University of Central Arkansas Top Questions

What kind of person should attend University of Central Arkansas?


People who have morals, and goals,


The University of Central Arkansas is ideal for a student that wants a well-rounded education; in addition to the rigorous courses of one's major field, the university offers a thorough general education compenent. It offers the practical student a stimulating and engaging education for a great price.


I feel that the University of Central Arkansas is the place for anyone who is comfortable enough to call this place home. I will say it's nothing like you would ex[ect. I've have many good and bad times here on campus. The home of University of Central Arkansas is definitely what you make it.


At the University of Central Arkansas, all kinds of people are welcome. It doesnt matter what color you are as long as your bleed purple! Go bears!


any person that is persuing a 4 year degree. uca is located right in the middle of arkansas, so the location is good for arkansas and surrounding states.the campus is big enough for thousands of students but small enough to get to know professors and other students with different interest and backgrounds. the dorm life at uca is great for meeting lifelong friends study access.uca offers ranging degree oportunities and i love being a uca bear.


People that attend Universtiy of Central Arkansas should be hardworking, determined and have the goal of acheiving their best in their classes. Although some general eduation classes are easy, most classes are challenging and ready to make students think out of their normal box that they put their selves in daily. People that come to this universtiy should also be able to handle change because something changes daily here; whether its the University's websites, construction on campus, and most deffinetly the weather. People who are looking for a great education and experience should come to University of Central Arkansas.


This campus has a variety of students and groups which means anyone can attend and will feel right at home.


anyone whom is open-minded and v ery focused towards their long-term life goals would feel extremely comfortable and wecomed at this school. In order to excell at UCA and be an integral part of the community students have to be very driven in their studies, earn their grades and utilize campus opportunities.


A person who wants a great education beyond high school.


To attend The University of Central Arkansas a person should be independent.