University of Central Arkansas Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend University of Central Arkansas?


Unhappy people!


If you just want to party, don't attend this school.


Someone who doesn't like working hard. This is not a school where you can just do the minimum to get by. You have to actually work, attend class, and study. Something I am still learning how to do. This can be a challenging place academically but because of that, it has made me a better student.


Anybody could attend this school. There are students from all over the world as well as local students, and everyone tends to get along fine. The campus is safe and friendly for its students, and the faculty are always very helpful.


Someone who does not have school spirit, and does not like to be involved in campus activities shouldn't attend UCA. The school is centered around participation and school spirit, and the people who do not enjoy that type of activity will probably not be very involved students.


Any student looking for a college large enough to organize exciting social events and host concerts/plays, and also are looking for a college small enough to feel like one can make a difference, UCA is the right place for them.


One who wants to push himself academically, and challenge himself to learn might want to seek out another school. Of course this varies within departement and is dependant on professors and the student's approach, but overall there is an overwhelming attitude of "let's-get-her-done" rather than "I'm here to develope myself." Students with an attitude discribed by the latter statement should pursue higher academic standards.


Someone that is used to a big city.


After experiencing other 2-year and 4-year schools around the state, I believe UCA is truly a place for everyone. The atmosphere is very laid back, yet intensely knowledge-penetrating. Some students dress up for class while others show up in their pajamas. The professors don't care what you look like as long as you're learning. Although it's the largest school I've attended, UCA is also the most down-to-earth college I've been a part of. I truly believe anyone would feel right at home here.


In my opinion some one who is narrow minded or is easily persuaded should not attend the University of Central Arkansas or for that matter any university. On a college campus a person is faced with many different views on society and if that person is narrow minded then they are not going to grow or experince life. Additionally, if a person is easily persuaded then they are not going to become an individual with their own opinions and beliefs.