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What is the stereotype of students at University of Central Arkansas? Is this stereotype accurate?

Susan Elizabeth

The stereotype of students at school is diverse, so I don't know how to answer this. This is part of UCA's mission statement: "We actively pursue and seek to retain a diversified student body, faculty, and staff. We seek to enhance interaction and understanding among diverse groups and cultivate enriched learning opportunities in a global community."


Commuters, Greeks, Asians


There is a huge stereotype that UCA is a party school! The only parties here that are worth going to are parties at Hendrix College. UCA is more about academics than most people believe. There are many amazing Sororities and Fraternities here but their parties aren't exactly for those who just want to "have a good time" at college, UCA is a lot of fun don't get me wrong but if you want in just because of the fun you think you can have UCA may not be the school for you!


I mean, there are parties and I've seen them advertised, but UCA isn't really a party school. Most of the kids in Conway go to Hendrix to party not UCA. And in my opinion a party school is only a party school if you make it that way.