University of Central Florida Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Family night is great to have at UCF. My family gets to visit with me and take part in many different activities.


Parties and Greek Life


Our school is best known for being one of the largest universities in the country. There is a lot of students from all over the world that attend UCF. From football games to walking to class, you are sure to make many friends while you go to school here.


I believe UCF is know to offer everything and anything that meets each individuals needs and desires. UCF provides opportunities for students walking any light to participate in activities/clubs/events that interest them.


My school is best known for offering as much as it can to each individual student and all of its activities.


My school is best known for its outrageous spirit and cohesiveness, i've never met a stranger from UCF!


Successful students who were former knights.


Computer programming team and football


Our school is also best known for its size and diverese research oppurtunities. UCF has many companies that deal with technology that conduct there research here as well as solidly funded research labs in a large variety of disciplines.


The best thing about my school is that it provides that major that I want. Also, eventhough it has alot of students it also provides the opportunity to meet alot more people just based on who people are not based on cliques.


The University of Central Florida is best known for it's programs in Psychology, Business and Engineering. In addition to the educational and campus experiences available to all UCF students, the city of Orlando offers a vast array of opportunities to students. In just an hours drive from the UCF campus, one can also visit major league teams in baseball, football and hockey. For the beachgoer, it's just an hours drive to the beaches on both Florida coasts.


UCF is best known for its colleges of Business Administration, Computer Science and Engineering, and Education. It recently also became the biggest university in the state of Florida.


University of Central Florida is known for its amazing professors and their successful students. UCF has professors that are really good at professing. They are willing to help out students without any problems and will answer every question they may have. UCF students are successful because they are hard working. Students will study hard for long hours so that they understand everything that was shown in class, as well as, get some extra knowledge. They work hard to maintain high GPAs in order to get good recommendations after graduation.


My school is best known for its great size, it is the second largest university in the nation, as well as its fantastic academics and rewarding classes, that lead to outstanding success rates.


My school is best known as a party school and the school with the most registered clubs.


UCF is best known for spirit splash where students rush the Reflectiion Pond and try to get rubber duckies.


University of Central Florida is a progressive research university with a strong focus on community, academics, and diversity, but knighthood runs deep in our blood. Tailgate is the most wonderful time of the year! On early morning tailage, people actually camp out overnight and will be ready to celebrate and demonstrate school spirit before the sun is even up. There is an annual event during homecoming called spirit splash, where the campus gets together by the reflection pond, Knightro attends, and we all rush into the pond and party in unison. It is one of our oldest and best traditions.


My school is best known for the physical appearance. It's a relatively new campus and a clean enviornment.


My school is best known for its traditions; we have many traditions such as Spirit Splash that happen every year making it a fun bonding experience for all Knights on campus. There are also many concerts and shows put on in our arena that are ususally very cheap if not free for us to attend.


UCF is the university that seeks opportunities, creates opportunities, and brings them to fruition. It has over 60,000 students and provides a good education undergraduate students. They're the second best option for engineering in the state. Not to mention a lot of the Aerospace Engineers get placed with Boeing and NASA upon graduation. They have an awesome facilities for their Hospitality Management school, and the program itself is quickly climbing the ranks. The Knights place in the top ten for the 13th time in the last 15 years and they made it to the Fiesta Bowl this year.


Our school is best known for our homecoming celebration , Spirit Splash. It is one of the largest traditions nation wide and this year ESPN , New York Times and a few other networks were there to broadcast the event.


Greek life. politics.


UCF is best known for student academic excellence through many graduate study programs, particularly in the nursing and hospitality mangagement fields. Also, the university was named one of the 12 best graduate level education for engineering, education, and computer science. UCF is also very well known for its variety of degree programs: 91 bachelor's, 92 masters, 29 doctoral, and 3 specialist.


University of Central Florida is best known for being one of the largest schools in the nation. Although it is large, it does not always feel like it. It has the small school feel at times, giving each student the oppotunity to get to know everyone.


UCF is know to be the 2nd largest university in the country.


UCF is known for a strong Hospitality program, and is also known for continued, extensive growth.


UCF is best known for being one of the biggest schools in the country.


My school is best known for growing. It has been expanding greatly in classrooms and programs, as well as accepting the greatest number of students every year. It has exploded as one of the largest universities in the United States.


Every year we have a Spirit week during homecoming week in which SGA hosts a different event each day. The consist of a Comedy Night where a well known comedian comes out to perform last year was Daniel Tosh, Movie night always shows a movie not yet on DVD, Skit night different clubs/fraternities perform, Spirit Splash is the only day of the year students are allowed in the reflection pond, and The most popular is Concert Night. In my time at UCF I have seen Ludacris, T-Pain, LMFAO, and more!


One of my favorite traditions is Spirit Splash during home coming week, this is when all of the students are allowed to go into the Reflection Pond which is this huge fountain in front of the library. It's pretty much a bug pool party in the middle of campus.


Best Campus Tradition: Spirit Splash! The day before the homecoming game, UCF holds an event called Spirit Splash. This is where the school allows its students to jump into the reflection pond during a musical performance by the band. Make sure you go early to get free stuff and see all of the performances and activities before the big splash!


SGA puts on late knights an alternative to going out to clubs and possible underage drinking and i love this event. It's great fun.


My school is best known for being the second largest University in North America. I believe this means in population (students attending) and the campus in Orlando (main campus) is enormous and is able to house many of the students.


I love spirit splash!


I love spirit splash!


Its sports program and academics are top notch.


sports, academics, location.


UCF is known for a variety of subjects, primarily engineering subjects; however, its fields are not limited to these subjects and cover a wide range of topics from applied math to business to theater. Not only its programs UCF is known for its variety of extracurricular activities such as fencing or symphony. At UCF there is something to do for EVERYONE, no matter what thier intrests.


UCF is best known for its rapid growth, academics and diversity among students. Being the nation’s second largest school, there is a place for absolutely anyone. The school offers many different majors as well as academic resources that allow for students success. Also UCF has considerably improved their sports performance which has increased the students’ spirit making it better known around the country. By offering many extracurricular activities, students to feel engaged and involved in the school. I believe UCF is one of the best choices for anyone to consider since it blends academics with social activities.


The school is probably best known for it's Engineering and Computer Sciences department. Well more so for the departments working on optics and robotics. But if you're a sports fan, the school may be best known for Daunte Culpepper.


University of Central Florida is best known for the high rate at which it is growing in comparison to other universities. As it grows and expands so does the community surrounding the university. The fame of its growth rate is occuring so fast that at the moment the university is attracting students from all around the country and abroad. Faced with an evergroing population, the university has kept pace with technolgy, education in the arts and opening technically advanced sites for medical students (just to name a few).


My school is best known for its sheer size (it is the second largest university in the country), as well as its academia. We have strong engineering, psychology, and business departments, and from personal experience, I believe that the music department is incredibly strong as well. The school also has a well-known honors college, known as the Burnett Honors College.


The University of Central Florida is best known for networking! Faculty and staff often encourages students to sell themselves to companies that they would like to start their career in.


With having approximately 55,000 students enrolled last fall semester 2010, the University of Central Florida is best known for being the second largest university in the nation.


My school is best known for its size, I believe it is the second largest university in the courntry based on student enrollment. Nedless to say, finding parking is very difficult.


It is the second largest school in the country. Also, we have an amazing engineering program and have advances in engineering and other sciences such as a solar powered car.


My school is best known for it's number of students and building the character of its students by promoting and making the tools available for an overall positive college experience. University of Central Florida instills a sense of great pride and strong character in its students by enforcing its creed. The tenants of the creed are Integrity, Scholarship, Community, Creativity, and Excellence. I, along with many of my fellow knights, hold this creed near and dear to our hearts, and try to live by it as we pursue our careers at the University of Central Florida.


Unfortunately, UCF is also known as U Can't Find parking. It's horrendous and an awful thing to be known for. But with over 50,000 people trying to find limited parking spots, it happens.


Well The University of Central Florida just recently became known for being the highest ranked football team in Florida with a remarkable season to prove it. Also We are one of the newest four year universities in Florida. Which is very impressive considering we are the third largest University in the nation with an approximate number of 52,000 students. I would have to say our student population is probably what most people think of when the hear the name UCF.


UCF is best known for being one of the largest schools, but it is also well-known for it's partying environment.