University of Central Arkansas Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


UCA is known for diversity and integrity, and I think that is most important. I've learned to communicate with all types of people and to be responsible for my future.


I love the students and staff. They are very caring and try to help you succeed in every way possible. I love how green the grass is during summer and how the temp in the class rooms are just perfect.


The professor's dedication to their students.


The best thing about the University of Central Arkansas are the students and the professors. There is a vast difference of ideas on campus and the students and professors all adress them equally in a calm debate. I have never felt left out or alone while here. While we all may have seperate views, we can all work in groups dispite our differences. Their is always someone here to make you feel welcome and at home.


The students


The best thing about my school at this moment is the simple fact that, no matter what the issue is, you can walk down the hall from your dorm and there is going to be at least three other people that are experiencing the exact same issue. Similarly, I love it that anyone on campus is willing to help you out with whatever you need help with; sometimes people will just stand up and offer you help instead of actually waiting for you to ask them for it. It made surviving my first year in college so much easier!


University of Central Arkansas is the most unique, I think, because of the family atmosphere around campus. I always seem to see someone I know around campus even though we have thousands of students. Everyone is always really friendly and helpful, and I think that is a unique thing about UCA.


Teacher ratios. it helps the students


The best thing about UCA is that all of the professors really seem to care and want us to do well in their classes. All of my teachers have been very helpful, and unlike high school, I actually look forward to going to my classes here. The teachers are usually willing to meet students outside of class if we need help, and if we don't understand something they do their best to help make it more clear. The professors also encourage us to go to specific departments if we need to, like the Writing Center or Math Lab.


it is a 4 year college that has a good long standing reputation in arkansas. several of my high school teachers received a degree from uca. it is centrally located in arkansas .


The smaller classes it is a good inbetween of a big and a small school.


The interaction among students. You don't really have to be Greek to attend parties even though it definitely helps. Everyone generally gets along and tries to help each other out in the classroom.


I love the faculty at UCA. The teachers want to help you get good grades and have an interest in their subject. One of my teachers went out of her way to get me into an upper-level class a year early and two others wrote recommendations letters for me to get scholarships. They keep their office hours so they are available to talk to and they respond to e-mails right away. The faculty is full of friendly people who know a lot about their subject.


the best thing about my school is the people along with the school spirt. its always easy to make friends and have a good time at the games!


I really enjoy the school spirit and the football games. Kris Allen, winner of American Idol went here and the whole school rallied behind him and supported him.


I believe that the best thing about UCA is that it is a very academically focused enviroment. While there is plenty to do when you need a break from studying and class, the main focus is always learning. It is really encouraging that many of the professors really want to help you and care about your ability to understand their class and do well. They won't hold your hand and do the work for you, but they gladly answer any questions they can if you go to them and ask.


The best thing about my school are the classes and campus life. I love going to class, and i love the environment we have on campus.


I love the new and different people i get to meet all the time. It really broadens my horizons and helps me to think outside the box.


The smaller class sizes.


The poeple are the best. I have had some awesome professors that have really gone out of their way to help. I have friends from every race, ethnic group and socioeconmic group. they all get along and are great. This school has provided me with tons of ways to get involved and feel like I am an active part of the school. I love UCA!


The courses provided


The class sizes, the availability of professors and the undergraduate research.


The University of Central Arkansas offers exceptional learinging opportunities close to home.


I love the people at this school because they are for the most part very nice and helpful in the best possible way.


I would have to say that the best thing about my school is the enviornment. UCA is full of caring people who seem to have fun and get along very well. There is help whenever needed, and there is always something interesting happening on campus.


It is inexpenisve which is what allows me to attend, I also enjoy the art program.