University of Central Florida Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


UCF is a fun, success-driven school rich in resources available to help students where you have to make sure you stay focused and work hard in order to succeed.


The University of Central Florida is a growing leader in research and higher education across the nation.


My school is a huge group of individuals with thousands of different ideas, that come together to learn, grow and prepare for life after college, we are all different but together we are knights.


The institution I attend is not just for learning from books but about learning from life.


The University of Central Florida is a great choice for prospective students because as a transient student enrolled at two other colleges, I can definitely appreciate the time that this school takes into ensuring that every student gets all the help and tools needed to succeed as provided by friendly faculty and staff that are ready to assist you in the circumstance that you encounter any obstacles in your path.


All the benefits of going to a big university in a big city, with the location and beauty of being at a small town college! Go knights!


ucf is efficient, effective and challenging in its teaching methods and in which it offers diversity, direction and aid to all of its students. The care and consideration it takes in guiding its students in their path for their future direction and goals it recognizable. I feel that after researching the large in state florida colleges that UCF had the most to offer, not only in education but also in financial aid, scholarships, and transitioning new students into this humongous campus. It had alot to offer, and makes learning possible for alot of students locally as well as nationally.


UCF is great for meeting peopling and making friends while furthering your education.


Awesome school with a lot of opportunities to learn and play.


The University of Central Florida's population is big, loud, smart, and proud to be knights.


UCF is the best University in America.


UCF is a good place to learn and open your horizons to not only different people, but, to different technologies, educational materials and forms of learning.


The University of Central Florida has opened many doors for me and has been an amazing expierence.


My school is not great through its longevity, but great through its ingenuity.


UCF's large campus and student body is full of variety and opportunity for students to connect with one another through a variety of academic and extra curricular venues.


My school not only provides us with the knowledge that we need in order to succeed but it also allows me to be close to my future career, Architecture, I also have never met so many great friends and professors that I know I will continue relationships beyond college with.


UCF is a fast pace, forward thinking school, keep up with your studies or you'll get left behind.


UCF is a great school for all majors and has tons of oppotunities for anyone, no matter what they are interested in!


Modern, scholastic, and fun would be one sentence I would use to describe my school!


UCF is the best school I've attended and I'm having a great time.


A continuously expanding college that listens to its students in order to provide them with the facilities that allow them to succeed academically and socially.


The best institute of learning and technological advancement this side of the country.


UCF is a large, vibrant school that prides itself particularly on it's research programs.


The University of Central Florida is beautiful and allows you to find yourself.


My university is a very diverse university, based on classe availability, degrees avaibility, campus life and living, culture and culture of respect, sub-campuses avaiable, on-line classes available, reasonably priced classses, also being in Orlando which in itself is a "melting pot" of all different types of nationalities and personalities, it gives a small-college feel but is a very large university in a major city, it offers many complimentary opportunities for students to grow as a community from football games to UCF lights which is an event held during the Christmans season including an ice-skating rink.


The University of Central Florida is one of the most passionate and diverse schools, not only in the state of Florida, but also throughout the country.


The University of Central Florida is an institution providing not only quality education but opportunities to their mass amount of diverse students.


UCF is a very large, low cost school offering an exceptional academic program for numerous majors.


Alot of fun!


UCF provides learning with fun and provides unlimited opportunitites for aspiring students.


My school is HUGE, fullfilling and has many programs to offer!


The University of Central Florida is a cultrally rich educational, social and professional environment equipped with the tools it takes to provide its students with the skills and knowledge to excell in their field of choice.


The University of Cenyal Florida is not simply a school, it's a community where friends, families, teachers and students gather seeking out an education to not only better themselves but the world around so that they may create a better future for those who are swiftly following behind.


UCF is the perfect school for anyone who likes to have fun, be comfortable, and most important, learn!


Focused on providing excellent education and opportunities.


The University of Central Florida is a wonderful school and offers so much for students, my experience so far has been very positive and I always have something to do because there is a large quantity and variety of activities the school offers.


Unified and spirited.


UCF is a very large campus with diverse people, a friendly environment very condusive to learning and making new lifelong friends.


The University of Central Florida is a diverse, positive environment that bleeds integrity, creativty, and excellence.


My school is the 3rd largest school in the country but I still feel like I'm in a caring, academic environment.


UCF is a place where you can feel safe and confident in the education you are receiving.


I am a very dedicated, responsible, and goal oriented person that treats other how I would like to be treated.


My school is a place to grow and succeed.


We are the most diverse and friendly school in Florida.


The University Of Central Florida is very large and fast paced institution compared to where I completed my Associates in Arts Degree; it is the third largedt school in the United States with 56,000 students attending next Fall.


My school is the second best institute of higher education in the state of Florida. The education is top-notch, the professors are great leaders and highly knowledgeable in their area of expertise, and the studenst are intelligent and willing to learn. There are many groups and organizations that students can join and tons of campus activities each day. Life on campus is amazing and there is so much to do. In addition, the school helps students who are about to graduate find careers through the multiple career fairs they hold throughout the year. Thus, UCF is a great school.


The University of Central Florida is an amazing school, it's one of those places where you just automatically feel at home. Feeling at home is very important, for most students it's the first time being away from the family. Universtiy of Central Florida definitly becomes home away from home. Another thing that makes this school special is the diversity. It would be suprising if a student came to this school and found no one like them, or in contrast no one different from them. University of Central Florida allows you to meet extraordinary people and make lifelong friends.


UCF is one of those places that you will want to get lost and immerse yourself in discovering everything the school has to offer.


A place where everyone, inculding the faculty and staff strive to achieve higher goals; a gateway to new opportunities.


Busy, with plenty of activities for a diversified student body and staff, organized and generally fun to attend.