University of Central Florida Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


My bragging right as part of UCF is that I can be a part of so many different groups. There is such a variety of things to do while on campus that the opportunities are endless.


How many opportunities there are available to all the students.


I tell them about all the wonderful opportunities available through the university.


I brag most about the Student Union because it has such a large variety of food selections.


About all of the nice students and faculty.


That UCF is the largest university in Florida, and 2nd largest in the nation. The location is perfect in east Central Florida, a short drive to beautiful and historic downtown Orlando, as well as theme parks.


My program is small so my professors know who I am and what I am capable of.


It is one of the largest schools in the country. Even though it is one of the largest it turnes away more freshman than is accepts. High standards and high demand is great thing to be known for!


I am a Knight and I get into football games and the gym for free!


I brag about the school being a beautiful campus.


The school spirit that is widely evident.


I love to brag about how beautiful and big the campus is. I tell my friends that I am practically living in a resort! I also love to talk about the spirit and tradition there. They have so many cool events such as spirit splash where it's literally hundreds of students rushing into a huge fountain and basically having a massive pool party. Also its great that there is so many things to do outside the university including some of the biggest themeparks. My favorite thing to brag about though, is the wonderful sunny weather all year long!


Location. Location. Location! UCF is extremely close to a number of theme parks, in comparison to most colleges. It is also only about an hour away from the beach, which can be a fun day trip, not to mention other natural springs to camp at that aren't incredibly far away. Amenities such as the rock climbing wall in the Recreation and Wellness Center, or kayak rentals at Lake Claire on campus are also worth bragging about.


My degree program is Cinema Studies and I enjoy it immensly. There are quite a lot of opportunities to do hands-on work on other students' short and feature length films. The school is also located fairly close to Disney, Universal and the beach, so friends from northern states are usually jealous.


I brag mostly about personal choice. From picking morning classes to afternoon classes, I can either take a load of classes during a semester or a few. I enjoy the flexibility of interacting with other students, the events my school offers, and overall the environment and reputation my school has. My school definitely stands for opportunity and while it is ranked as the 2nd largest school in the nation, I can say that I know I made the right choice of attending this school.


This school has everything. The difficulty is in finding it. If you are willing to look and can keep a good head on your shoulders, there is nothing this school can't offer you. From gaming clubs, to sports, art to music, theatre and academia, research and internships, its all here. If you can't find something, it's only because you haven't looked in the right places just yet.


School spirit is definitely the best thing about UCF. From football games to Spirit Splash, the students know how to have fun. Everyone wears UCF clothing around campus and their always excited to tell you stories about rush week or a concert they went to on campus. Because the campus is huge, there is alot to do around campus and its easy to meet friends.


I currently live in Madrid, Spain, so I find myself talking about my school a lot. I tell them about the football games and tailgating, my professors that I still keep in touch with, the club soccer team I played on. Mostly, I tell them how it is a university that makes students motivated for their future and passionate for the discovery of learning.


Everything in UCF is really big.


I brag about how the school has the greatest technology and really nice dorm rooms. Also it is in a prime location.


I usually brag about Univeristy of Central being the second largest university in United States.


I have been lived long enough and received enough education that no one should brag. If you feel like something you did or have achieved is of legendary status you should accept it with a passive smile, and when something negative comes around you will accept that with a passive smile. We have been taught to have pride in our work and never to flaunt it.


This is my first semester at UCF and so far, I absolutely love it! I tell my friends about the program which I am in (Elementary Education). It is a lot of work, but is well worth the time and effort. I love the days I get to go volunteer for Junior Achievement and every day I walk into class the professors are very welcoming. I am learning many new skills which I will be able to use throughout my career. I cannot wait to see what else UCF has to offer towards my education!


When I talk to my friends about UCF; I tell them how I am inspired by their new medical school and that the program I am in will direct me in the right path towards getting into their medical school.


I brag about all the events the University of Central Florida puts on for our student body. They are always free and range from free movies, food, late night activities, etc.


I brag about the dorms and the gym.


The aspect of UCF that I admire the most is the fact that we have a very diverse campus. When I ever I speak to my friends at other institutions, they always complain about how their campus lacks cultural organizations that cater to their needs. At UCF, we have our own multicultural divison that deals with a multitude of organizations just so that every student feels welcomed and involved during their undergraduate career. It also provides academic support as well as social support, especially for first time and generation students as well as transfer students.


When I usually brag to my friends about my university, I boast about the overall environment at UCF. Unlike other universities, UCF builds itself based on the needs of students. Therefore, there are many locations and resources for students to take advantage of. I tout about the lively design and atmosphere that my school holds. Because of this, I never feel bored or depressed due to the lack of stimulation. I enjoy the fact that UCF has a wide range of diverse activities.


I tell them that their is so many clubs too join. Staff, Faculty, and Classmates are willing to help you, anyway they kind.


My school offers many different opportunities. When I went to my orientation meeting, they mentioned interships with Microsoft, Google, and NASA. Everytime i mention my school to my friends i talked about that, because i want to be one of those guys in that position.


When i tell my friends about my school, i brag about the energy and aura of the school. There is always something going on and the school spirit is palpable; whether im playing soccer at the turf fields for my sorority, or going to a seminar in the pegasus ballroom, im never bored or lonely.


I have many younger friends that come up to me asking for college advice and I never hesitate to suggest UCF. UCF has so many choices to offer, groups to belong to, classes to take, places to go, friends to make, activities to do, and actions to make. There is an endless list of choices to make. I enjoy the experiences, the possiblities, the people, the acceptance, the guidance, and the friendship.


I always tell my friends about how fun and school spirited UCF is. I never used to be interested in football in the slightest. That changed when I came to UCF. The games are exciting and extremely fun when everyone around you is cheering on our school's players. Everyone is friendly and very approachable. At first, I was nervous yet excited to be coming to college. However, not much time passed before I found that I was really enjoying myself at UCF. I can safely say that my education has never been this much fun.


While I try not to brag too much about anything, I can say that when the subject of the University of Central Florida comes up I end up talking mostly about how professional and knowledgeable the professors are and how much they put forth to make the material interesting as well as engaging everyone in discussion and making learning more enjoyable.


Well since I am originally from pennsylvania, I always brag about how it is in the sunshine state! They always get a little jelous that they are snow and I am in the sun! They come visit me when they have spring or fall break because it's so nice here around those times and it's also great to see them whenever I can. I love my school because I have almost convinced one of my friends to move down here for here internship.


We have the biggest university in the state! Third largest school in the nation. A lot of free concerts, shows free for all us UCF students. We are champions in football. Lets just say our school earned a lot of bragging rights!


I usually tell them it's one of the biggest universities in the country.


I usually talk about how easy it is to get involved and how there is something for everyone with over 400 clubs and organizations.


There is only one word to describe the University of Central Florida, and that word is incredible. The University of Central Florida has inspired me to attempt and accomplish goals that I never thought were possible. I will admit, going to college is very scary and I was very apprehensive on how I would adapt, but the University of Central Florida has an amazing group of faculty and staff members that are extrememly dedicated to their job and supportive of you and your goals. I have developed excellent study habits and have earned a GPA of 3.813.


I tell them about the service and the people here at ucf. The service is awesome, they have all types of organizations and programs to help you succeed. The people here at ucf all work together like a family. They all help one another to the best of their abilities. The professors are well knowlegded. They actually care about you and your grade. They want you to succeed. Making the choice to go to ucf has been one of the best decisions in my life.


Our school colors are better then the rest of florida! (not as tacky)


My overall experience with the faculty is one of openness and real caring. In my using of other services over the 2 years I have been there is also pretty great. The medical and dental staff are wonderful, bending over backward to fill your needs. Parking/Security staff and financial aid workers also do their absolute best in what they do for the students.


The university of central florida is one of the top universities in the united states. Academically we succeed, and have bright futures when we graduate. I love my school, and believe it is the best university in one of the hottest cities, other than academics, there are alot of positive things to do outside of the school to keep you entertained without the trouble. We also have and up and coming great football team GO KNIGHTS!


When people ask me about UCF, I always talk about the team spirit we have. I also talk about the people and how friendly and helpful people are on campus. there alway someone interesting to meet and talk to. the teacher are so nice and asssist in any thing that is needed. i love UCF


The plethora of on-campus activities that really caters to each student's wants and needs. There are not enough words in the dictionary to explain the utter joy I feel about attending UCF. I most;y brag about Late Knights, an after hours get together where studying is not allowed, and fun is in. Student's are able to win prizes and have a wonderful time with friends while unwinding from a month's hard work of meeting deadlines for papers, quizes, exams, and projects.


When telling my friends about the University of Central Florida, I often tell them about how beautiful my campus is. I tell them how much it feels like my home away from home, despite being the 3rd largest university in the nation. Another thing worth mentioning when I talk about my school (aside from the prestigious education you can gain here) is the amazing discounts we as students get to theme parks all over Orlando. For example, tickets to Universal Studios are at least half off, and we as a school get the park to ourselves during Halloween Horror Nights.


That the teachers are veryy knowledgeable


When I talk to my friends about UCF, I brag about the size of the gym, the internship opportunities, and the fact that we have many opportunities to meet upper-class manangers.


What I brag about most when I tell friends about my school is that I am able to be an individual. I'm not being molded into being just like everyone else, but moreso have the freedom to grow and choose my own direction and what fits me best. There is such diversity on campus that is allows you to be exactly who you want to be and always dreamed of being without fear of discrimination, and thats what makes my school great.


When I tell my friends about UCF I love to emphasize about the expansion of my school. I feel like the school does a wonderful job providing the best environment for the students and faculty. For example, over the winter break I was explaining to my cousin, who attends Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, that I could not wait to get back to school so I could see the expansion to the gym. I went on and on about all the additions to the gym and how it was going to be so much better.