University of Central Arkansas Top Questions

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My undergraduate school really strived to help students adjust to college, keep them safe, and to create a good environment for them to learn in. I had many great research opportunities and got to attend several conferences, even out of state. My professers were wonderful and always happy to help out.


Not unique


The way the campus is designed and the buildings that make it what it is.


I really love UCA. There are a lot of amazing people on campus, and if you are looking for a great four year public university you should consider applying to UCA. It's a great place for education, I feel challenged in all of my classes. I really like going to UCA.


You should apply...just saying.


There is alot of school spirit circulating all around campus. Many groups are dedicated to the success and safety of fellow students as well.


You can get to know your entire faculty.


UCA is school you can be proud of attending. It is constantly growing and gaining more public acknowledgement for its many acheivements. The professors are extremely helpful and the students friendly. The town has everything you need entertainment wise and there are purple bears (the mascot) everywhere you go in Conway. The school spirit has spread to all of the local residents and businesses. The football games are fun for those who aren't even sports fans. The campus is gorgeous and the food is good.


The University of Central Arkansas is unique in that it is very diverse in cultures and backgrounds. This allows each student to interact with someone that is not of the same background as the other and hopefully learn new something along the way. Another unique feature about UCA is the school spirit. Everyone here is very dedicated and proud to be a UCA Bear!!


My school offers several varities of social clubs/organizations and offers many different majors.


My school is very open to homosexuality. They have coming out day and different programs for homosexual people.


It seemed more personable than Fayetteville, but I felt like I could do more with my degree than I would from a smaller college.


The University of Central Arkansas is the prettiest campus in Arkansas, to me. I just love walking through the campus and stopping to sit on a bench for a little while.


We have an excellent Workout Facility.


The university of central arkansas has an amazing physical therapy program that allows a student to go from start ot finish with a PhD


It's one of only two schools in the state that offers the programs I'm interested in - Kinesiology. It's a quickly growing school that is starting to get recognition nationwide for it's academics.


While it is a small school, it has a 'big' atmosphere in the sense that there is so much to do . Basically it keeps the small feel no matter how big it gets.


Overall I am very pleased with UCA. It is a great campus, great professors, and a great place to meet new people. Though with our economy the prices are going up for tuition, it's still worth the try to get in. Go Bears!


It is the perfect size. the classes are relatively small but there is a broad diversity and lots of different opportunities for activities at my school


The people.


The campus is just the right size for me (about 12,000 students). This means the classrooms are smaller with less students, so students get more attention from their professors. Personally, I'm in the nursing school here, which is very tough. The material and workload is very rigorous, but the professors are very helpful and offer any help needed.


UCA had the best staff for the size it is. I'm in the Honours College here, and we have small classes with expert teachers who take a personal interest in our education and our lives. It's great having people who care about you to work with here. We have the academic draw of a large school with the staff/class size of a small school. It's the perfect balance.

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