University of Central Arkansas Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about University of Central Arkansas?


I tell people that the campus, and staff are wonderful,


I brag about only having written exams this semester. I have Introduction to Fiction; Language, Culture, and Society; and Comp. My friends are all studying for their math classes (I tested out), or film, or something like that. Next semester I have math, biology, history, writing and communication, but while I have it easy, I'm going to brag about it- just not going to take it too far, like teasing my friend about having to take College Algeba, when I just have to take Quantitative Literacy.


I always tell them how efficient their financial aid and teachers are. I also love the fun atmosphere and the variety of choices on campus from food to the classes.


One thing that I brag about most when I tell my friends about my school is the professors and instructors. Unlike, many other colleges that I have heard about in Arkansas, the University of Central Arkansas is a college that is focused on two things, education and succeeding in life.


The program my major in is tailored to give students the experience they need to help them succeed. There is a sophomore major advancement interview to weed out the students that don't care or don't have what it takes and an intership is required for my degree. It's a good program.


I love the feeling of home that I get when I am here. The staff and faculty are extremely welcoming and kind. Everyone treats you like they have known you for years, and they make sure to make you feel right at home.


I met some of the most wonderful people there. Part of this is to do the fact that UCA attracts a large number of international students.


My school has stood strong through many generations, and even many different names. It has the comfort and community of a small town, but educational opportunities that can rival big city colleges. We have great professors in a large variety of majors and minors, great sports teams, strong religious clubs throughout the campus, and many other clubs and groups to fulfill almost any interest.


I brag about the research that I do and student ministry group that I am in. This University allows undergrads to do serious scientific research and Chi Alpha is the thrid largest of its kind in the nation.


I brag about the Physical Therapy Program at our school that I hope to one day be accepted into.