University of California-Santa Cruz Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The campus is beautiful; we are in a forest, and you can't go more than five minutes without being stunned by the veiw, whether it be of the ocean or of the redwoods. Also, it is a fantastic school; it is rated as the first schoold for research influence by Times Higher education just in 2014. Our astrophysics and computer engineering majors are amazing, and our humanities majors are fantastic as well. Also, the Bioengineering major has the most cutting edge concentrations in California, including Assistive Technology Cognitive/Perceptual, and Bioelectronics, and Biomolecular concentrations.


My professors and the reading material that was assigned. I have lent many of the books from class and love being able to bring something I learned in lecture to a conversation. It happens more often than not. I miss the campus a lot. It is beautiful with all of the redwoods and view of Santa Cruz.


I talk about the natural beauty of the campus, the adventures to be had downtown, and the awesome classes I've had. There's really something for everyone at UC Santa Cruz.


The location and beauty of the school.


The campus setting is in Santa Cruz. The campus itself is set in the beautiful forest of the huge redwoods. Less than 5 minutes away on bicycle are the magnificient beaches of Santa Cruz that include awesome surf spots, sun bathing sandy beaches, and dramatic cliff faces.


I met the best friends of my life at this school. Santa Cruz is the coolest place ever to go to school. It was close to everything, but far enough away to escape from big city life. And I mean, you're going to school in the forest, while the beach is 10 minutes away -- how could it get better?


the friendliness, liberal, acceptance of all


The ocean is amazing and can be seen from campus even some on campus housing units.


When I'm with my friends I mainly brag about my campus' easy going surrounding and how it changed my lifestyle with education. Though the campus limits biking and driving, it gives us(students) a feeling of being at ease and relaxation everytime we look around. Being around trees and the forest everyday puts peoples mental state, including mine, in a stressfree state because everywhere you look is beautiful and puts your thoughts in the right zone to get work done. I always feel less stressed out compared to friends at other campuses.


the beautiful campus and top notch faculty.


When I tell my friends about my school, I brag about the class sizes and personal attention we get. We have the best of both worlds; lecture classes with the professor that have anywhere from 150-300 students, and a corresponding ?section,? taught by a TA, with 20-40 students. Not only do almost every one of our professors give the lectures, but they establish office hours so that we can get one-on-one time. There is so much help, from professors, TA?s, and peers in section, that it is actually difficult to do poorly.


Santa Cruz is more than I could ever ask for. When my friends ask me what my favorite aspect of attending school at UC Santa Cruz is, a plethora of various characteristics run through my mind. The people are friendly, laid-back, and open minded, but my favorite part about being a student at UC Santa Cruz is the beautiful campus enviorment. I am surrounded by towering green trees, clad with a variety of different plants bordering the beautiful hiking trails, and all of this wonder is amidst a hilltop. I am truly blesssed to attend UC Santa Cruz.


I love the classes offered at my school. They have very interesting subjects and they all are very enjoyable.


When talking about my school to my friends, I inform them on how multicultural the campus is. The whole campus is split into ten different "colleges", each having its own image. There is something very beautiful and unique about the types of people that attend each college, which makes UC Santa Cruz have a variety of different people. Each college has its own stereotype, which isn't always true for every person, but is true regarding a big percentage of the whole college. It goes from computer geeks at Crown to hippies at Kresge to Asians at College Nine.


the location and the interesting classes.


how my campus is covered in redwoods and the professors wear hiking boot to lecture. perfect location plus theres a niche for everyone. i get to surf, mtn bike, and study rocks all in one place


I mostly brag about how beautiful it is. You can get lost in the redwoods while walking from one class to the next.


The beautiful view of the Pacific ocean in any time of the day is breath taking.


Nothing because there is very little to brag about and/or be proud of.


The trees


The campus scenery, the theatre department and the cool Linguistics program that I'm in.


We have the beach AND the forest!


I talk about the social life that my friends and I share here. I also them about how famous and renound some of the professors are that teach here.


The fact that its sunny most of the year. And that its so close to travel to San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland.


The scenery of the school is beautiful and the Jewish Studies Department is great. We also have the top astronomy and anthropology departments in the nation which is not very known. I had a lot of great professors but the few that stood out were the ones that were completely open to the students and available for their needs.


The focus on and quality of scientific research, and the location of the campus in the forrest.


The beach and forest.


how beautiful the environment is surrounding the classrooms.


It's the most beautiful place you'll ever live. And it's a top-rated research institution. There's more social activism here than you've ever seen, and you become very socially aware in a short period of time thanks to the core course all freshmen take. I can say I emerged from UCSC a better person than when I entered.


the mascot (banana slug) and beauty of the campus


I would brag about the scenery, the atmosphere, the newly renovated library, the nearby beach and boardwalk, and our nature-loving personality.


It's absolutely beautiful and I get to walk past deer and squirrels nearly every day!


We have some really wonderful communities. I've met people from all walks of life, so to speak, and expanded my horizons in every way.


that the lectures are big (like a movie theater), people are really friendly, i dont need to be car-dependent since the school has buses, the campus is really big, it is very nature-like, environmentally friendly and aware, the school has many trees and has clean/refreshing air, its near the beach, people are laid-back, many of the researchers are well-known.


The beautiful campus, and the fun social life.


The campus itself, calling it a school doesn't do it justice, its more like an educational nature-reserve.