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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


I am a part of the Christian Club at the school, but I also have joined into a group that helps to put together events for my peers. So if there is a game or a health fair I am one of the ones to assist in making sure supplies and materials are available among many other things. I'm not too sure about the dating scene, I try to stay away from that. We just had a Freshman pool party at the school. It was a great turn out. Lots of fun in the sun. When I am off campus I go to the Gym, the Library and work part-time at the local Mall.


The football games and the atmosphere surrounding them.


Greek life seems very prevalent at UCF, but it's actually only about 6% of the students who are involved. I was not in a sorority, but I knew some girls who were and it totally consumes your life. If that's what you're looking for, then dive in, but there are a million other ways to make friends. My best friends (who I'm still very close with now that we've all moved on) were mostly made my freshman year from living in the dorms.


Other than sororities and fraternities which I do not know a lot about because I am not in one, in my opinion the most popular activities are intramural sports. They are so much fun! You do not have to be an experiences athlete, most of the time they are just for fun, but there ARE more competitive leagues for those who are interested in the more serious game. At UCF we have several sports to choose from so there is something for everyone. I personally love to play soccer and softball. This semester I got a kickball team together and it has been an absolute blast despite the fact that we have lost every game thus far. Next semester I am thinking about joining a dodge ball team!? Im really excited about that.... Football games here at UCF are HUGE everyone goes and gets all dressed up. There are always a group of people who go all out with paint and/or full body suits. Tailgating is always fun but does not have to involve alcohol. Families bring RV's and camp out the night before home games. On weekend a lot of people attend theme parks, hang out with friends, or go to parties. The clubs near UCF are all 18+ so you can enjoy the scene even if you are not of legal drinking age. I recently turned 21 and got to go downtown Orlando for the first time. It was amazing! So many people to interact with and so much to see! If you are not into drinking there is still plenty else to do, Like i mentioned before the theme parks are a big hit! I myself along with several friends have annual passes to Universal. I also know several people who work at Disney (and can get me in for free) so connections are easy to come by. UCF also offers discount to several businesses in the area which is awesome! You can get significant discount prices for disney and universal tickets as well as movie tickets and dinner theater tickets. There is never a dull moment in Orlando.


Some of the more popular organizations on campus are student government, fraternities and sororities, CRU (a religious group), and of course the athletic teams. The most important thing about this campus is to get involved, find a group and make friends. There are a lot of special learning communities that students can live in which really helps. It is kind of like high school here where if you want to be in with the party crowd, then you get involved with them. If you don't want to be involved with that, that is okay too. There are so many options that no one is really ever pressured into one group or another.


One of the most awesome things about the University of Central Florida is that there is an unlimited amount of things to do, and most of it is free. Personally, I love to kayak at Lake Claire located on campus. The Student Union, located right in the middle of campus, always has events going on. Not to even mention homecoming week! Each night something new is going on, for instance there is a comedy night (we've had people from Ralphie May to Tosh.O), then there is a concert night (we've had Ludacris, LMFAO, Corey Smith, Lupe Fiasco, Panic At The Disco, etc..), we even have a parade. Another really important tradition at UCF is Spirit Splash where one day a year all students are allowed to jump in the giant reflection pond wich is otherwise off limits.


One of the most awesome things about the University of Central Florida is that there is an unlimited amount of things to do, and most of it is free. Personally, I love to kayak at Lake Claire located on campus. The Student Union, located right in the middle of campus, always has events going on. Not to even mention homecoming week! Each night something new is going on, for instance there is a comedy night (we've had people from Ralphie May to Tosh.O), then there is a concert night (we've had Ludacris, LMFAO, Corey Smith, Lupe Fiasco, Panic At The Disco, etc..), we even have a parade. Another really important tradition at UCF is Spirit Splash where one day a year all students are allowed to jump in the giant reflection pond wich is otherwise off limits.


My first year at UCF was incredible. I met tons of new people and had so much fun on and off campus. In my opinion, the most popular student activities was the fun activities put on by CAB (campus activity board). I attended so many cool events. Some events included movie nights, rollerblading, comedy night, concerts, iceskating, and so much more. My friends and I definitely enjoy all the events the school has to offer. Even without going to events my friends and I have fun at the dorms. It was a great idea to live on campus for my first year at college. All the girls by my room became my best friends. We have so much fun together hanging out. We plan our own movie night and have mini spa parties in each others room.


Student government is really popular. Intramural sports has to be number one for student activities because it just gives us a chance to compete with each other in a fun friendly environment.


The student life is very active at UCF, there are plenty of club fairs and opportunities to become involved. Athletics is something that UCF is rising to the top for and have become very poplular for every game day the tailgate area and the student seating is packed with students cheering and singing the UCF fight song. I personally am not the partying type, I would prefer to hang out with my friends rather than go to a party where I don't know anyone. Partying can be an issue but I personally don;t see it cause I choose not to be that way, I don't care to go get drunk and spend my morning feeling horrible from the night before. That is just my personality. Many of my friends I knew from high school also came to UCF especially my two best friends but I do live on a seperate campus within a freshman floor of hospitality majors whom I have become really close with and they are like my second family. Everyone watches out for another on my floor rather than going our we stay up and watch movies in our lounge or play board games and our location is 5 mins away from Florida's marjor theme parks so sometimes we just hop in the car and go for most of us have yearly passes to enjoy the parks.


The most involved campus organization I would have to say is greek life. Greek life allows you the connections to be involved with student government, inter mural sports, and so much more. This is how I met my closest and best friends. Off campus there is a lot to do in Waterford, there is a whole shopping plaza that has movies and more that we like to walk around.


The most popular goups on campus would be the greek organizations, the football and basketball team as well as the student government association. I am involved in DECA a group that focuses on developing the business professionals of tomorrow. Students here close their doors because they like their privacy. There are so many events at UCF that there something to do almost everyday. I myself am a big fan of the career expos that happen constantly where students can get internships, part time jobs, full-time jobs, and co-ops. The dating scene is great, there is a great female to male ratio. I met my close friends through group projects that we had to do in class. If I were awake at 2 am I would probably be playing Call of Duty with a couple friends or getting out of the nearby club. UCF has spirit splash as well as career expos every year on top of all the SGA sponsored events. UCF has movie nights and all sorts of "dry" events sponsored by imporant greek and other student organizations. Off campus there are bars, restaurants, movie theatres, and even a several clubs.




Student Government Association Greek Life Volunteer UCF Political Groups Campus Crusade for Christ


Football games are a big deal on campus, as is Homecoming and Spirit Splash. The majority of people seek to be involved with the big events. That being said, there's always something going on and there are hundreds of clubs and organizations on campus available for anyone to get involved with. There are often guest speakers that cover a wide variety of topics and there are several theater performances each semester. Since there are so many people and so many social events, it's really easy to meet people, so the dating scene is good and active. People do party, but usually on weekends, although there are many college nights at clubs and bars around the city on weekdays. Fraternities and sororities do play are big part in campus life, but they're not important. You won't have a bad experience if you're not part of it, just a different one since sorority life is just an alternative way in student life. As for off campus activities, there are amusement parks, laser tag, shopping, movie theaters and restaurants galore. There really is no shortage of fun things to do, especially if you're not a drinker.


The most popular student actives or groups is a hard question to answer. Obviously at UCF we love our sports, we have game day traditions and we live by our traditions. We love to support our team(s). Outside of sports with a school as large a UCF it is hard to narrow down even to top 5 student groups. We have so many, we have Greek Life, Sports, SGA, you name it, we have it, and if we don't, you can start it. In the science majors pre-medical, pre-dental (so on and so forth) clubs/organizations tend to take the lead, but in English majors clubs or organizations such as Future Technical Communicators tends to take the lead and include many students in English classes. On weekends during the fall people can be found tailgating and getting ready for the football game, either home or away. During the week you can find people with their frat brothers or sorority sisters or even just walking around campus. Everyone at UCF is different, however as a student body we do enjoy to party, tailgate, hang out with friends, etc if we are not studying or in class (and sometimes even if we are or should be).


First of all, dorm life did not exist my freshman year on campus. No one really made an effort to get to know anyone because most people that came to UCF were floridians and already had their high school group of friends. However, if you are outgoing and take an initial risk to put yourself out there to try to make a friend you can be successful. I think that fraternities and sororities on campus have a visible influence, but do not run the campus. You don't need to be a part of these groups here to have a social life because there are so many options to go out. There are tons of student bars where you can socialize every night of the week if you want to, and they are always packed with cute guys! If you don't like the UCF bar scene, fair enough (I don't either), you can go to downtown Orlando that is only 20 minutes away which are packed with way cuter older guys! If you don't want to be around alcohol there are so many options in Orlando. I love walking around Downtown Disney on a Friday night or going to the Disney Parks. Besides the weekends, you can participate in Spirit Splash, the most recognized event which is part of homecoming. Everyone takes the afternoon off of their classes and runs in the gigantic fountain in front of the library. Don't get caught doing this any other time of the year because you'll have a fun night with the police!


One of the most popular events at my school is Intramural Sports. Almost everyone I had met has been involved at some point in college.


Some of the most popular groups on campus include: the football team, the basketball team, the SGA, the O-team, intramural sports, and IDEAS. I have attended a few of the IDEAS meetings and they are an environmental activist group. They plan events and do what they can in the community for the environment. I have also played intramural basketball, which was a lot of fun. Even if you are not skilled it gives you a chance to be active and learn a sport. Students in dorms do not often leave their doors open. I didn't even meet everyone on my floor when I lived in the dorms. The most popular sporting events are the football and basketball games. Every year during Homecoming there is an event called Spirit Splash. This is when all students are allowed to jump in the reflection pond! This is so much fun because it is the only day of the year you can go in it. UCF is known as a somewhat party school. There are students who go out almost every night of the week and there are students who never go out. On average I would say students go out,.2-3 times a week. Besides going to the local bars there is so much to do around the UCF community. We have a movie theater, mini golf, malls, restaurants, local shows and concerts, parks, nature trails, and gyms. There is a lot of ways to get involved and meet people.


People love the football and basketball teams. SGA, CAB, and the Lead scholars are also big organizations on campus for student involvement.There's also a very active greek life.


Greek activities and groups seem to be very popular.


Being in a fraternity myself, I was surprised to hear that they weren't as popular as I had imagined. Roughly 33% of students are Greek. Being in the Greek scene, I thought it was much more than that, which shows me how closely-knit the Greek scene is. A lot of people join the Student Government Association, and almost everyone goes out to parties. But if partying isn't your thing no need to worry, UCF offers a program called Late Knight that offers alcohol-free events almost every night or every week for interested students. Now I know that may not sound fun, but I have to be honest, it actually is. A lot.


There are hundreds of different student organizations and clubs here on UCF campus. If a club or group isn't here you can start a group of your own as long as it gets approved. I am involved with many different sports and clubs and it is a great way to network and meet new people!


With over 100 regitered student organizations. There is a group or activity for everyone.


With over 100 regitered student organizations. There is a group or activity for everyone.


Popular student groups/organizations/clubs/teams would be: CSA, SGA, CAB, and the Inter mural Sports (all of them really). Students are very athletic and love the gym at UCF. Late Knights is a non-alcoholic event that has different nights on Friday involving games, music, food, prizes and sometimes rides from the fair. The party scene is really nice around campus. Frats and Sororities aren't really big at UCF but they are prominent. People will all ways attend the football and basketball games.


SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much to do here!! Your in Orlando! You can party or hit the books.


This is the 2008 Swing Knight performance troupe performing at the 2008 music video night for the UCF swing club Friday


Again, big school, very diverse. Whatever kind of social life you're looking for, it's available. There's plenty of partying, clubbing, tailgating, whatnot, Thursday through Sunday, but if that's not you're thing, you're definitely not alone. I enjoyed Orlando for its Lake Eola, Dandelion Communitea Cafe's Tuesday poetry nights, Blanchard Park, and Universal's Rocky Horror, much more than its prevalent and popular clubs and bars.


We're not allowed to leave our doors open in the dorm


Popular groups and organizations on campus include: Greek life, Volunteer UCF, homecoming, nrmal, Campus Crusade, and lead scholars. No, students in their dorms do not leave their doors open. I met my closest friends through my sorority. All of the activies on campus are extremely popular. Athletic events and homecoming week are extremely exciting and popular. Off campus, most people will go out to eat, go down town, go to a bar, or go to Waterford Lakes.


The most popular students are Greeks. Students in dorms do not leave their door open. I met my friends through my sorority.


There's a nice little club on campus called the Fencing Knights, where you can learn how to swordfight the modern Olympic way. It's pretty fun and laid-back--although members attend tournaments around Florida, most of them aren't training year-round for Nationals in California. That's because the club is mainly for people who are learning about fencing for the first time, people who have had an interest in swords or fencing for a while but never had the opportunity to try it out. The coach has years of experience and volunteers his time with the club, organizing group lessons as well as lots of one-on-one instruction. It's harder than it looks: beginners get an unexpectedly intense workout, so attending the practices is a good way to avoid the famous "Freshman 15." New members often come in with their roommates or neighbors; trying out a unique sport such as fencing is a great way to meet new people (or at least impress your friends).


The popular team on campus is of course the UCF football team. Students just come out to have a good time, watch some football, eat some burgers and drink some beer.


UCF students are lazy! If their not in a Greek organization, Lead, or honors then they rarely volunteer I can assure you that! The dating scene sucks unless alcohol is involved. Then it sucks the next morning.


Greek life is popular on campus. I am involved with Chi Omega. I absolutely love this sorority and this group of girls. Everything that i have learned about it just makes me love it every day. I wear the Greek letters with pride and tell everyone that i'm a Chi Omega sister. I am also involved in the Chinese American Student Association (CASA). I am Chinese and it seems like a great group to join. I am active within both organizations and currently running for a position in CASA. Athletic events are VERY popular at UCF. Even if you don't like the sport, you go because you love to cheer for UCF. If I am awake at 2 Am on a Tuesday, I would be most likely up because of academics. Some other people would be up partying, but personally, I would be up studying and trying to get my homework done.


I would say that greeks are definitely the most active students on this campus. We dont make up a huge percent of the student population, but we are very much involved in every aspect of the school. The dating scene...can be tough. Its hard being from the south, and not many people here are. My closest friends are my sorority sisters. I do know that people do tend to go out alot here, but its college so I consider it a little bit normmal. Saturday nights do not always involve drinking. Im always with friends no matter where I go.


Im in the Chi Omega Sorority. Best thing I have ever done!


The biggest groups are Frats and Sororities. I am involved in the Honors College. It is amazing, provides many opportunities and all the staff is so nice. Students in dorms do not leave their doors open. Football games are huge, most other things arent. maybe mens basketball is somewhat big. Guest speakers and theater are not that big. I dont know about the dating scene because I already had a boyfriend when i got here. I met my closest friends in highschool and in my boyfriend's dorm. I am asleep at 2am on tuesday. If i was awake, i would be hanging out at my boyfriend's dorm, probably playing a video game or going online. The spirit splash. Homecoming. People party a lot. Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are big nights to go out. I dont know why monday is one of them. I dont care about greek life. Last weekend I did homework, hung out with friends, and went home on sunday to do laundry. I hang out with friends, play video games, go shopping, go out to eat, go to a movie, go to islands of adventure, cook. Off campus: go to islands of adventure, go home, go shopping.


There are literally hundreds of organizations on campus. Any student should be able to find something that he or she wants to be involved in. And if not, it's not too hard to start a new organization. I know because I've done it. The group that I helped start is called The Arts. I'm the secretary. Three of my friends and I decided that we wanted to started a club that was focused on the appreciation of all forms of art. It's been a little difficult to make it official, but we've had a lot of support and already have a steady group of kids coming, even though we've only had two general meetings. I don't party so I can't say how that scene is, but it definitely is prevalent. If you like to party, it's always easy to find one. But if you don't, it's easy to avoid it. Since UCF is so big, it's easy to meet new people and make friends.