University of Central Arkansas Top Questions

Describe how University of Central Arkansas looks to someone who's never seen it.


Ehere you can acheive your goals, without feeling like a waste of time.


The University of Central Arkansas is one of the most beautiful college campuses I have ever seen.


The University of Central Arkansas is my saving grace.


The University of Central Arkansas is a multicultural splash of diversity in a quaint but modern Arkansan city, a place of comfort where you are still taught the importance of getting out of your comfort zone, one of the few quality Arkansas universities that offers a variety of programs, an open-minded, innovative stronghold that always seeks for improvement for the sake of its students, a community that challenges, nurtures, prepares, entertains, and teaches all at once.


This Campus is truly beautiful. There are so many people on campus to take care of the buildings, plants, holiday decoration, and much more. When i first got here all the plants were so alive and the tall brick buildings are well kept and have large columns. We have a fountain that provides a nice place to study and a key role in Christmas decorations. During the holiday season it is lit with purple and white Christmas lights. The landscaping is beautiful with many types of flowers, grasses, and trees. When walking through campus it almost feels like your at a park. There is always wildlife on campus, I probably see at least one squirrel everyday, and some days i see many. This campus is well established and I love that even though it's in a large urban area it still has a rural feel to it!


Whenever I walk around campus I can't help but notice how pretty it is. We have huge pretty brick buildings with nice columns, lots of well taken care of plants around, and nice places to hang out like the fountain. I like the way the classes are generally in one area, and res halls in another--with a few exceptions. It makes walking around and enjoying the atmosphere easier.


It is great.


My school is one of the greatest schools to atted and I think others should consider it as one of their college choices.


UCA is the place where you can become anyone you want to be, both personally and professionally.


My school has a huge sense of campus pride and strong sense of community and support throughout the faculty/staff and student populations.