University of Central Florida Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


I love my school because they allow you to be who you want to be and allow you to find yourself with all of the different clubs and organizations offered.


It's pretty easy.


UCF is a spirited school that people need to keep an eye on because we are going places.


The University of Central Florida is Under Construction Forever (UCF). :-)


It is academically focused but not real-world based as it could be.


UCF is a school full of much diversity and movement


The greatest location and campus equipped with the perfect resources and educators.


The most amazing combination of community, hard work, intellect, and social diversity I have ever seen.


My school is a fast pace, motivated, and fun loving campus with great students and professors.


Fun place to learn.


UCF is a very large school with a lot of different people. It is so big that there is not a lot of school pride or unity outside of sororities and fraternities.


Pretty great for the most part. Financial aid department doesnt know what they are doing!


overall, the University of Central Florida is an amazing school with a great reputation.


we will strive toward the highest standards of performance in any endeavor we undertake


The University of Central Florida prides itself on the importance of allowing its students to grasp the realization that it is a necessity to always prepare oneself to become a continuous learner in the school setting and in the career orientated real world environment, where one achieves the ultimate goal of success in life.


"UCF stands for opportunity"


UCF is the perfect school for me!


It is classy, professional, and a wonderful place to learn about the hospitality industry!


The Rosen College of Hospitality Management at the Univeristy of Central Florida is the best place to get your degree in a Hospitality major.


UCF is a very diverse school where a student can recieve all of the tools necessary to succeed.


UCF is a wonderful college that provides me with all the tools that are essential for me to achieve my goals.


University of Central Florida's staff are incredibly amazing, friendly, and helpful to prospective students.


The University of Central Florida is truly a 21st century school and a leader of change.


A very unorganized school that has a lot of wasted potential, parking is an absolute disaster, and the school focuses on all the wrong things.


UCF contrary to popular belief and admissions is still an underdog, we are building are name in the world still and are doing a good job at it. We have great programs, a beautiful campus, well known staff with well known research and we are making a name for ouselves in the university community. We are where old meets new . We are fun, creative, liberal, conservative, diverse, ecofriendly, athletic, exciting, caring, and full of determination.


UCF means opportunity, achievement and excellence.


Big, research-oriented school that is modern.


Great place to get a quality education and make life-long relationships.


UCF stands for opportunity and diversity, they do a great job at making students feel accepted and helped.


Univeristy of Central Florida, is a great College where I am highly interesting in my area of study.


UCF is a growing school that offers you help in all areas of life.


University of Central florida is a great school for any one pursuing further education it is extrmely rounded and offer many opportunity for advancement in life.


My school is amazing.


With the addition of new programs, my school is helping more and more students persue their education close to home.


The University of Central Florida is a great school that has a diverse student body, numerous educational programs, and an opportunity to do whatever you want with your life.


UCF is the epitome of greatness!


I am an student athlete at UCF and have found the school to be really attentive to my busy needs. I appreciate the academic counselors one-on-one approach and know that I am headed in the right direction. I would recommend the academic programs and athletic experience at UCF to anyone interested.


My school very welcoming to students because the campus is easy to follow and there are tons of organizations that make sure each student is pleased to attend Central Florida.


UCF is full of opportunities for students to acquire the knowledge they need to be successrful graduates.


Prompts like the one above are often difficult to accomplish. To describe a school with over 50,000 students, thousands of class offerings and hundreds of organizations in one sentence is like trying to portray a nation through a picture. With this approach, many beneficial aspects are overlooked and only a glimpse of the group is gathered. However, because it has been asked, my university may be described as the following: This university inspires and enriches minds, pushing them not only to excel and learn, but also to embrace and live.


UCF has a great diversity network.


UCF is shiny and new, filled with interesting and knowledgeable people and ideas.


UCF teaches students about themselves and the world around them both inside and outside the classroom.


UCF is a large university that will make its stdents stand out professionally in this society.


UCF is a highly populated school with much to offer; we have so many different type of people, classes, organizations, and majors that everyone can find their home here.


In my opinion, the University of Central Florida is a school that provides a good educational experience by hiring professors that are very learned in their feld and who care about their students while also making sure that the students are able to keep their social lives by providing plenty of clubs and organiztations for them.


Our school is very diversed and mixed, also there are many different clubs for each and every person, so it's the best place to find a spot for you!


My school is rich in culture very diverse and unique and enbales a condusive learning enviroment for me


The University of Central Florida helps students achieve every goal and dream that is attainable with help and support from every faculty member.


The University of Central Florida is one of the best (and largest) schools in Florida, academically speaking, and receives a lot of support from the Alumni.