University of California-Santa Cruz Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Everyone at UCSC smokes weed, doesn't shower, doesn't shave, etc. And that we don't have grades.


stereotypes are that we don't take education as seriously as other UC's.. That we smoke a lot of pot and do psychedelics.


Hippies, partiers, tree-huggers, etc


Few words can be used stereotypically to describe students at UCSC: hippies, stoners, free-loaders, vegans, environmentalists, feminists, and of course, tree huggers.


that drugs are extremely (overly) prevalent on campus. that it is very liberal.


Stoners, Protesters, Tree-Huggers


That we're all a bunch of liberal, pot-smoking hippies.


pot-heads, smelly hippies, left-wing pseudo-radicals,


That we are all stoners and that the school is not hard!


Some stereotypes about the school and its students are that we are a bunch of hippies living in the forest. Students are a bunch if potheads and that the school is like being at summer camp.


Generally, the stigma is that we're all dirty hippies.


that they are hippies who dont give a shit about anything but politics and weed


that they smoke pot.. and that they are hippys


It's considered a hippie school where kids live in trees, go to classes naked if they choose, and are entirely vegan.


Stoners. THE stereotype is that we are all pot heads. Also that we are all hippies and hug trees. and somehow this usually gives us a bad wrap.


Student's here are always stoned out of their minds, passed out drunk in the bushes, or all of the above.


We are all hippie pot smokers.


Party school, marijuana, students here are not as smart as those at other UC's


Hippies, stoners, super liberal


All a bunch of hippies who smoke a lot of weed


UCSC is stereotyped as a hippie school, and is said to be filled with drugs and alcohol. I have to say that the majority of this university is completely drug free and very school orienteted. People work very hard here, and the departments here are incredible. Some professors are known around the nation, and there is a diverse group of students here that are interesting, and you find yourself meeting people you would have never thought even existed.


That UCSC students are stoners, hippies, super liberal, and not incredibly studious. There are also individual stereotypes for each residential college on the campus.


The words "weed" and "hippies" are synonymous with UC Santa Cruz. Another stereotype is that the students party all the time and were too dumb to get into any another college, or came here for the express purpose of dropping acid and wandering through the woods.


Most people think about UCSC students as being druggies, punk rockers, or new-age hippies. When I tell people I go to Santa Cruz, they think I smoke a ton of weed or live in the forest and camp a lot. The most common stereotype is the stoner stereotype, because Santa Cruz does have a huge population of pot smokers.


I've heard often that people think UCSC students don't take their grades seriously - that everyone here smokes pot constantly, and everyone wants to be free-thinkers, and that everyone is a total hippie. And then there's the stereotypes within the different colleges - Porter college is for the hippie/druggie crowd, Crown is the nerd college, Merill is for LGBT kids, et cetera.


Really laid-back, "hippie" school. Pot smokers.


stereotypes: we are all stoner hippies that care about the environment and surf


Two words: Tree Hugger


The main stereotype is that all UCSC students ever do is participate in protests and get stoned.


Common stereotypes are potheads, partiers, hippies, protesters and white people.


A big stereotype is that we're all hippies and massive stoners, oh and also big party people. It is said that UCSC is like a city on the hill and is it's own little environment apart from Santa Cruz.


That all UCSC students are dirty hippies or surfers who walk around barefoot protesting the removal of trees and/or other environmental causes.


That we are all slacker pot-head hippies.


A bunch of liberal crazy hippy stoners


stoners, slackers, lazy, rich bros, white.


Its a party school. The academics are not very strong.


Stereotypes would definetley have to include the "hippie" stereotype, "pothead" stereotype, "party school"


Everyone thinks its a bunch of hippies who sit around and smoke weed all day and classes are a joke... well guess what, i thought that at first and did't want to come here until after the first week of class i opened my eyes. Classes were aready real serious, most of the people here were regular people, and most people had the same initial stereotypes when getting here.


UCSC is stereotyped as an artistic school that's not all that hard, full of burnt-out hippies. The stereotype is that the students are all potheads, druggies, artists and hippies. Supposedly we all have dreads, wear hemp clothing, and don't bathe.


Lots of Weed and active students.


spoiled rich white kids from LA, stoned 24/7, clueless, slackers


UCSC is known to have a lot of hippies and weed.


UCSC is for stoners, hippies, and slackers. I've heard it referred to as the "Chico of the UC system", which entails that it's a party school. The campus is considered one of the lower tier UC schools, alongside UC Riverside and UC Merced.


That this is purely a party school The idea that all UCSC students are students and laid back and stoners


Pot smoking hippies


That the school is bad, it does not prepare students. Some are the teachers/ staff are racist.


That it is a party school and that everyone is a tree hugging hippy that smokes a lot of pot.


That they are heavy drug users, far-left liberals, and unshowered.


Students here are supposed to be stoners and hippies.


don't shower, stoners, laidback, liberal, where all the rejects of other UCs go, college specific - lack of unity