University of Central Arkansas Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


University of Central Arkansas is known for it its superb nursing department and health education.


Perhaps the new purple and gray field over the football field? Not exactly economically smart, I would say.


My school has several aspects that make it a popular choice among Arkansas students, as well as those out-of-state and abroad. It has one of the leading southern U.S. medical programs. It is the only university in the state that offers Linguistics as a major. Its sports teams are well-trained and highly competitive. The buildings are often renovated to enable more room for prospective students. Nearly every other year there is a new area of study being added. Just last semester a committee was established to create a TESOL minor and Korean as a language option.


We are best known for our marching band and out Football team. Our Band is awesome and our football team is often the best in our confrence.


Our school is know for our Occupational Therapy program. It is the only professional level-occupational therapy educational program in the state of Arkansas. They not only given assiatance to UCA students but they also give assitance to residents of the entire region and state. UCA is the second only to University Arkansas of Medical Sciences campuse in the number of majors in health-related fields. We are also known for for having one of the highest graduration rate in Arkansas.


UCA is best known for it's physical therapy (PT) progam. UCA was the first university in the state to offer PT and has been graduating PT majors since 1972. It is a very competitive program that offers a PhD in physical therapy that takes seven years to complete. Many students from around the country attend UCA because of it's impressive PT program.


The University of Central Arkansas is probably best known for it's atmosphere. It's just a great place to meet people. There is a student center courtyard in the middle of campus that hosts several events during the week. You can participate in the activities or just enjoy it. Many people come by and just sit in the courtyard.


Unfortunately, lately UCA has become well-known for the tradgedies there. We had a suicide, a drive-by shooting, and a peeping tom on campus. We are trying to improve the image of UCA, but because all of these incidents have ended up on the news, damaging the image of UCA even though it is a good school.


Physical Theraphy graduate program


Go Bears! Our college has won the Southland conference seven times in a row now! We have a great football team, and sitting in the crowd during the game, on the student side, is amazing! every game students go all out, painting their bodies, guys only, girls just our faces. we had a big cannon that went off for every touchdown, but old neighbors complained so now we cannot use it anymore. If someone chose to live by a college they should know its going to be loud! It's comon since right!


The buisness program. the Nursing Program. the growth in the past 5 years. used to be the arkansas 1st teacher's college. scholarships awarded and grauation rate (highest in state current)


I think our school is best know for it academics. It is a great education for a comparitvly low price.


Our school is best known for our academics and athletes. Teachers are exceptional as well.


The fooball team, mascot and colors.


Certain programs are only offered at UCA, like the OT program. We're also known for being the UCA Bears.


UCA is best known for being the only "middle sized" school in Arkansas and also for giving away a lot of scholarships. It's education and physical therapy programs are also very well known.


I would probably say that my school is best known for its diversity and also the number of sororities and fraternities available. Unfortunately, if you're considering going Greek, this would be the place for you.


UCA is known for its recent growth spurt. The college enrollment has soared over the past 5 years. Our sports status is also rising. We are also known for quality scholarships and our teaching department.


UCA is best known for it's quailty of education it provides to students in Arkansas.


Well, my school is best known for being the center of learning. Academics are very important but are balanced out well with other activities.