University of Central Arkansas Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


the worst thing about my school and just schools in general are the wait time to have everything processed and knowing where to go and the right questions to ask. everytime i go to the college i like to have all my questions ready and papers already prepared because there is nothing worse than going to the university and having to make more trips because something was not done right whether thats on you or the staff.


The worst thing about my school, is that I have to have a certain ACT score to get the scholarship the school gives to students. You must have a 23 on the ACT, and a 3.2 cumulative G.P.A. I had a 21 on the ACT and a 3.6 cumulative G.P.A. The ACT score wasn't a good reflextion of my skills because I a m a poor test taker: I've taken five AP tests and failed all of them. The multiple choice part was difficult for me and I was good at writing.


The worst thing about my school is that even though i love it's size, sometimes it's too big in the sense i don't always know about all the activities that are going on across campus that are free events set up for the students.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of interdisciplinary interaction. I would love to see the different departments and "majors" at the university collaborating and working on projects together. Ideas should not be confined to a "building" or department, and I believe more sharing and interaction between disciplines could bring about great things for the university, community, and world.


The worst, and perhaps best thing, about UCA is probably the emphasis on fraternity and sorority life. There is little to do for those of us who choose not to be invovled in those kind of social clubs. The strong emphasis and prospering greek life is really great, and, from what I can tell, a great way for those with the fiscal resources to reach out and meet new people. However, this leaves the rest of the student population without many choices to expand their social circles, form study groups, and create meaningful connections with one another.


One thing that I would consider being the worst thing about my school is the social parties (although they are not affiliated with the campus itself) many people choose to not go to the University of Central Arkansas because they think of it as a party school. In actuality, the University of Central Arkansas is not a party school, it is all about the people and who they choose to associate with.


For my major, it was difficult for me to find out the exact requirements. It wasn't clear from the online degree requirements page, what was needed for a B.F.A. as oppossed to a B.A. and the confusion made it hard to plan my semester schedules accordingly. I am further behind in my program than I would have been if the online resources had been clearer.


The worst thing about the school is that when the college email goes down for students, faculty can still check their email and post things. Since the faculty member could access the website, but the student could not, it creates tension about assignments.


When you want to get into a club, it's difficult to get in touch with the right person. A lot of times the administration doesn't even know who is over what club or any information about it. (i.e. where they meet, what time, what days, etc.) I would appreciate a list of clubs, because many of the student run organizations are not mentioned anywhere and they're basically promoted by word of mouth. I know there are several clubs you can join; you just have to find them.


The thing I consider to be the worst at my school are the lack of food choices because I get tired of eating the same kinds of food every day.


The only thing i can think of that I really don't like is that some of the technology seems to be lacking. For example, the computers in the library are very slow, and on most days there will be at least two of them not working. That gets pretty frustrating when you have a paper due and need to use the computers in the library to work on them. We also have an Academic Success Center, which is like a study hall, but the computers there are just as slow as the ones in the library.


University of Central Arkansa is an all around good school. This is my second semester and i have really enjoyed my experience here. We have awesome professors. They make you feel very comfortable in the class room and they also make sure they are always in their office to help in every possible way. The things i just hate are very minor. For example, the Residental dorm I live in fire alarms are very sensitive so they go off all times of the day and night.


The worst thing about UCA is that there are not enough resourses. As a result of bad management by our former president of the university, the classrooms struggle. In some of my classes the teachers require the students to print off their own handouts for the curriculum, this is a result of UCA's insufficient funds for paper. UCA also has metered parking, which I highly disagree with because there is not enough parking at the school for all the students anyways. These are all of my dislikes about UCA, overall I attend a very good university.


The worst thing about UCA is the technology department. Their equpiment is outdated and is not reliable, therefore causing our wireless network to be unpredictable.


My school recently had to cut back funding in a lot of areas, especially in grants and scholarships. The amount of full-rides available to students has been cut significantly. Money to travel abroad is now very limited. Many students rely on scholarships in order to complete their education; therefore, with this cut in funds, there will be students that won't be able to obtain a degree or will go in to debt in doing so.


The worst thing about UCA is that it is hard for students to get involved. There are plenty of opportunities, but they are not always advertised well and personally, there are still many organizations that I just do not know anything about! Living in the residential dorms and joining a sorority has helped me to become more involved. However, I think it is still somewhat difficult to become involved on campus, especially as a freshman.


Overall the University of Central Arkansas is a great place to live and study. In my opinion there is really no bad thing about the college, but one of the few negatives is some of the rules the Housing department places upon students whos roommate moves out. I understand the reasoning behind some of the rules, but for example not being able to bunk the beds is an inconvience. In my situtation I would like to use the limited space in my drom room wisely and not being able to bunk the beds in a little annoying.


The money scandal that happened the 2008-2009 school year with school president, Lu Hardin.


There is honestly not very many bad things to say about UCA, but if i had to choose then parking would be the worst thing. For over 10,000 students there is very little parking on campus. Parking is not that bad if you live on campus, but for those who live off campus it is very hectic. Off campus students can only park in certain places which fill up very fast. Many students have to leave very early to find a parking spot and are often late to class because of this growing problem.


I'd probably say that the worst thing about UCA is that the declining cash balance on your meal plan card in non eat as much as you can!


The worst thing would probably have to be the required courses. Some courses that we have to take should not be required and when transferring to another school will not transfer.


The worst thing about the University of Central Arkansas is the availability of parking. There is always some type of construction going on that takes away another parking lot. There is a very limited amount of parking spots and sometimes it is hard to find one.


Liberal political views.


The worst thing about UCA is that it leans far toward an aesthetically beautiful school than to a more useful one. For example, during my freshman year, a six million dollar fountain was built to 'beautify' a portion of the campus. There is now a dorm that has be fenced off because it is too delapidated to move anyone into. They need to get their priorities straight: students matter more than pretty things.


The book stores have extremely high prices for the books required for classes. And then they only give you not even half of the money you paid back for them, when you, in a lot of classes didn't need the book but for maybe five times the whole semester! It's extortion, and i think it needs to stop!


The fact that we are in financial debt and we are spending money on things we don't need.


The only thing that I dont like that my school does is making you take courses all over again that you took in high school. Most of that stuff is fresh on my mind so why take it again in college. I know that University of Central Arkansas are not the only ones that have this but i believe that having to take these classes slows you down for what you are wanting to accomplish if your trying to get out of school on time or early. Maybe take some of the basics: biology, chemistry, and a math thats it.


Nothing really except for maybe the parking situtaion, there isn't quite enough at the moment.


The lack of things to do off campus.


It is absolutely too big and we are continuing to grow by allowing students who should not get in to this school get in. UCA has been progressively accepting students who are not up to the previous set guidelines based on acedemics. There is no parking, the halls, classrooms, and food courts are so crowded they are almost unusable.


The new medical clinic they just built. Everytime i go in there, it's always understaffed or closed. It doesn't make sense to spend a million dollars on a medical building we desperately need only to have it partially functional. Step it up, UCA, step it up.


The worst thing I can think of personally is the parking situation. The school has done a good job at making our campus more pedestrian friendly, but it has limited the amount of parking on campus. This causes students that do not live on campus to either walk or take a shuttle if they arnt able to find parking on campus.

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