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The campus life and surrounding areas allow for plenty of new opportunitie and community involvement.


Close to my residence and very organized


I like UCF because it has a great location! UCF is located near many businesses and job opportunities, as well as, many fun activities such as mini golfing and bowling. Additionally, UCF is only about 30 or more minutes from night clubs, theme parks, and other tourist attractions. UCF is also unique because it is very diverse. As a psychology major, I find observing the diverse cultures on campus and learning more about them to be very interesting. UCF also has many clubs and extracurricular activities offered for different cultures and interests. There is something for everyone at UCF!


I'm sorry to say that I have not compared other schools, so I no t feel I am not able to make a objective comparison.


As aforementioned, the University of Central Floirda is the second-largest university in the United States, with an enrollment of almost 60,000 students, which creates a more diverse, unique atmosphere compared to other smaller universities/colleges. Additionally, the University of Central Florida is located in Orlando, a central city in Florida, which is a relatively close transit to almost all other major cities in Florida (i.e. Downtown Orlando - 20 mins., Cocoa Beach - 1 hr., Gainesville, 2 hrs., Jacksonville - 2 hrs., Miami - 3 hrs., Tallahassee. 3 hrs.), making it easy to travel for educational and/or career-related opportunities.


The University of Central Florida has recently been expanding and improving all their programs with the funds they are recieving. Also, they offer small programs, such as Athletic Traning, that most schools do not.


Something that is unique about my school is the size. As the second biggest school in the nation, you are bound to meet many different people of different backgrounds and you can really get to know those people and learn of their culture. Because of the size of the school, everything is made to cater to that size, we aren't short of professors, classes, or resources.


The University of Central Florida(UCF) truly stands for opportunity. In the two semesters that I've attended, I've been presented with various opportunities that seemed to come out of nowhere. These opportunities included those involving jobs, networking, and furthering my education. UCF opens doors that other universities ae not able to open. Because of the school's size, there are more things that the university is able to offer its students. Smaller colleges with fewer students may not be able to offer the same things. I am extremely grateful to UCF for giving me the opportunities it has.


There is an amazing atmosphere to be part of!


I only toured two other schools besides the University of Central Florida. Compareing University Of Central Florida to the other schools I got the chance to look at I believe what is unique about my school how everything you probably ever could think of haveing is located right on the school campus in walkin distance. Not many schools or at least the ones I was able to see offered that to students and faculty.


I never really considered any other school. I applied to two schools. I applied to FAU so I could get from under my parents watchful eye and to UCF because of its staggering academic charm and fresh face. I was accepted to both on scholarship and even though FAU offered me more financially, I still chose UCF.


UCF has made it an amazing campus. The classroom buildings, dorms, student facilities and the football stadium are all within walking distance, and you can take a university shuttle (the Black & Gold Line) to reach your destination a quicker and you can stay cool. UCF's Interns can take advantage of opportunities in Central Florida Research Park, which is right next door to the campus and is home to research in areas such as science, engineering, as well as health related fields. UCF has 350 different clubs and organizations and Spirit Splash pep rally, it is one of a kind.


It offers the bachelor's degree I want and other schools dont.


The University of Central Florida is very unique for many reasons. It is the second largest university in the United States and has a very diverse student body. The UCF creed that is embodied by the students everyday is Integrity, Scholarship, Community, Creativity, and Excellence. These core values influence our daily decisions and allow us to enrich our community. UCF offers a wide variety of college courses and majors that students can choose from. My college is also unique because it offers a lot of on-campus student employment and volunteer opportunities through over 100 student organizations/clubs.


I have not attended yet, will be starting this fall.


My school really focuses on maintaing the students school spirit and they plan many entertaining events for all of its students they also provide a free bus service to the students and a free night a Universal Studios


The research opportunities.


We have an event called spirt splash were the entire campus gets to enjoy a day of fun in the sun, while getting to splash around in the a fountain we call the reflecting pond. It takes place once a year the greatest thing ever.


The school I am attending has the Rosen College of Hospitality Management. I selected UCF because of this major. It is one of the best in the country and also in the world. You are able to learn and experience things at Rosen that you are not able to at different universities with hospitality management as a major. I am enjoying every moment.


The harmonious feeling among the school is wonderful. Everyone is respectful and friendly. I've never seen a negative situation occur on campus. It's a great school.


It's HUGE! The location is ideal to have a variety of opportunities and is very culturally diverse. For my specific program we had a clinic onsite where I was able to observe and also one of our classes was an internship where I was able to gain hands- on experience.


What I think is unique is how accomadating this school is. Going to a big school and being introduced into classes of 200+ is a big scare, especially since that means help from the teacher is near impossible since so many visit his or her office hours. There are several opportunities for free tutoring provided by the campus which enables you to get the help you need to succeed in the class.


It's big and bold and it's everything you make of it. The opportunites and the training you need is here it's just whether or not you apply yourself.


All opportunity is here is you make effort to grab it.


All opportunity is here is you make effort to grab it.


It's very laid back with little intrusiveness.


I only toured, in person, the school I currently attend: the University of Central Florida. Though I did not tour them, I noticed the other schools I considered, such as the University of South Florida, Florida State University and Monmouth University in New Jersey, did not have such a diverse student population in so many aspects. I viewed the demographics of all my schooling possiblities and found that UCF was made up of so many cultures and nationalities (plus students from all 50 United States!) and many students with disabilities. UCF is unique simply because its students are, too!


There are many unique aspects at my school are the many activities that they provide for anyone who is new to the school. For instance, they hold transfer seminars so that students who transfer in can have a successful semester as well as guiding freshman through orientation activities. Also, we have LateKnights which gives everyone an opportunity to meet people and make friends with others. Overall, I am glad that I transferred to UCF because it is one of the best schools in the state.


UCF is unlike most colleges because of the shear size of the university with 55, 000 attending each year. Our diversity is unmatched because you can meet so many different people from all backgrounds of life. Also, the education is immaculate. I am receiving quality education in the Health Admistration field because of the professors who are encouraging and willing to help.


I considered two other schools and decided against them for three different reasons. The first reason is cost. Tuition prices at UCF, for Florida residents, is reasonable compared to other schools. The second reason is the variety of degree programs available. I need a specific and unusual major/minor combination, and UCF is able to accomodate me. The third reason is location. UCF is in the bulls eye of Florida, a location conducive to service-learning projects, research, work-study and internship opportunities. The area also features the Gulf and Atlantic beaches, shopping, entertainment, and restaurants.


I did not really consider other schools. UCF gave me the tools to get through university studies; tips for successful studying. The professors made time for me and I was able to meet with them in their office for additional help if I needed it. The campus grounds are study-friendly, with lots of places to study with other students, access to internet all over the campus, and it is beautiful. The students helped each other, even a grandmother like me was welcomed into clubs and study groups. I couldn't have received a better education anyplace else.


UCF has one of the best business colleges in the state of Florida. I like the fact that in comparison to the other major universities in Florida, it is very afforable for students to go to. UCF has organizations for every segment of society to participate in and there is a lot of freedom for a student to be themselves. UCF is in a very strategic location because it reaches out to all of Central Florida and there is usually no more than two hours travel at anytime for a student to come to school.


I feel that my school gives me the tools to succeed in life!


That it is located in Central Florida. This area grows on a daily basis in terms of diversity. The university offers many activities that encourages students to not only learn in the classroom but also about the community. I like that I can travel less that one hour from Deltona, Florida and know that I am getting a great education. I also like the fact that we are located in a highly commercial area where I have plenty of places to go eat lunch and take care of personal business after school.


The University of Central Florida is a very diverse campus especially with its students and professors. There are people from all walks of life and nationalities that roam the campus everyday all in pursuit of their form of the American dream. UCF is a type of melting pot for all the people that attend which makes it a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for everyone. The face of UCF can not be portrayed by just one but rather the many races and nationalites that make UCF the glorious and diverse university it is today.


Considering UCF is the second largest university in the nation I think that makes it pretty unique. It also holds 5 national champsionship titles, a highly recgonized engineering program, a multi-purpose gym for all students, free buses to and from campus, and of course the annual Spirit Splash (named Florida's best homecoming tradition)! Who wouldn't want to be a Knight is a better question!


UCF prides itself on diversity. I have come into contact with so many people who are vastly different from me and have learned so much. The experiences I have had here are unforgettable and I enjoy every second of my time here!


The dorms are really nice, you never have to share the bathroom with more than four other people. The whole campus is beautiful. They gym is wonderful, they just finished remodeling it. The Honors College is nice since it gives you small classes at a big campus.


The most unique thing about the University of Central Florida is the way it was built. If anyone ever noticed, it is built in the exact same way as Walt Disney World. The Student Union is the center of the circle, just like the Castle at Magic Kingdom, and all the rest of the buildings make up orbitals of outer circles. You can never get lost at UCF because eventually you will find your way back around the circle where you first started.


UCF is a unique experience because it offers a beautiful campus full of vibrant and energetic students who are eager to learn and want to make the most out of their college years. They offer a wide variety of events for students to attend. We take great pride in our sports teams and in our academics. If you decide to attend UCF you will be able to get the most out of your college experience.


The most unique thing about UCF is its size. With over 50,000 students it may seem overwhelming, but once you are in Bright House stadium cheering on the football team you feel like you really are a part of the school, not just a face in the crowd. UCF is unique in the way that they can be one of the largest campuses in the nation, yet still make each student feel a part of the University.


The University of Central Florida is unique because of the way the school is set up and the people who attend it. There are so many people in such a small campus that it seems ten times more exciting. There are always people moving about around campus and activities going on, so you never really get bored between classes.


Something different that I really like about UCF is our campus. Many universities our size, with over 50,000 students, have very broad and sometimes hard to access campuses. UCF has almost all of the classes on our main campus and it is set up perfectly for incoming and current students without transportation, such as myself.


They have a variety of regional campuses across the state.


In considering the University of Central Florida, I found the academic atmosphere most inviting. The College of Education in which I am attending is very welcoming and all of the professors are helpful and communicate with students to the best of their abilities in order to help students to succeed with their goals. The University itself has pride, everyone is proud to be a Knight. Academics and school spirit are a huge part of what makes this school fun to attend. Integrity, scholarship, community, creativity, and excellence are truly the core values that guide UCF's conduct, performance, and decisions.


I started attending the University of Central Florida this semester and there is nothing that I can complain about so far. I love the campus and all it has to offer. The professors are very helpful and really want their students to succeed. I transferred from another university and the transition could not have been easier, I felt like a Knight right away. The college has an array of majors and minors for students to study and with it being the second largest school in the nation there is always fun something going on.


UCF is a very diverse school. There are many clubs that will make students feel like they're part of a larger group of people who share common interests. There is great school spirit! There are many resources available to students, from a huge library, to several distributed computer labs across campus, to career orientation centers, to tutoring centers, psychological advice, academic advising, etc. Very convieniently located. High availablilty of campus shuttles and housing.


They have regional campuses all over. I attend the Leesburg campus, in which I get to attend classes at Lake Sumter Community College. I am still a UCF student and have UCF professors; we just meet at a different campus instead of main campus in Orlando. This is great because it is closer to home and the class sizes are much smaller than main campus's classes. Parking is also a lot better.


The University of Central Florida is the third largest University according to students enrolled. What makes this university unique is how it is able to provide every service available to any student. There are many ways of receiving help and guidance for all students, which makes the confusing mess that college can be much easier! The University is also located in Orlando, FL which is a large city with many activities for anything you can think of. Orlando is also the home to many of the big theme parks in the United States such as Walt Disney and Busch Gardens.


The University of Central Florida is a very new school, with only just 50 years under its belt, UCF is a fresh environment, continuously adding new buildings and technology. There has never been a day that the campus is trashed, or run down. The professional upkeep of the campus is what allows for better studying, and an overall positive attitude for all students.