University of Central Arkansas Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.

Susan Elizabeth

A majority of students I see at school are achievers who know what they came to UCA for and what they want to leave with. There are a few students who don't know yet what they want, but will figure out.


One of my favorite aspects of the college experience, is getting he change to meet so many diverse people.


Haven't met any classmates yet.


There are all age ranges, sexes, and diverse groups of religious orrientation and culture.


A lot of the students here are laid back, especially at 9 am! This campus has few problems based on race, ethnicity, religiosity, or sexual orientation. It seems that anyone from any background would fit in at UCA, our campus is like a huge melting pot. Most students do wear jeans and t-shirts, but there are a few who choose more comfort and wear PJ's or leggings and no one really comments on it as long as its not to scandalous. Almost anyone can be approached here and for my first three weeks of school I literally just sat down with strangers and had a conversation. This is the most expensive public University in Arkansas based on tuition so you need to be rich or on scholarship! There are many groups to join to be active in the community or with political affiliations. For instance there is the Young Democrats who meet around once a month. Many people are enthusiastic about their majors but few brag too much about how much better their major is than yours. Everyone is willing to tell you about their major if you need some help deciding on a career.


You will meet a ton of different people here at UCA! I love to meet new people so if you do you will see a lot of different people of different states, countries, races, religions, likes/dislikes. You will see people who believe things different from you, but that is with any college. A lot of students are from Arkansas, but we have students from all over the US and in different countries here. Most students were comfortable clothes to class (although I am usually a little dressy-casual) Most students just wear whatever makes them happy that day.


My classmates are enjoying soaking up the vast knowledge they're obtaining at UCA, yet are eager to get out in the world and use that knowledge to make a difference.


My classmates seem to be very focused on their performance in class and participate regularly in discussions.


There are guys and girls, big and small, but we all share the same dream - we are here to get an education, to better ourselves so we can go out and make a difference in our community.


My classmates are diverse.


In my art classes I am surrounded by Artistic, free thinkers, in my education classes, my classmates are caring and committed to education and learning all they can to be effective teachers..


In high school, my classmates were all happy go lucky and carefree. There was a handful that wanted to go to college and we did. Did we try are hardest? No... Were we excited about partying? yes. Having been in college right out of high school, getting a 2 year degree, going to work in the corporate world for 7 years, starting a family, losing my job, and now starting back to college at the age of 30 to do what I finally want to do, I would give anything to go back in time.


the student body at UCA is professional, fun, energetic, filled with school spirit, accepting, propelling, encouraging, illuminating, and empathetic.


My classmates are open-minded and friendly, often willing to help when it is required.


My classmates in general are great. They will help you if you ask for it. It may be intimidating at first to talk to new classmates, but it's great to get acquainted with them and you may find a friend or two in the crowd.


My classmates are very diverse, opinionated, and friendly; they're pretty laid back people, but they get their schoolwork done.


There are usually several slackers, a few that try hard and therefore make decent grades. There is usually one person who knows more than anyone else, and there's also usually someone who doesn't seem to know anything.


fun talkative silly but learning


Most students are very quiet and attentive in the classroom, but also are involved with discussions and debates.


My classmates have been similar to the classmates i had in high school; some work hard, some goof off, some are shy, some ask a lot of questions, etc.


My classmates are very friendly and willing to help out as much as possible.


UCA students are creative and genuinely compassionate, with a drive and focus rarely seen in people our age.


The majority of the people that I have class with are good students who show up to class each day, take good notes, and are supportive of other students if they need help.


The student body is very very large. We are getting close to being the most populated school in Arkansas. There are many races at my school which is amazing. I enjoy getting to talk with other people from different cultures and backgrounds. Clothing is very open at UCA. You will see many students wearing pajamas to morning classes. Our gym is very popular. Many students will wear their work out clothes all day to hit the gym whenever they have free time. There are many students who come from rich families as well as many who come from poor. Politically, this school has amazed me. During our last election there was a huge uproar over the McCain vs Obama debate. I thought this was amazing and in a way, it helped us connect with one another.


disintrested in class, angry when other students ask questions, generally only wanting a slip of paper, not to actually learn


My classmates are pretty average. You can expect to find at least one-third of the class to be involved with some Frat or Sorority, so if you aren't in a greek organization, you're pretty much branded as a loser. Most of the student at UCA, a good 67{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}, are more worried about what fraternity or sorority they will get in than what their gpa will be at the end of the semester.


My classmates have always been helpful and friendly. Usually the teachers assign groups and so students get to know eachother and are able to work together.