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Describe a typical weekend.

For me in Florida there is no such thing as a typical weekend. You have so many options available to you in the Orlando area. However I do have my absolute favorite things on the weekend as follows: THURSDAY Boardwalk Bowling Reduced price games for you and all your friends! FRIDAY Knight Library, Deko, FUBAR: It's always a great Friday night when you go out around the campus. SATURDAY: Disney World Disney is awesome because if you go to UCF chances are somebody you know works at Disney and wants someone to go with them to use their free passes. SUNDAY: Cocoa Beach On a Sunday you can find tons of students here relaxing and socializing! It's a great way to meet new people and you always leave smiling and tan. The Beacham Latin Night As a spanish major, what better way to close the weekend with a night of practice. Oh, did I forget studying? That too!

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Weekends you either can go out party, relax, chill with friends and if you aren't doing any of those you are studying. This is how my weekends go. I'm more into my major now so on the weekend I tend to hang out with my boyfriend since we both have time and we do work. When I can, I hang with friends and go out into the night life.

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Homework, lounging, and hanging with friends

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