beach, the campus is always clean and environmentaly friendly. Isla Vista, the community right next to the school is perfect for just hanging out afterschool or on weekends with lots of places to eat, all walking distance.


The best thing at my school would have to be the atmosphere. Everything here is so relaxed and peaceful. We are right next to the beach so that helps, but everyone is so nice and helpful.


The best thing about my school is the gorgeous environment located right along the beach! I could not ask for a better environment, not to mention everybody here is so friendly compared to my hometown.


The best thing about my school is definitely the location and gorgeous campus. Our campus is located right on the oceanside and it is surrounded by sandy beaches that the water-sports lovers frequent nearly every day. Situated by the beach, the weather is typically mild if windy and usually sunny so laying out on the beach and getting some school reading done is very easy to do. Most of the buildings on campus have views of the lovely southern California mountains or of the shining Pacific Ocean. UCSB students really are very lucky to be surrounded by such beauty.


The College of Creative Studies is a really great program that a lot of students don't know about, with small classes and a lot of academic flexibility. I don't think I would have stayed in school without the flexibility that it offers. Throughout the university, there are also a lot of really rad and smart professors. I've been able to work as a research assistant and really appreciate that opportunity.


I am a part of the College of Creative Studies at UCSB. This college was my reason for coming here in the first place. They treat us students (all 400 of us) like graduate students, allowing us to take as many courses as we would like in order to challeng ourselves (officially, there is a 95.5 unit cap each quarter, but no one's ever made it that high.) We receive personal counseling each quarter and are allowed to sign up for classes early, which is good since budget cuts has limited the number of spaces in each class.


The best thing about my school is the relaxing beach atmosphere, and the quality education that the professors deliver to the students. Another thing that I great about UCSB is the students , the education opportunities available to me, and the great outreach organiations that the campus has to offer to the rest of the community.


The best thing about UCSB is the balance that a student can enjoy in having a presegious education and fun and relaxing environment.


Natural enviornment. Beautiful ocean to my left, and gorgeous moutains to my right. I also love how everyone is so enviornmentally conscious as well.


The best thing at my school is how many resources to help you succeed.


My school is envrionmentally aware and does a great job of informing the thousands of students that attend school here of the school's efforts in that respect. I believe that's a great thing about my school because it's making an impact on the thousands of students that attend and informing them on such an important, and sometimes overlooked, issue in society today.


The school has a great atmosphere and is very relaxed. The professors are quite open to helping students succeed in their academics by being available anytime a student needs help. There are not judgemental attitudes here at UCSB everyone is here to learn. Teachers encourage students not to be afraid to ask questions and express their ideas. Students are also encouraged to think outside of the box and set their minds to think beyond what they believe they can do.


The community at UCSB is incredible. My favorite part about going here is my surroundings. Not only is the location prime(we're on the beach!), but all the people who attend are incredibly wonderful. It's such a fun atmosphere full of happy people. Everywhere you go there is a friendly face, and almost everyone is willing to be your friend. Even the professor's positive attitude is contagious, and it just enhances the who college experience.


The weather and location is perfect, and this leads to being more relaxed even when facing a great amount of schoolwork.


The best thing about the University of California, Santa Barbara is the atomosphere created by the faculty and professors, and grad students for the undergraduates that they teach. The faculty are almost always accomodating and want the best for the students they teach. The office hour help and tutoring go a long way, and for many majors, that extra help and support is vital.


The best thing about my school is that there is something for everyone. Yes, it's right by a beach, but if the beach isn't your thing you don't have to hang out there! I certainly don't. It's in Southern California, so it's pretty warm, but not too warm, and it still gets rain. People are really laid back here and pretty accepting of everyone. In love it.


UCSB was a great place to learn. The university had a great tone and feeling about it. Everyone was there to help each other and make it work for everyone. There was no competition or ill will towards anyone. I really liked that because it gave a fair, equal and less hostile playing field to achieve your educational goals.


I think the best thing about my school is the environment. It is a great place to relax and there are plenty of great places to study as well as have fun with friends. There are a variety of things one can do in the area, including hiking, swimming, shopping, and so much more. I think it has a great impact on the moods and stress levels of students.


I love my school academically but my favorite thing about it is the location. No one could live in Santa Barbara and not be in love with the setting.


I think the best thing about my school is the fact that there is a whole town/community of college students located directly next to campus. Sometimes it's nice to be surrounded by similar students.


The College of Creative Studies. It is a small college that allows you to take fewer GE's and have smaller classes. The beach and gym are also very nice.


UCSB is very diverse, it has a reputation of being a party school but its actually pretty hard. you have to study, a lot more than i expected to pass a class. its not just fun and games as it appers. all dorms are looking out the ocean so you have an ocean view, cafeteria is AMAZING! people (guys/girls) are gorgeous!!! there are a lot of frats and sororities, there is a little bit or everything to fit everyones needs.


I love that my school has many opportunities for people to get involved and still excel academically. My school really supports healthy living and does everything it can to ensure student happiness and success. We have hundreds of organizations, and there really is no reason to not get involved. I love our programs and the accessibility of the faculty here.


The best thing about UCSB is the location. With the Santa Ynez mountains to the east and views of the Pacific Ocean from the 8th floor of the library, it's hard to imagine going to school in a more beautiful place. Whether it's hiking or surfing, UCSB has it. I think the reason we're such an environmentally friendly school is because we are in such a beautiful environment, reminding students on a daily basis to protect what is around us.


One of the best things about this school is its location. It is located right next to the beach, so the weather is always beautiful, which makes the campus a perfect place to hang out or study. The academics at this school is also superior.


I think the best thing is the balance everyone seems to maintain between studying and socializing. we may play hard, but we work hard too.


The friendly environment makes it easy to adjust to college life. There is a perfect balance of social and academic life, which will help students succeed on multiple levels in the long run.


The best thing about UC Santa Barbara is the atmosphere. It is a very friendly, laid-back enviornment. But the school is also academic oriented. Students here never feel afraid to be different, smart, or diverse. It is a school that welcomes anyone, no matter what age, race, religion, or political views. I visited many colleges in high school, but i never felt as comfortable or as home as when i visited UCSB.


It is a very good environment surrounding it for studying. The school does not seem like it is dead but more and alive and makes it a comfortable place to be at! I love the beach by our school it calms my stress down from the homework load


The way the academic and socila go together easlity.


The researches available to the students when it comes to assistance with homework, test, paper and other assignments.