University of California-Santa Cruz Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


UC Santa is a relaxed yet academically intensive school that has a disverse population of students.


UC Santa Cruz is the university that can offer it all- gorgeous vistas, top teir research- and it does all this and still remains a down to earth, intellectual school, where students are encouraged to share their ideas and participate in research with university proffessors.


My school promotes a love of humanity and the world by its being surrounded by a forest, and by the good people that are part of the administration, student body, and staff.


Stunningly beautiful with some of the friendliest people I've ever met.


Where students discuss the complexities of the world through the lens of dedicated research and the company of nature's redwoods.


A milestone and stepping stone for growing and finding yourself as an individual before entering the real world.


UCSC is a beautiful place not only because where it is located but because of the people as well.


My school is very organic and natural; located in the middle of a forest and on the top of a hill.


Santa Cruz is a very open minded school that encourages student success through the relaxed, motivated atmosphere.


I think my school is diverse, has a very nice enviorment, and it is also very good academially.


My campus is not only gorgeous but very supportive.


Harmonious and very beautiful for a relaxing time to study and learn a lot of people and things.


UC Santa Cruz is the perfect place for someone to get to know who they really are and what kind of person they want to be in relation to the world around them.


UCSC is a very diverse, resectfull, and liberal school; in which there is many things for one to do, whether it is hanging out at the beach with friends or having a study group in the library, it is unique.


It has breath taking paths that lead you to the classrooms which are surrounded with tall green trees and all the students express themsleves in an individualistic manner, there is no pressure to pretend to be someone your not.


The most amazing campus you'll ever see! No exaggeration there! Nestled in the forest with views of the Pacific ocean you couldn't be happier with the views.


Santa Cruz is different.


University of California, Santa Cruz is a very liberal university with plenty of opportunities in almost every field of study engulfed by the gorgeous Redwood Forest.


The University of California-Santa Cruz provides an academically rewarding, well rounded education by exposing students to new methods of thinking and through the promotion of self exploration.


School almost feels like summer camp. You are surrounded by the outdoors but have a cute downtown & the beach just 5 minutes away. It's a very spread out campus with an ecclectic group of students. You can kind find every kind of person at UCSC, not just hippies and potheads. Groups are usually tight knit and people will know if you are a usual of that scene. But people are always very open and welcome if you make the first move. Greek life made my college experience at UCSC.


UC Santa Cruz is beautiful, has plenty of opportunities for new experiences, great professors and staff, and a relaxed and accepting atmosphere that makes me feel completely at home while making me grow and change in unexpected ways.


My school sits overlooking the Pacific in the thick of an emerald forest, a beautiful environment that fosters student harmony and social change.


Under funded school that could be great if it was more serious about academics.


An ideal school for open-minded, goal-oriented people who are adventurous and readily welcome new experiences, opportunites and ideas.


Santa Cruz is full of academic challenges in a wide variety of subjects from the arts to the sciences, and has not only something for every different kind of mind, but for every different kind of person; the beautiful trees throughout the campus let us interract with nature, and yet all the different organizations allow for differing social situations as well.


UC Santa Cruz is a combination of an impressive arts program, state of the art research facilities, and an ideal location, being nestled between the Santa Cruz mountains and California's coastline, producing one of the most diverse learning centres in our modern day.


UC Santa Cruz is very open to ideas and it is a hidden treasure within a rainy forest, deer, and raccoons.


My school is a diverse place with an amazing atmosphere. I love my surroundings and the people are always friendly. I do not feel that I am at school when I am in the university of california, santa cruz. That is the best part of my school having such a fresh and clean environmnet.


Santa Cruz is a beautiful campus that provides excellent amenities for students academically, athletically, and health-wise; but most importantly, students are free to express themselves however which way they want.


UC Sanat Cruz is very diverse and accepting of others.


This school is so environmentally focused that a few of the dining halls uses the campus grown organic vegetables as well as non wasteful utensils to further promote its message of "Save the environment."


This school has given me the opportunity to make life long friends and admire my teachers who want their students to succeed in life.


summer camp for college kids all year around.


The area and the video game design department. The land by itself is very pleasureably to the eye and several of the departments seem very competant.


The University of California, Santa Cruz is an environmentally conscious research university that places heavy focus on scientific study and academic excellence; it has a vibrant social community and an extremely varied academic curriculum.


Our school is a fun-loving, extremely liberal, environmentally-consious, academically-focused school with a massively diverse student body (many of whom are hippies walking around campus playing the guitar and singing to random folk). We are located in the middle of a redwood forest, 10 min. from the ocean, and 30 min. from the mountains. We have a museum on campus (not for art but for herpatology/ornithology, entymology). Our bus drivers are super friendly. Our mascot is a banana slug. You can't get any more awesome than that. We love to work hard and play even harder!


Santa Cruz is a fun liberal school that has a lot of history.


UCSC is very liberal and accepting of individuals.


UCSC has a beautiful, lush campus that makes walking to class enjoyable, and the students and faculty are in general pretty liberal yet very level-headed.


A fun, relaxed place to learn new ideas and learn how to apply new knowledge to life.


All day, every day, you will do what the situation has.


It's a school where there are a lot of friend people who are ready to meet new people.


A college in the woods where students have the opportunity to do top-notch academic work while still remaining involved in their communities.


Life with nature.


It's very woodsy, a lot of people party a lot. The town is small. I miss the big city.


very accepting of differences and adhering to students needs.


Very liberal and environmentally conscious; beautiful area.


This school can offer you so much if you work for it, and nothing if you expect nothning from it.


It is a beautiful, relaxing, comfortable, and open community where you can get a lot more than what you can expect.


Its very liberal