University of Central Florida Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


UCF is a diverse mixed salad and full of diversity.


My school is positively outstanding in every way.


The University of Central Florida is diverse, exceptional, supportive, and educational all in one place.


The university of central florida has great facilities, a lot of community and leadeship opportunities and offers more than 200 programs; it's a leader in academics and research in fields like optics, modeling and simulation, engineering and computer science, business administration, education, science, hospitality management and digital media.


As one of the largest public university in the United States, UCF offers amazing opportunities for students to gain face to face time with instructors and for each individual student to get involved through clubs, sororities, fraternities, school sponsored events, etc,.


The University of Engineering is a good school that is focused around the engineering department and thereby preparing students for high-tech industry jobs.


The University of Central Florida is a beautiful campus with exellent staff and smart students.


One sentence can hardly express my Feelings towards UCF, but if i had to try: UCF is not only an amazing institute of academic instruction, but also an institute of amazing commitment to student involvement and overall personal growth.


The school I always dreamed of when I was growing up.


A rapidly expanding university which is strong, though is overcoming some challenges like parking.


The University of Central Florida is not like most schools, tradtional, it brings something else to the table, futuristic excellence.


Large Campus, but it's good exercise to walk around (there are plenty of buses/shuttles available, though).


It is very new and nice compared to some other colleges.


UCF truly does stand for opportunity


A large melting pot of students from different political, religious, ethnic, and educational backgrounds.


Challenging and huge, but without the big-school feel.


UCF is a very diverse, open-minded instuition, that specializes in further advancing their students passed the graduate level.


My school is a institution where I can be all that I can be.


My school is large, populated and lively.


University of Central Florida is an outstanding academic environment that is an excellent place to learn and develop skills due to its remarkable faculty members and supportive system and structure that is conducive for learning, thus many students, such as myself, are proud to be attending this university.


My school is very spirited, but tends to have students whose family are well-off.


School has diverse group of students and faculty that makes this university very attractive.


My school has a very beautiful campus with great sports teams and a diverse set of students.


A big campus, lots of friendly people, a faculty that is always there to help, and success around every classroom is the best way to describe UCF.


The Univeristy of Central Florida is an inviting and amazing school that has something to offer for everyone who attends.


A fun-loving, spirit filled, urban university.


This university is a very friendly and career based school.


University of Central Florida is a traditional college with qualified and compassionate professors who want you to succeed in every venue of your life while catering to a changing student body through innovative methods of teaching.


UCF is about discovery - discovering yourself, your future, and everything academically.


UCF is it's own little city.


The University of Central Florida is the greatest school in Florida.


My school is the best, very diverse, convinient, manageable, costly(but very worth it), has many degrees, wants you to have furture, always has a way for things to be done, has many social groups, lastly is one of the top colleges.


My University has a very positive and energetic enviroment.


University of Central Florida is a phenonmenal university with great academic activities, faculty who are always willing to do the best work for the student that they are physically capable of achieving, the student government does extraordinary work for all students trying to achieve the best accomidations for every student, and each and every student has all the possibility to achieve great academic knowledge.


My school has a great engineering program.


definitely a place that offers onema ny opportunites, one just needs to know where, when and how to look for the opportunities.


campus is fulll of people but verry beautiful and laid out well


If you want a chance to completely change yourself or perhaps you would like to find out who you really are, the University of Central Florida is the place to go. Being on of the largest universities in the United States, you are given a plethora of people to meet, classes to take, clubs to join, and then some. This campus offers not just a place to get an education or a place to meet people, but there are also many other resources available to keep your mind forward and lifestyle healthy, we even have an on campus masseuse!


The school is crowded however it does provide many opportunities.


The biggest 4- year university with plenty of diversity and knowledge for anyone who is serious about their career.


The University of Central Florida is an innovative school that is continuously growing with a diverse number of programs and activities for students to participate in.


Technical and Industry Training, College of Education, Bachelor of science


Wonderful place - lots of opportunities and challenges for those who seek them.


UCF is a beautiful and academicaly challenging school.


Fantastically diverse from scenery, to people, to proffessors.


My school is old at the center and as it branches out, the buildings get newer and newer.


My university is fascinating, vibrant, involved, and enormous.




UCF is a dynamic university with great academics, a beautiful campus, and interesting people.


Growing, popular school where research produces most of its claim. Students and staff work for research in mind and the future. Students thrive to get a degree that will help them succeed!