University of California-Santa Cruz Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


That a lot of walking was going to be involve in getting around campus. As well as the fact that a lot of vegan options are on campus, but it is not only limited to Vegan food. It does get rainy and cold, so if you are from another place that is warmer be prepared for that.


That it's ok to not know exactly where you will be after you graduate and that plans change.


I wish I had known how each dorm was like before coming to this school, I am at Merrill dorms and the time spent here is quite stale due to a really small community in which the dorms are connected to and the lack of upperclassman that can talk about what the process of college is like.


Take things slow at first. They will speed up enough as the quarter system moves onward, so there is no need to increase any sense of rush that creates. Nonetheless, it is good to go outside your comfort level a little bit and check out a variety of organizations on campus. While the academic value of going to school here is obvious, it is important not to underestimate the value that becoming involved in a student group lends to your personal group. You may find that you derive more benefit from extracurricular involvement than the classes you take.


I wish I had done more looking into what it is costing me to attend this school.


I know that at every school, the diversity is through the roof but when I went to orientation last month, everyone I saw seemed like the laid-back, loose, and free-spirited kind of people. Not saying that I'm not but I tend to be a very buckled down kind of student so I hope that this place can help loosen up and not be so uptight like I tend to be.


I wish I knew about the lack of diversity. It was very akward but it made me work and hang out with people I wouldn't have in high school. At the same time the Greek Farturnities are majority Asian and White.


I wish I had known that this college truly did expect you to work on your own. Some of the professors are there for you, but really, you need to be able to stand on your own two feet. It took me a little too long to realize this and buckle down. Once I did, I did fine, but I never could get that F in Calculus off my record.


I wish i knew where it was located. That it feels like your living in a jungle.


College: Not just harder and more work than High School. Along with it comes independence, freedom, opportunities to discover myself, my genuine interests, what real friendships (based on similarities instead of coincidence) are, and my own potential. UC Santa Cruz: The perfect place for what I was looking for - me.


I wish I would have known what I was going to major in


All the trails and hidden beauties. Beautiful tres, paths, caves.....


I wish that I could have known how the dorms were going to be and how living in these dorms is. Even though you are away from home, you get adjusted to the dorm life fairly quickly and you start to call this place away from home your own home. Another thing I would have liked to know was more information on my intended major and how there are people that are willing to help you. I wanted to meet new people and people that are majoring in the same major that I am.


I wish I had known how often it rains, because I would have brought rain boots my first year here! I also wish I had known how fun and exciting dorm life can be if you are housed with the right people, that way I wouldn't have been so nervous when I moved in. Be outgoing and meet new people while you're here, you can make great friends for life!


Before i came to Santa Cruz I wish I had known that it was as hilly as it is. I also wish that I had know living with other people isn't as scary as some think.


I came to UCSC as a transfer student from the local community college. During the first quarter I struggled in one of my upper-division classes because I lacked the skills needed to produce a concise and accurate analytical research paper. Fortunately my professor was accessible and provided excellent guidance. I wish I had known the importance and skills of writing an analytical paper before entering UCSC. Basically I realized how essential clear and coherent written communication of my ideas are in succeeding; not only in a school environment, but in communicating in any life scenario.


How incredibly important it is to be the best you you can be when it comes to your studies. Nothing is more real than the reward you get out of being a great students. I don't simply mean good grades, I also mean recognition and scholarship.


Bring some warm clothes for winter quarter


I wish that I had known how hard it is to find housing and how ridiculous the city is about parking even when you are paying to live there. I also wish that I had spent non-summer time in the town so I could be prepared for how different it is there. Downtown is littered with kids who are by choice homeless. It get old really fast.


I wish i had known the difference between high school and college. I did not know that there was such a big difference. But in the end, I got used to living on campus and the life of a college student.


Personally, I wish that I knew and understood the culture at UCSC better before going there. I only knew that the campus was beautiful. Once I got there I realized that my ideals were not in sync with UCSC. I was more of a straight-edge science-minded student while it seemed as though most others there were free-spirited liberal-elitists. Needless to say, I had some interesting experiences interacting with my peers at UCSC - overall the experience was very interesting.


How to manage my time better


I wish I had known how different it is compared to back home. I am originally from an area where diversity is not a problem, but on the campus of UC Santa Cruz, diversity becomes a struggle when groups try to find support and solidarity.


I wish I had known that UC Santa Cruz was a very friendly and liberal place. I kept quiet during the first quarter and was really shy that some people would not like my view points. However, that was not the case. I felt like I fit right in when talking about certain controversial issues. No one disliked me for my viewpoints.


I wish i had known that there was no frat life here and that it was a totally environmental friendly town.


how rigorous and hard it would be. Also, how that so many people are on campus. It seems crowded. Also, how horrible the housing staff is.


Keep an open mind. Santa Cruz will teach you as much as you let it. It can be a strange enviroment at first. It is very different from the typical college town.The school and town are best described as laid back. Your peers want to be your friends and your professors want to help you learn. Its up to you to give them the chance.


I wish I had a better idea of what classes were good and what professors were good, then I may have re-evaluated the way i approached my subjects of study. Also, don't go to college with a girlfriend! I would have liked to meet a real, not-lame student from the university before attending and talked to him/her about their experiences.


Nothing, the university sent a lot of information via mail.


If you're NOT weird, you probably don't belong there.


I wish I would have known how many students there really are on campus. Getting on campus housing after your second year is impossible, and while I managed to find a place to live off campus, I know quite a few people that didn't.


Coming from southern California the weather in Santa Cruz was a shock. It gets much colder up here, and rain boots are a necessity. In the winter it rains and is chilly outside for three months straight. Also, the people here are very friendly, and I expect you can attribute that to the tremendous use of marijuana amongst the students and community. I did not expect this drug usage to be such an influence, so if you cannot stand smoking this is not the school for you.


Freshmen and Sophmore's are abosultely not allowed to have cars on campus. You cannot even get a day permit unless you are an upperclassman. Registrar can be a typical, bureaucratic mess. Be prepared to be firm if they do not help you right away.


no club sport teams


to get more involved in order to meet people.


I wish I had known that it is best to get as involved as possible on campus. College went by very fast and it was only towards the end of my college years that I started signing up for extra-curricular activities. There is a lot to do at UC Santa Cruz and the four years went by very quickly.


How to write essays for college. AP English doesn't mean anything when you're writing for college.


I knew all I needed to know, which wasn't much - but it was enough.


I wish i would have known that it has such a strong liberal agenda, and is not very accepting of conservative views