University of Central Florida Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The University if Central Florida is a great school.


UCF is a great school with a campus involvement and academic success.


UCF is the perfect school for anyone who wants to become a leader on campus, meet diverse and exciting people, and most importantly, get the best education available!!


The University of Central Florida is a true testament to the developments the United States has made in racial discrimination over the years. We have over 50,000 students from a variety of ethnic groups. Every day we have the ability to network with people in a multitude of career paths, which will broaden our opportunities later in life. After all, learning how to affectively network is possibly the most important thing we can do. The University of Central Florida gives us a chance to change our life on a daily bases, through education and connections.


A growing University, that has a lot to offer all types of individuals.


an array of multi-cultural flavors


Big, beautiful and well worth the money.


The University of Central Florida is a school filled with opportunities because there are many ways to get involved in academics, clubs, sports, and other campus organizations.


UCF is very large and very diverse and it has many opportunities.


job preparation


Very big community with a very big heart.


A great school, friendly and helpful, easygoing.


My school is very academically centered and there are very many academic resources to help students be successful and get the grades desired.


My school is a very diverse campus filled with many oppurtunities and caring staff to help its students reach their full potential.


UCF is motivating and acomaditating to its students.


UCF is a very friendly and energetic place to be.


UCF is the modest future of the model American college.


The University of Central Florida is a green campus where there is always something fun to do and something to learn.


My school is very popular and is growing quickly.


My school is a beautiful, clean environment with an encouraging atmosphere.


My school is full of unique experiences and an interesting student body unlike any other I have ever been exposed to.


One of the best life experiences I've had yet!


UCF is a helpful community.


UCF is a wery fun school to attend.


UCF is modern, and stylish, much like many of the students that attend.


University of Central Florida is an important factor for development into the future with their perfect blend of technology, nature and creativity.


My school is a melting pot.


The University of Central Florida is the largest university in Florida and is located in Orlando, so there are not only many social opportunities on campus surrounded by 40,000+ fellow Knights for you but off-campus you have activities ranging from concerts to Disney World all waiting for you to come explore.


Ucf is a great school for the major in pursuing, Speech pathology. The staff at the department are exceptionally helpful and always willing help me with all the questions I have.


UCF is very diverse and full of life, and swarming with a mixture of people who want to be enriching their lives with the knowledge from their peers and teachers; building the future.


Awesome atmosphere and helpful people.


UCF has a physics track mixed in with the mathematics degree program where my research interest lies in; therefore it is the ideal school of choice, within driving distance to where I reside, to prepare me for graduate school in astrophysic.


UCF is a school I can be proud of to be attending because of our leading computer science department and top research laboratories that give students a real opportunity for knowledge.


The University of Central Florida is a school that values and promotes diversity and an inclusive environment in its student body and facility by valuing multi-culturalism, creativity, originality, and above all, respect for one another.


An enormous campus with teachers and TA's that are willing to aid students when they need help, but it expensive to attend.


The beautiful campus, inviting atmostphere, great educators as well as the ever growing student body truely make UCF the school for opportunity.


UCF is a place for people who want a future to attend.


My school is fun and helpful


The school I attend is academically proliferate and I have seen it grow before my eyes.


A whole lot of people who have a whole lot of fun.


It is extremely diverse and the campus is absolutely beautiful.


An incredibly large undergraduate population that encompasses all walks of life, interests, and ways to be involved and to give back.


The University of Central Florida is a very diversed school with many talented students, the professors try to tend to students to make sure everyone is where they belong.


i love it


My school is a very big school with a diverse student population.


Very friendly students and very diverse campus. The campus is large and buitiful but not enought parking for all the students. In the afternoons and certain times of the day people fight over parking spots because the school is too cheap to build new parking garages or make the current ones bigger. Lots of job oppurtunities but if you want to do anything related to international business or internationaly related its not the best school to go to and the counselors are not helpful at all. Sometimes hard to get the classes you want apraching graduation. UCF = U CANT FINISH


University Of Central Florida prides itself in its extensive campus that includes within it a large variety of students and programs that were created to shape and perfect these students mutlifarious talents and abilities.


UCF is a large, diverse, and amazing university brimming with many great opportunities, wonderful people, and an active campus life.


UCF is academically and socially oriented.


UCF is really big, but it has a lot to offer its students...something for just about every interest.