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What is the stereotype of students at University of Central Florida? Is this stereotype accurate?


The stereotype is that all UCF students party and don't go to class but its absolutely FALSE! UCF graduates when of the best students that go on to have one of the best careers


There are lots of Frat kids in my school, but they seem okay to me. They still go to classes and are seen in the library and gym alike. So I am not too sure about the stereotype of the Frat Kids.


test review, these aren't the droids you are looking for.


I have been on campus 6 or 7 times, but I have not spotted any stereotypes yet.


We know how to party and theres plenty of eye candy. This is a accurate stereotype.


I don't think there is a typical stereotype at this school. The school is large enough that the variety of students is varied. The stereotype could be seen as relaxed due to the climate and culture that is in central Florida.


There are many a stereotype about UCF and its students, a number of which have been cleverly integrated into the university's abbreviated name, for exmaple: U Can't Finish, Under Construction Forever, or University of Cypress Failures (a popular high school in Ft Lauderdale). These stereotypes are incredibly untrue, along with whatever other stereotypes you might hear about the school. In fact, this a very diverse university with 60,000 students and counting. They are, because of the influx of students and rising admissions, almost perpetually building new edifices and the like on campus in order to accomodate these students. A prospective student might hear that UCF attendees are lazy and settled for this school. However, there are a number of top performers at this school (one of our alumni was actually able to receive the Rhodes scholarship to attend Oxford for graduate school, free of cost - a scholarship many schools and publications consider to be the most prestigous in the world). If there is any "stereotype" about UCF students its their overwhelming friendliness. While not everybody is an open book or constantly conversing, I have yet to try starting a conversation with someone and been met with disdain, disregard, or anything of that sort.


The stereotype is that UCF is a huge party school and that all the students there just party all the time. While that's partially true (note the horrible retention rate) UCF has a lot of serious students who just chose an in-state school because it was a cheaper option/it was closer to home.


UCF is such a large school (3rd largest in the country) with 50,000+ students, so trying to describe its students using one stereotype such as Jocks or Geeks would not be fair nor do it justice. I have friends that range from sorority chicks to hard core engineer nerds and everything in between. But what I have learned at UCF is that you are never alone. Whatever "click" or personality type you are, you will undoubtable find someone like you. Friends are easy to come by.


The University of Central Florida is often thought of as a party school. It is assumed that most students party all the time. While there are may be students who do party all the time. In a school of over 56,000 students, it is highly inaccurate to say that all or even a majority of them do nothing but party.