University of Central Florida Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students there are all focused on their education as far as I recall. they are nice, welcoming, and very helpful.


The students at this school vary in great intensity, with 60000 students attending 12 campuses the largest student body is at the main campus. You have all ranges of clubs from Mechanical Engineering (The build race cars) to Rugby (2 Time National Champs!) to Larping on Memory Mall.




I have not started yet.


My classmates are very outgoing and determined people. Everyone I know is involved in at least one of our 627 student organizations. There is a passion that exists amongst my fellow Knights that is unparalleled.


There is a myriad of students at my school who range from intelectual to beer.


Most of my classmates tended to be very focused on themselves, or their coursework.


Mostly younger than my own children. You see I turn 60 on November 30, 2014. So this is my challenge to myself to get my degree a Bucket List item if you may!!


Classmates are very friendly, and are helpful if you need help.


My classmates are very success driven individuals with a bright future ahead of them.


My classmates throughout the years have always been a unique and engaging group of people that I can gladly call my friends, and that I wish I had more time with.


Classes have not started yet so I cannot answer this question.


My classmates are amazing people.They are willing to help you out without a problem and will make sure that you understand the content that the professor showed in class. Also if they are not able to help you with the problem, they will refer you to a person or place that can. In addition, my classmates love to hang out and spend some time playing any sport or conversating about any topic.


Down to earth.


There are 60,000 students that attend the University of Central Florida. In my opinion there are 3 types of students. There is the homebody student. This student goes to class and goes to their dorm. They do not go out or join clubs. There is the partying student who skips class in the morning because of the party the night before. Then there is the student who can balance class, fun, extracuriculars, and time to relax. All students are smart but not all students manage time wisely.


My classmates are determined, focused but, also know how to have fun.


At the University of Central Florida my classmates are diverse.


My classmates are open to working with new people, and they believe that it is important to collaborate with other people in order to get difficlt assignments done.


My classmates are respectful.


My classmates include some of the most tech savy, technologically inclined, creative, inspirational, fun, inventive, hardworking, loveable, people I have ever met in my entire life.


Due to their hard work, enthusiam for their school, and undeniable drive to succeed, I can only describe my classmates as being true UCF Knights.


My classmates are different: some are very careless and fall asleep in class, others always pay attention and do their best to understand the material; fortunately some are also very lazy and don't go to class, making it easier for students like me to find a good seat in a lecuture of over 400 students.


My classmates are friendly and incredibly helpful.


While many of my classmates are strong advocates for new-age humanitarian causes, while many of them don't even know the meaning of social norms, they still take school seriously and many of my classmates are actually apathetic when it comes to society.


My classmates are interesting people. Going to school with such a large student body, you always see some interesting things going on.


Always willing to lend a hand and help out a fellow Knight.


My classmates tend to be outgoing, friendly and active in the University.


So far, everyone I've met is really nice. Of course, there are the few that give others a hard time but its easy to tell who will be dedicated enough to make it all four years. I've made some pretty amazing friends but I try not to surround myself that are just in college for their "Mrs. Degree". I've found quite a few independent people that I adore.


My classmates really do not focus on making friends; they focus on learning and getting a good grade.


I think there is a lot of potential but to put it simply they can be desribed as lathargic pickles.


They are very friendly and open to others from differet backgrounds other than their own.


When I think of my 55,000 school mates I think of diversity. Not just culturally, but more so intellectually. UCF is quite the personality melting pot!


Very busy, often taking on multiple things at once, but mostly friendly.


For the most part, UCF is fairly liberal, however it is still central FL. For those of you not familiar with the area, Orlando (where UCF is) is a fairly liberal minded city, but just outside is the country. Drive 45 min southwest to Polk county and people actually have country accents and confederate flags (actually, there is a confederate flag just east of UCF on SR 50 hanging from a bridge. Within the confines of Orlando and just beyond it are two separate worlds.


My classmates are absolutely spontaneous.


Students at UCF are typically progressive-minded, with a fair amount of concern for academics, but also a laid back demeanor.


Everyone here is so diverse that you can find any type of group to hang out with. The list of clubs and organizations is semi-intimidating, something I think is good because that means anyone could find their niche. Overall the students are pretty laid back and like to go with the flow. Sure everyone focuses on schoolwork and such but everyone also makes sure to have a good time. There is one specific free speech area on campus that can get a bit edgy and pokes at sensitive issues but it can easily be avoided by diverting routes or simply ignoring them.


With over 55,000 students that enrolled in the Fall of 2011, this would take a while :)


The students who go to my school are awesome! You get to know the people your major pretty well. It is only my first semster and I have found a couple of peers who will help me throughout the rest of my degree. At the school each major has their own suite. The suites are a nice place to meet up with other peers.


The students at my school are diverse. theirs different fashion styles at my school and that correlates with the individuals you hang around with the most. The hip hop side of the school have their own essential fashion sense different from people who might like rock or country music. the good part is that no one really judges you and every one feels comfortable with whatever they wear.


I have seen first hand that our campus is extremly diverse but that is also due to the size of the campus. Our school does not segregate and divide according to race, religion, or other possible divisions. The school comes together by students all from different walks of life who can share their experiences and change. This is ultimatley seen through out O-Team members who run rientation and other freshman events throughout the year. The team is made up of boys and girls, black and white, gay and straight, their is no division anyone can be apart of the team. Within a court yard outside of the student union groups have freedom of speech where they can set up polical booths to showcase their ideals and express themselves without being punished.


Most students are fairly liberal though this is certainly not true of everyone. There are many groups for people to join who seek to be with those with their same ethnic background. LGBT is also fairly active as are many religious groups. Most students should be able to find their niche but it may be harder if you are less outgoing. Students often dress casually but it is not unacceptable to dress almost any other legally accepted way. Different types of students do certainly interact though in a sense it can be somewhat cliqueish as people do have the option to be with others more like them. Most students are from Florida though there is a good number from the northeast and some international students.


No student would feel out of place at UCF, there is something for everyone.


I dont think any individual would feel out of place walking through our campus. There are such a variety of people from your business majors to your arts majors and everything in between. Students interact on their own level just like they would in high school. Its very similar but also very different. You choose who you want to be friends with. The people in the smaller majors tend to all see eachother in the same classes. Most of the students are from an array of places around the United States.


UCF has more student organizations then anyone can count, any given day many of them will have tables set up all around the central part of UCF known as the student union. No students will feel out of place, there are numerous organizations to choose from. Most students wear regular t shirts and shorts to school. Many students part of professional organizations wear business attire but more wear clothes suitable for the florida sun. All students interact well with each other even the democratic and republican student organizations. Most of the students are from the central florida area, but some are from as far down as the florida keys and as high up as new york. In fact we also have a lot of international students. Financial backgrounds range greatly, I myself come from a low income family but I have a friend that drives a 2011 mustang fully paid for by his parents. Students are usually in the center but some fluctuate either way. Students at UCF are always talking about how much they will make once they enter their prospective fields of study.


Our campus has a very diverse student population at UCF. UCF has an abundant amount of student organizations available to join ranging from the chocolate club, to EQUAL, to pre-professional organizations to athletic sport clubs. No student should ever feel left out at UCF. At UCF there are student organizations that are based more on similar interests, such as the chocolate club, or the guitar club. If you don't see an organization on UCF campus that does not spark your interest you can create one. EQUAL is a student registered organization on campus which used to be known as the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Student Union but changed their name to EQUAL to ensure that no student would be felt left out. There are also pre-professional organizations such as Phi Alpha Delta which is the pre-law fraternity or PPMS which is the pre-med student organization. There are so many ways to get involved on campus that no student should ever feel uninvolved. Students at UCF come from different financial backgrounds. Also, students at UCF vary in age. Although majority of UCF students are coming straight out of high school we do have plenty of students who are older. Students at UCF are very politically aware. There are many political organizations on campus such as the College Republicans or the College Democrats but there are also other organizations which lobby such as NORML. There is no predominant political party association at UCF with students, but students at UCF do talk about politics a great deal. Never have I seen a conversation become hostile due to politics but rather students often carry intellectual conversations with one another. Students normally attend class in every day clothes. Sometimes you will see many students in business attire due to presentations but you rarely will see students attend class in pajamas. The only time you will tend to see students in pajamas is during finals week, and even then it is only a few students who pulled all nighters in the library that will show up to exams in pajamas. At UCF there are over 58,000 students who are extremely friendly. Students interact with one another constantly. You will always see a familiar face while walking around campus.


The UCF campus consists of just about every racial and religious background and no one would really be out of place. The majority of students are very polite and respectful of others (surprisingly). Some students wear something close to pajamas and some students dress to impress (me). In class, many group assignments are given, which gives way to diverse student interaction. Four tables: Frat stars and sorority girls, theatre kids, engineers, and normal people. The student population consists of people from EVERYWHERE, but mostly Floridians. Students are politically and financially diverse. Doesn't everyone dream about their future salary?


My classmates are funny, lively, and actually participate in the instructors' lectures; it's not a boring experience that puts me to sleep.


There is a wide array of student types in every classroom; many do the work just to get by, but there is a decent population that strives to succeed and break themselves from the mold.


There are students from every walk of life at UCF; Every nationality, religion and socioeconomic status, as well as people of all ages. Each of my classes were different and had different kinds of people in them. I don't think anyone would feel out of place, as there's so much diversity. As for attire, since there are so many different people, no one wears the same thing. Some people wear pajamas, others wear suits, some where sports wear and others wear shorts and t-shirts. It's basically an "anything goes" kind of policy. The actual students come from all over the US and abroad, so it's rare to find many people from the same place. That being said, the financial background of most students is likely middle class, or above, as it does cost a significant amount of money to go to school and not everyone can be on scholarship. I would say students, more than anyone, are the most politically active and aware, as there are always demonstrations and fliers being handed out daily. As for their views, I think the majority of students are left or center, as this generation is more liberal than the one before it.