University of Central Florida Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


The stereotype is that all UCF students party and don't go to class but its absolutely FALSE! UCF graduates when of the best students that go on to have one of the best careers


There are lots of Frat kids in my school, but they seem okay to me. They still go to classes and are seen in the library and gym alike. So I am not too sure about the stereotype of the Frat Kids.


test review, these aren't the droids you are looking for.


I have been on campus 6 or 7 times, but I have not spotted any stereotypes yet.


We know how to party and theres plenty of eye candy. This is a accurate stereotype.


I don't think there is a typical stereotype at this school. The school is large enough that the variety of students is varied. The stereotype could be seen as relaxed due to the climate and culture that is in central Florida.


There are many a stereotype about UCF and its students, a number of which have been cleverly integrated into the university's abbreviated name, for exmaple: U Can't Finish, Under Construction Forever, or University of Cypress Failures (a popular high school in Ft Lauderdale). These stereotypes are incredibly untrue, along with whatever other stereotypes you might hear about the school. In fact, this a very diverse university with 60,000 students and counting. They are, because of the influx of students and rising admissions, almost perpetually building new edifices and the like on campus in order to accomodate these students. A prospective student might hear that UCF attendees are lazy and settled for this school. However, there are a number of top performers at this school (one of our alumni was actually able to receive the Rhodes scholarship to attend Oxford for graduate school, free of cost - a scholarship many schools and publications consider to be the most prestigous in the world). If there is any "stereotype" about UCF students its their overwhelming friendliness. While not everybody is an open book or constantly conversing, I have yet to try starting a conversation with someone and been met with disdain, disregard, or anything of that sort.


The stereotype is that UCF is a huge party school and that all the students there just party all the time. While that's partially true (note the horrible retention rate) UCF has a lot of serious students who just chose an in-state school because it was a cheaper option/it was closer to home.


UCF is such a large school (3rd largest in the country) with 50,000+ students, so trying to describe its students using one stereotype such as Jocks or Geeks would not be fair nor do it justice. I have friends that range from sorority chicks to hard core engineer nerds and everything in between. But what I have learned at UCF is that you are never alone. Whatever "click" or personality type you are, you will undoubtable find someone like you. Friends are easy to come by.


The University of Central Florida is often thought of as a party school. It is assumed that most students party all the time. While there are may be students who do party all the time. In a school of over 56,000 students, it is highly inaccurate to say that all or even a majority of them do nothing but party.


I don't think UCF really has a stereotype. There are so many students of so many different backgrounds that you can't really pin it down. Sometimes it is seen as the "leftovers" school by other in-state schools but I don't think that is true at all. UCF's students truly want to be there and are ready to embrace the UCF spirit of excellence.


I don't think there is one particular stereotype because the school is so large. There's all different types of people.


Students at University of Central Florida are typically looked at as the leftovers of the other large universities in Florida. For example, students who did not make it into the University of Florida or students who didn't make it into Florida State University. However, this is not true at all! University of Central Florida is the second largest university in the nation and I for one had UCF at the top of my college choices all through High School.


The University of Central Florida has close to 60,000 students..with this large of a student body I do not think there is a common stereotype of student that attends UCF. I truly believe UCF represents a huge variety of people all trying to achieve the same thing; a higher educational status. No matter a persons ethnicity, social status, sexual orientation, or religious background, they are accepted at UCF.


Personally, I have never had anyone ask me about stereotype of students at University of Central Florida. All I could tell you is there are many different people with a variety of personalities, interests, and traditions. I have so many types of friends ranging from a short Latina sorority girl to a studious African American guy.


Some of the stereotypes given to the student's at the University of Central Florida is that everyone is dumb or notsmart enough to get into anywhere else. This is due to our school being the second largest in student population that it allows for many poepl to get in. I find this stereotype to be far from the truth our school has one of the up and coming in engineering programs within Florida and also has the top hospitality management school in Florida. These colleges would not be succesful if not for the smart and remarkable students within them.


I do not think there are really many set stereotypes of students at this school as it's fairly diverse because of the great number of students. It's the second largest population-wise in the nation. As a large Florida school of course some may perceive it as a party school and it is to some. We have also have the largest NORML club and there are plenty of other activist groups which some may know the school and students for. I think the stereotype is pretty regular people and there are plenty of them.


There really aren't stereotypes at UCF, the school has too many students for them to really form. Sure we have Greek life but the entire school isn't focused on fraternitys and sororitys.


I think when people hear UCF, University of Central Florida they think "You Cant Finish." However that is not the case. UCF is growing bigger and bigger every day and there is not one stereotype of student. Each student is active on campus in their own way whether it be in a club, greek life, or sports team. Each person on the UCF campus is individual and doesnt fall under one category.


The University of Central Florida is one of the largest universities with over 58,000 students. UCF is extremely diverse. I have never heard of UCF having a certain stereotype of student. When you have so many students attending one university, it would be extremely difficult to create a stereotype.


The common stereotype given to UCF students are that they jocks who spend too much time partying instead of being mature, dedicated students. The phrase that often poses UCF in a bad light is the motto You Can't Finish to indicate that students start their degree but cannot follow through with completing their major. This however is an incorrect assumption because students at UCF go on to be very successful and have wonderful careers.


There are quite a few stereotypes at UCF; the most notable of the two are the Frat kids and the stoners. To be honest, there is no generalization for "geeks" and "jocks", nor are there any for any members of a club or ethnicity really. However its very apparent who is a Frat/Sorority member and youll get to know them as they are very good at displaying their affiliated Greek life memberships. And as for the stoner, the truth is that they have become very common on all school campuses, and UCF is no exception. There is no single stereotype to UCF due to the nearing 60,000 students; its hard to put a single label on all of us. Everyone adds something to the table.



Students at THE University of Central Florida tend to be perceived as transfer students from community colleges with no passion for school tradition. However, this is far from the truth. While many of the 60,000 students who are currently enrolled at UCF are transfer students, thousands of individuals, aged from 18 to 23, live on or very near campus and have a true connection with the university and its traditions. This fine university is also perceived as one of the nations top 10 party schools. This stereotype is very true for many students and quite untrue for students with extreme academic priorities.


Our school was once rated the biggest party school in America, so that stereotype still holds. This, naturally, leads to people thinking the majority of students are lazy, at least academically. However, I don't think any of that is accurate, as there are thousands of students that don't party and, instead, focus on their school and do well.


A stereotype about University of Central Florida is that we are a "Disney school". Not exceptionally bright and not a good university to attend. This stereotype clearly comes from the proximity to Disney, and is most definitely not true. We have a beautiful campus, an amazing medical city that we just opened and our academics are exploding without limits.


As far as I'm aware, there are no real stereotypes concerning students at the University of Central Florida, for good reason--it's one of the most diverse campuses I think anyone could ever hope to see. For this reason, if there was a stereotype associated with the college or its students, it would pretty much automatically be inaccurate. The student body at a glance is made up of people of all ethnic backgrounds, and the extracurricular interests are just as diverse--for example, the football games are very popular at UCF, but so is the anime club. There's something for everyone here, and everyone is welcome, regardless of ethnic, religious, or other background.


Both regionally as well as across the nation, the stereotype of UCF students is that all we care about is partying, not being serious about our studies. While it is true that according to one survey UCF is among the lowest-ranked schools in terms of average hours spent studying per student, I feel that this does not provide an accurate account of the entire student body, not taking into consideration those who spend a considerable amount of time hitting the books, like myself. Whatever method was used in that research case, it would seem unreasonable that it reached a sizable portion of the 55,000+ students that attend the University of Central Florida.


There are so many different things you can hear about the typical stereotypes of all colleges and in my opinion, they can be both true and false. As for UCF, some of the main ones are that we are a party school, “Under Construction Forever”, and that everyone can get into this school. Looking into the party stereotype, I think that this fits into all colleges. There will always be parties and kids going to clubs and bars no matter the location. Orlando does offer many diverse and fun places to party and hang out and with so many attending students; it is no wonder that it is a stereotype. I think it also depends on the type of person you are. I am not a typical girl to go out and party at all and I take my school work very seriously (I will have been on the President’s Honor Roll for 3 semesters now) so it is what you make of it. As for being “Under Construction Forever”, UCF is a newer university than some and so it is continually growing and building more and more. Although parking can sometimes be an issue this is a problem I have seen at many colleges. I like the fact that UCF is continually developing its campus to be the one of the most amazing campuses I have ever seen. Then there is the stereotype that UCF is an easy school to get into. When I first applied to colleges I actually applied to 6 of them and was accepted into every single one (even UF). I do not think that this stereotype is necessarily bad. This gives many different students the opportunity to come to an amazing school with an ever-growing undergraduate enrollment. UCF offers many majors and minors, which is also what makes it a popular choice for students. Obviously, with all the new incoming undergrads each year everyone knows this an amazing school to attend.


After the Business major scandal last year, many people outside of UCF look at us like we are all cheaters. It may be true that UCF does not give as much homework as other universities, but we are not all cheaters. I am proud to say that I have a 3.9 GPA without ever cheating, and I know that UCF students have morals- cheating is not an option.


The University of Central Florida has a population of over 50,000 students. There are many different stereotypes around our campus.


Our school has a large population of fraternities and sororities. People from other schools sometimes look down on UCF. There is also a belief that UCF stands for, "You Cant Finish."


Frat kids only drink and party. Students from the middle east only associate with people of similar origins. Asians are always engineering majors.


According to Playboy's 2011 list of the Top Party Schools, The University of Central Florida is ranked number nine. This generalization cannot be applied to all students at UCF, especially the majority who work extremely hard to achieve their academic goals. UCF is known to throw outrageous events, such as; Spirit Splash, Homecoming concerts and comedy nights that feature A-list celebrities, and Pegasus Palooza. But, we are not limited to the fun events that unite UCF and bring us together in celebration, rather, we are united by our creed, which values integrity, scholarship, community, creativity, and excellence.


Trying to remember what I first thought about the students my first day of college, I was pretty lost. As an out of state student, I don't really think there is a stereotype of students at UCF because it is incredibly big and too many students to stereotype. I believe that UCF is the most diverse college in the country and because of that you can find all kinds of students on campus: jocks, greeks, geeks, stoners, etc.


some stereotypes about UCF students is that they go to the theme parks every weekend and that that is all Orlando has to offer, but that's not true. UCF students do so many other things and Orlando has much more to offer. Also, some people thing that b/c it's such a large school no one knows anyone, but that's not true, b/c i can walk around campus and within 5 minutes i'll see a familiar face.


I'm going to cut right to the chase and say that at the University of Central Florida, we are known for our extreme partying. Our school is located very close to lots of college bars, downtown clubs, and City Walk at Universal is even an option for us to "get our party on." There is something crazy going on every night of the week. Many people say that the weekend at UCF starts on Monday. For some students, this is true, but they make up a small amount of the population here at UCF. I'm not going to deny that there are party people, but the stereotype is not accurate. Here at UCF, we have many types of people, it would be hard not to find some that you fit in with. If I could pick one word to describe the school, it would be diverse. I have met so many different and awesome people that do not party 24-7.


I'm going to cut right to the chase and say that at the University of Central Florida, we are known for our extreme partying. Our school is located very close to lots of college bars, downtown clubs, and City Walk at Universal is even an option for us to "get our party on." There is something crazy going on every night of the week. Many people say that the weekend at UCF starts on Monday. For some students, this is true, but they make up a small amount of the population here at UCF. I'm not going to deny that there are party people, but the stereotype is not accurate. Here at UCF, we have many types of people, it would be hard not to find some that you fit in with. If I could pick one word to describe the school, it would be diverse. I have met so many different and awesome people that do not party 24-7.


I find it so hard to pick a stereotype that defines the majority of the people that attend UCF. There is such a mix of people and so many students that attend UCF. I guess if any group of students stands out more than the rest it's the frat kids. And I only say this because they are generally in the news or constantly promoting events on campus.


I believe that UCF has a diverse student body. With 58,000 students, it is hard to label stereotypes on to people.


There are so many different types of people at UCF that it's hard to come up with stereotypes. You will see so many different faces around. In one day you'll see someone from every race. There are many younger students (20s) at UCF but a good amount of older students (40s-50s). I like to call the majority of students at UCF the 'modern-day hippies' because these students wear some of the most eccentric but awesome clothing without a care. They are also very in the know about the world around them.


I think the stereotype is that kids at UCF are dumb, and I don't think it's true at all. I'll be honest I went to UCF thinking the same thing, and after being here for 3.5 years, I can say I'm proudly wrong. UCF is probably one of the fastest growing schools out there and there's a good reason behind it too. UCF keeps garnering the best and brightest and isn't afraid to show them off.


Within the university, there are several stereotypes consisting of the Greeks, the non-Greeks, those involved in the Student Government Association, ROTC, graduate students, foreign exchange students, as well as the typical school stereotypes (i.e. jocks, honor students, artsy, hippies, etc). But overall, we are all Knights at heart and the divisions are not apparent.


There are always alot of different stereotypes at colleges, but not all of them are true. There are stereotypes like bullying, and there are other stereotypes like how people behave/ act. Not all of the stereotypes are true, so dont believe everything you hear! For example, not all sorority girls are slutty, and not all frat guys are jerks. But of course there are the ones that are like that, just not every single one of them. I heard alot about bullying before I came to college and I have not had one problem with this issue in the past four years of colege. Also, college is not all about partying and getting drunk and hooking up with people, the academic part of school takes a good majority of your free time. College is a life experience and is only lived once.


Seeing as UCF is the second largest University in the country, I would say that we do not have a stereotype. With almost 60,000 students everyone can fit in at UCF.


Jocks? Frat kids? Stoners? Geeks? All of this is accurate at UCF plus the weird kids, the parkcore people if spelled right, and the normal kids who may be in-between these groups.