University of Central Arkansas Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


Living on campus is a great experience because of the social atmosphere, but the facilities are not five star. I live in Carmichael, an all girls dorm, so there is a lot of drama. But the worst part is the community bathrooms, some girls are really gross and keep the bathrooms disgustingly dirty, the maid that cleans it everyday is off on the weekends so the bathroom becomes a pig sty! Last year a girl in this building had a miscarriage and left it in the toilet and on the bathroom floor for someone else to find. The rooms are pretty small but you have the option to bunk beds giving you much more room. When choosing an apartment know that off campus apartments can sometimes be cheaper than "on campus" apartments and be the same distance from the main campus, the main difference is UCA's ownership of the apartments and the transportation to main campus is through shuttle for apartments such as Bear Village.


I am living in a residence hall, the only all girl freshman res hall. It's okay. I have enough space for the moment. The biggest res halls on campus are Bernard...but if you are a girl be wary because they don't have much space to put things, and plus a lot of people want Bernard and even if you submit your application early and it's your first choice you still may not get Bernard.