University of California-Santa Cruz Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Our school is best known for two things: 4/20 and banana slugs. 4/20 is a day for those who smoke weed to gather in an area on campus and all smoke together. Our school has been ranked number 1 for its weed smoking. Unfortunately, this tends to take away from the fact that there are students who are more focused on education, myself included, than on doing drugs as frequently as they do homework.


I do not have one yet, I am an incoming freshman. But I guess the first rain tradition sounds fun. When it pours the first time of every school year, students run naked on campus and then jump in the pool.


The University of California Santa Cruz is best known for heavy research contributions to science and engineering. Although the sciences are best known, the social sciences are equally important and have produced research that is recognized as being a part of highest academic calliber in the U.S. and abroad.


My school is best known for its excelling research in Biology, namely Marine Biology, and an exceptional Psychology department. My school is also known for being a "party" or "drug" school. And while there are quite a few drug users on campus, I have yet to see it take away from the seriousness of the academic environment, or the quality of my time at school.


Historically, the IUniversity of california at Santa Cruz has been well known for its environmental science program, although in recent years, the close working relationship UCSC has developed with Stanford has become much more known in the academic, research, and career fields. I am confident that these connections and the work I am doing at Stanford's CIBSR will serve me well in terms of getting into medical school, perhaps even at Stanford.


UC Santa Cruz is best known for its large campus and for its ability to accept people of every different orientation and mindset without judging.


Having a relaxed and welcomig environment.


Hippies. It resembles the very liberal laid back aspect of northern california. The diversity and different (often perceived as odd) lifestyle opens people up to all sorts of different "normals". The unique environment gently forces students to accept beliefs and lifestyles out of their ordinary.


My school is a reflection of what we are surrounded by. Our campus lies on the periphery of a redwood forest, on top of a mountain overlooking Monterey Bay. It is one of the most beautiful college campuses in the states. Add a vintage hippie culture and new indie influence from the youth and you'll soon understand the mind of a banana slug. UCSC is best known for it's free spirit, it's open mindedness and creativity. Our beautiful beaches and groovy people are all key for inspiration and discovery. Our motto: KEEP SANTA CRUZ WEIRD!


Being liberal, being 'out there,' and having a diverse range of people. Community Studies major, which is actually going to be shut down if something isn't done.